15 year-old Anthony was jumping on his trampoline, practicing his stunts for a big gymnastics competition.

He knew how important this was to him and his family, so he knew he had to work hard as he could. He landed his half-twist double tuck perfectly, then continued to prepare for his grand finale, the backwards triple tuck 360, the hardest flip he'd ever attempted.

He readied himself, jumped twice, and threw himself into the air, but misplacing his foot.

He slipped and fumbled, causing him to fall headfirst onto the ground.

He felt his neck snap back as he landed. After all that, he managed to get right back up, just fine, feeling no pain. He was quite confused by this, for he knew that a headfirst fall that hard on the ground had to do some sort of damage, but quickly shook off that thought, happy that he was okay.

He went inside to talk to his parents, who were watching TV. He walked into the family room, and greeted them with a smile. 

They sat there, motionless, their eyes still glued to the screen. Surprised by their disregard for him, he spoke to them in a much louder tone, hopeful to get their attention.

They didn't move. He decided to take it up a notch. He stood in front of them and jumped and waved frantically, yet to no avail.

They were still unfazed. Slightly skeptical, he went outside. He decided to visit his best friend, Cassie.

He knew that she would talk. He ran up to her front door and hastily knocked. He waited patiently, until he heard the doorknob jiggle.

He watched her pop her head out the door and look around. He frantically jabbered about what had happened, and watched in disbelief as all she did was shake her head and mumble.

He did everything he could to get her attention, but she just went back inside and shut the door, right in his face. He stormed off angrily, and now slightly scared, was wondering why nobody, not even his best friend, would notice him. 

He ran to the nearest gas station, and walked up to the door. He pushed the door open and walked inside, only to receive a shocked look from the cashier.

He stared at her, even more confused. She got up slowly and walked over to the door. She looked at it, and asked herself, "How could this door come open like that? It's not even windy..." She strolled back to her cash register, and settled down.

He couldn't take this anymore. He yelled as tears began flowing out of his eyes, and flipped over a merchandise rack.

The lady stood up in terror, and backed away slowly. He glared at her angrily. She stood still for a moment, and then bolted out of the store. He ran after her, shouting for her to wait.

She managed to escape, and he was left standing there, crying. How could nobody notice him? Why does everyone act as if he is invisible?

He ran home, and threw open the back gate. He walked over to his trampoline to sit down, only to see his dead body, laying limp and lifeless on the ground, his neck visibly broken. He stumbled back in horror, just as he heard the back door of his house creak open.

His parents walked out, calling his name. Their hearts sank as they turned the corner to see his body. They ran over to it, and sobbed. He watched with tears streaming down his face in pain as his mother hugged his body close to her chest and cried, begging for him to wake up.

He watched his father dial 911, his eyes filled with tears. Anthony stood there in misery, and looked down at his hands. He was shocked to see nothing there, and realized with terror what death really was.

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