A RuneScape creepypasta...I've never seen one before, and I thought there ought to be one, so I wrote one. Enjoy!

World 409

Big Head Dwarf, The Monster

I play RuneScape a lot, and I have a very high-level character, with 90+ stats in most skills. Or at least I did, until that one fateful day.

I was just minding my own business around Keldagrim….um….actually I was pickpocketing dwarf traders, and that isn’t exactly minding your own business, but no one could have predicted what would happen next. When I failed to pickpocket a trader, one of the trade floor guards took notice and chased after me as usual, so I clicked on him to quickly dispatch him.

When I got the guard down to just 1 LP, though, none of my attacks would hit any longer. Even weirder, the music in the background started playing faster and faster, at a higher and higher pitch. I tried using special abilities but nothing happened. Eventually the music turned into the sound of an explosion accompanied by a bloodcurdling, unearthly scream. The music started up again normally, and the trade floor guard suddenly healed back up to maximum lifepoints, his helmet fell off, and his head suddenly expanded to 10 times its normal size, making the NPC look top-heavy. I thought this was really weird and I tried to kill off that deformed guard as quickly as possible. But, once again, he just got down to 1LP and the same bit with the music speeding up happened. Now his head was so big it took up nearly the whole screen, and I could see his eyes were deathly black, with no visible whites or irises; the guard’s mouth was drawn open revealing a toothless, wizened grin. Once again I tried to kill him and when I got him down to 1LP again, the giant dwarf guard’s head began to melt into a puddle of pinkish-red slime which dropped onto and completely covered my character sprite. All of the sudden my computer screen—my entire computer screen, not just the browser window—went blank and was replaced with a pulsating, pinkish-red animated slime.

Pink Slime

I began to panic and pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL but nothing worked. I pushed the reset button on my computer and it started up again, but all I saw was the pink slime. I did this three more times; finally it opened up the Windows desktop, but my desktop background had been replaced with that same pink slime. I tried changing the background back to normal by going to Graphics Properties, but it said I didn’t have access—only the administrator named “Rblack409” had permission to do so. There wasn’t anyone who used my computer with that name.

Feeling slightly creeped-out, I tried to log back into RuneScape. I managed to make it all the way to the RuneScape lobby and it told me I had a new message:

"Dear Bonzara, Enjoy Ronileig, shadow walker! Condolences to Rblack409"

I quickly realized that “Ronileig” was Gielinor—the world in which RuneScape takes place—spelled backwards. But who was Rblack409?


I tried clicking the play button but it said “You cannot access this world”. I opened the World Select tab and saw that all the worlds, both free and members, were greyed out with one exception—“World 409” at the very bottom, which had never been there before. I selected World 409 and then clicked the play button again. The first thing I noticed was that my username was now Bonzara409, whereas previously it had just been Bonzara.

The second thing I noticed was that for some reason I had been transported to McGrubor’s Wood, but there were no NPCs in this world. Anywhere. Or other players, for that matter. Everything was completely lifeless, and almost all the scenery was in black and white, or else very muted colors. I could not access my Friends list, private or public chat, anything like that. I was totally alone.

The third thing I noticed was that I had 0 lifepoints out of a possible maximum of 0, and yet somehow was alive. Also, I only had four spots in my backpack instead of the usual 28, and just one item—a mysterious pet called “Slippy”, who looked like a kind of deformed slug, with one bulging eye and claws on its backside. I let him out of my backpack and tried to talk to him but all he said was “….” He became hungry very quickly, but I had nothing to feed him. Within a few minutes he withered away and died. I had never seen this happen to a RuneScape pet before, they usually just ran away. Horrifically, when Slippy died, my character automatically did the Laugh emote without any input from me. Sure, Slippy was pretty ugly but there’s no excuse for laughing at the demise of a poor starving creature, no matter how homely.

World Focuser

With Slippy gone I was feeling lonely and walked around to see if there was anything else interesting. But things were pretty boring—I kept walking around but there was nothing to do, and no one to talk to. I couldn’t even skill because my tool-belt was gone. I tried using Home Teleport to see if it was like this throughout the entire map, and I noticed that the Bandit Camp lodestone was completely gone. I thought maybe this meant something, so I home teleported to the Al Kharid lodestone—that city was lifeless too—and headed down through the Shantay pass (which I could just walk through because the guards were gone). When I got into the desert, there was no “desert effect” like normal, which was good because I had no way of getting water. Finally, when I made it to the Bandit Camp lodestone I saw that where the lodestone should be there was a hulking, black machine with beams of light coming out of it. This was called a “World Focuser” and when I tried to operate it, it gave me a selection of different worlds. Thinking this would let me go back to a “normal” world, I selected world 60, which was popular with penguin hunters.

When I pulled the lever, all of a sudden I saw ghosts walking around. Looking closer, they appeared to be transparent versions of normal players, and they had the usernames of normal players, some of whom I’d even seen in game before. I realized they were all playing on world 60 and I could see them, but I doubted they could see me. Each one of them had a “Torment” option. I also noticed that Slippy had somehow come back to life, possibly as a ghost (he looked kind of transparent but it was hard to tell).

Tormenting the Living

I walked north into the bandit camp because there were more players there; they were hunting a penguin disguised as a cactus. I noticed for the first time that I could read their public chat, although I myself couldn’t say anything back.

I decided to see what the “Torment” option accomplished—I tried it out on a player named Kevinmeester. A dialogue box opened up with several options: “Creature”, “Spooky Sound” and “Spirit Away”.

I selected “Creature” and it gave me a list of about 200 different animals, both real and mythological. Two minutes or so ago Kevinmeester had let it slip in public chat that he was scared of dinosaurs, so I selected Dinosaur. A cut-scene then appeared, where a huge dinosaur, about half the size of the screen, appeared in front of Kevinmeester, ate him, then spit out his mangled remains. He typed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” into public chat at that very moment, so I guessed he was probably seeing this on his own computer too; and was scared shirtless.

After this was done, I noticed that the revived Slippy had grown, while my own character looked different—a bit blurrier, shorter, and slightly hunched over. Still, Slippy said only “…………..” when I talked to him.

I then tormented LuellaDeVille with a spooky sound—it gave me several options, I picked one called “Nightshade” and a music track started playing that made the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon sound cheerful. Fortunately, on my computer the song stopped playing in just a few seconds, but I got a game notice saying that “Nightshade” was the only song LuellaDeVille will hear for the rest of the day. I felt sorry for her, but I had to admit, I was now getting a sick sort of pleasure from what I was doing.

Slippy once again had grown, and my character now looked very sickly and greenish. I “spirited away” another player, and saw a cut-scene where he was teleported to the Black Hole—I remember reading about how they used to send rulebreakers to that place, but it was supposedly removed from the game a long time ago. I guess that wasn’t exactly true. Poor ChibaInuShaka—looks like he’ll be trapped there forever, since no teleporting out of the hole is allowed.

Now I was really looking abnormal, and Slippy was almost as big as me—he was starting to look more humanoid too, with short stubby legs, a second eye, and tiny arms.

I selected yet another player to torment—now there was a fourth option: “Devour”. I shuddered at the thought of what that might entail, but out of morbid curiosity I pressed the button, opting to “devour” poor RastaManY2K.

The Shadow Walker

All of the sudden the screen went black for a few seconds, then a cut-scene appeared. Both Slippy and myself were undergoing some type of transformation. After about ten seconds, Slippy had turned into a carbon-copy of myself, whereas my own character had turned into a Slippy lookalike. Now the Slippy-turned-me started to talk, it said…

“I am the Shadow Walker, lord of the Shadow Realm, devourer of souls, stealer of bodies….By tormenting your fellow man you have proven yourself to be a truly vile creature, just like me….Actually, you ARE me. Watch.” The cut-scene then zoomed out, revealing that it had taken place in MacGrubor’s Wood, just before I had logged in and found myself there. That’s when I realized that from the moment I’d logged in to world 409. I hadn't been myself at all—my character had been the Shadow Walker in disguise, while the real me had been turned into Slippy, the creature that the Walker/Me had cruelly starved to death.

The cut-scene now jumped ahead, depicting “me” standing next to RastaManY2K. The Walker/Me said “This body will not last long….I need someone else to devour, another body to inhabit”. It then turned into a copy of RastaManY2K, while RastaManY2K became another slug creature, like Slippy. I realized his fate would be my fate, and he was probably having same the world 409 experience I'd had right now.

The screen now flashed back again to MacGrubor’s Wood, where the fake me was starving the real me, only now I saw things from the perspective of the real me—being trapped inside the Slippy creature was painful enough, but combined with starvation it was pure torture, and the screen showed this, being heavily distorted and streaked with red, while screechy music played. Eventually the screen faded to black as I died—the entire screen, not just the browser. In fact my computer had shut off completely on its own.

All's Well That Ends Unwell

When I turned it back on again, the pink slime desktop background was gone, and everything else on my computer system was seemingly back to normal…. Except that when I tried to log into RuneScape, it said there was no account named Bonzara, or for that matter Bonzara409. My account had been deleted permanently, it seemed. I had no choice but to set up another account from the same computer even though that meant losing all my accomplishments.

But the problem is that when I created my new character, it had the head of a slug-like creature with one bulging eye. There was no option to make the character look normal. The Make-Over Mage can’t change him back, nor can the hairstylist or anyone else. That's just what I look like now.

I think Jagex may have been trying to make some statement with this, but I have no idea what, or why they would spend so much time designing such a messed-up and obscure bit of content. But they ruined RuneScape for me, that's for sure.

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