Scary winston

Only known picture of the video

I loved Bug Salad, ever since I watched it in 2013. One day, I was YouTube searching for the Bug Salad pilot. When I came across a video with the title "Winston.avi".

"Winston?" I thought as I clicked the video. I hoped it was a new episode or something. Then it showed the same exact title for the original pilot. I was upset. It was probably some troll video, I thought as I was gonna click out, but then when Winston ate the cookie, it got strange. His eyes disappeared and were replaced with black, soulless holes. The grayscale was red, and very bright.

Winston grabbed his worm buddy and gobbled him up. Blood pouring out from his mouth as he munched, chewed, and swallowed him. When he was done, he burped out a wormlike skeleton.

"That was sure delicious," Winston said with a demonic voice.

I was about to puke, until the mailman, Matthew came and instead of giving him the package, he simply stared at Winston with a grotesque expression.

"Hey so, uh, can I have the worm body's leftovers?" he asked Winston.

"Sure buddy, I hated him anyways..." Winston replied as he grabbed the skeleton and gave it to Matthew.

Matthew began to nibble on the meat hanging from the bone, as Winston was slowly pulling a knife from behind. Then, in a split second, Winston chopped off Matthew's head clean. His stump bled profusely. Then, Matthew's body fell to the floor with a loud thud, and Winston grabbed it and began to drag it into his house, as the video faded to black.

Ever since I watched that video, Winston has been following me everywhere I go. I see corner-of-the-eye glimpses of him sometimes, and he always has a toothy smile, and I think he wants to murder me.

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