I'm a huge Mario fan. But there's one character I've always loved, Yoshi. I had almost all the old Yoshi games from Yoshi's Cookie to Yoshi's Island. My house burnt down recently and all I had left was all of my Yoshi memorabilia in it. At the time I was very pissed off. On my day off I went to an auction and came across a Yoshi's Island game with a SNES. Nobody seemed to want it so I was lucky to get it for $5.

As I was leaving though, a man walked up to me and said the game was evil and that I should destroy it. I just ignored him and passed him. As I did though, he said, "Beware of Yoshi's curse." I got in my car and went to my house right away to play my new Yoshi's Island game. I chose a new file and began to play the game. There was only one world on the map. I chose the world and chose the first stage.

A text box appeared stating (If you start this game, you won't escape. Do you still want to continue?) Curious, I chose yes. Just then though, I heard a door slam, I shrugged it off because it was windy outside and that happens when you leave a window open. The game loaded and the first thing that was off was that baby Mario wasn't on Yoshi's back.

The second thing that caught my eye is that the Yoshi was pale, almost ghost white. It seemed very aggravated at first. The stage was a flat, dark level. As I progressed the Yoshi seemed to get less aggravated and started to become scared. Occasionally, I heard screams of Yoshis and baby Mario in the background. After a while, I started to see Yoshi corpses scattered around the stage.

The screen went black and a low, demonic laugh started. Then stage two began the level was called "Run Away". Yoshi appeared and a black shadow began to follow him at lighting fast speeds. I ran and ran, but no matter how much I ran, he still caught me. I saw Yoshi in a corridor, similar to Baby Bowser's castle. I started to run through the level when I saw a horrific sight. Yoshis hung by steel chains, burn marks, cuts, gashes. They were killed in so many ways that I felt sick to my stomach.

I kept telling myself that it was just a game. A part of me wanted to stop playing, and destroy the game. The other half though wanted to get revenge on whoever did this to all of these innocent creatures. My mind was made up, I needed to find out who caused all of this. I saw a door and went inside of it. I stood in Baby Bowser's play room. I moved and saw the green Yoshi eating baby Mario and Luigi, I also saw Baby Bowser's bones laying in a pile in the corner of the room. Covered in bits and pieces of flesh, blood on the floor. The green Yoshi stood up, and started to beat my Yoshi to a bloody pulp. I felt so bad for my Yoshi because I had no control of him.

The green Yoshi ended it very quickly and proceeded to eat the pale Yoshi. After a minute or two. He stopped. He looked at me with blank eyes and a blank expression. Then he said, "You have brought this on yourself, I will always haunt your dreams and life." Then the system shut itself off. When will it end? No matter how much I try, I can't destroy the cartridge. He haunts me day and night, day after day after day. The cartridge always appears in my room, ready to play.

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