(Note: This is not part of the Black Mesa Incident pasta. This is only the introduction)

Black Mesa Inbound

Welcome to Black Mesa

"Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility..."

As the Black Mesa Tram Announcement System spoke, I just watch some things that are part of the tour-like train leading to the Lab. Anyway first off, I saw Calhoun banging on the door that the door seems to be stuck...

"This train is inbound, from Area 3 Dormitories to Sector 6 Test Labs and Control Facilities."

There's even a large Napalm Missile at the Facility and I don't know. Before, on my first days here on Black Mesa, we are working and making some radioactive materials that were used to make a nuclear bomb, a napalm bomb, and more for the military...

"Do you have a friend, or relative, that will make an excellent addition to the Black Mesa team? Current bio-hazard screenings will-"

"I do have a friend. His name is Barney Calhoun, 27 years old, like me. And a Undecided Major. Man... It is 8:47 AM, and I'm starting to wish I should have not watch those MLP vids on the internet with my friend."

"Now arriving at Sector 6 Test Labs and Control Facilities. Please check your belongings so non of them are lost. And wait for the security guard to open the door. Have a safe, and productive day!"

And now I arrive, I will go to the Test Chamber to do my job...

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