Hi, my name's Jasper Young, I'm a 15 year old student in my school. I have a sibling, her name is Rosemary, she is such a sweet little girl. And just recently we got some strange news. Apparently one of my friends found this weird, run down stage, and knowing me, and my little sister, we wanted to investigate it. But that is just part of the story.

-Story start-

It was a normal day for myself, the weather was sunny and the town was quite. And I was sitting down on my bed, as usual. Most teenagers my age wouldn't be stuck at home, they would have a job, a life if anything, But me, I only get out for a few things and those few things normally meant the supernatural or abandoned, but recently, it's been dull.. nothing interesting has happened. I sighed and shut my laptop, I tried searching up some creepy places, but they all seemed dumb, but I didn't find anything awesome, so I decided to get up and go downstairs to eat. I opened up my fridge and grabbed some food out of it, immediately putting it in the oven. I turned around and sat down on the chair, I was ridiculously bored. That's when, to my surprise, my phone rang. I smiled and grabbed it off of the table and answered it, just to hear a familiar voice.

"Jasper! You won't believe what I just found!" Mary said, with a strangely happy voice. I felt myself smile and I wanted to know.

"What did ya find?" I asked, waiting for an answer. She was giggling and normally when she did that meant she found a jackpot.

"I found an abandoned stage down a trail near the woods, It's like a building, I'm actually wanting to show you in person, you wouldn't mind right?" Mary asked. I laughed and smiled wider.

"Show me it!" I laughed. I heard her giggle.

"Okay, see you at 4:00!" Mary said. I nodded.

"See ya then." I told her. I heard her hang up her phone.

I was excited, finally something that actually sounded pretty freaky, of course I'm going to see it. I looked over at the clock, it read 3:40 pm, so I had to get ready. I ran upstairs and git in my closet, getting out a video camera and a jacket. I walked out of my room and went to open the door to get to Mary's, then I heard a voice.

"Where are you going?" I heard, I turned around and saw my little sister, she had a frown on her face. "Mary and I are going out for awhile, I'll be back soon okay?" I asked. Rosemary got a pouty face. "You always get to have fun! You even have a camera with you, so your doing something." Rosemary said, obviously trying to taunt me so she could come with. I sighed at her.

"Fine, you can come, but keep close." I told her. She smiled and jumped up and down, and we took off towards Mary's.

-Time skip-

A few minutes later, we arrived at Mary's, I looked down at my sis and smiled.

"Okay, where we are going it will be spooky okay?" I told her. She smiled and nodded in understanding. I knocked on Mary's door, but she didn't answer.

"Yo Mary!" I shouted, knocking again. My sis looked at the door in confusion, I was confused as well, she should be home. Then a second later, the door opened, and Mary's mother stood in the doorway.

"Oh, is Mary with you two?" She asked. I looked at her and shook my head, her mother got a worried expression.

"Did she ever come back home?" I asked, Her mother shook her head, and I looked down in confusion.

"No, she hasn't come back home... the last time I saw her she said something about a stage." Her mother said.

My eyes widened, maybe she was at the stage still? I looked up at her mom.

"We'll go find her." I smiled. Her mother smiled in response.

"Be careful you two." She said. I nodded and I put my sister on my back, and walked off to find the stage, which I used what she told me about the woods, and ended up finding a trail.

"Okay.. this should be the trail." I said, putting my sis down.

"Brother, do you think this is safe?" She asked. I smiled and grabbed her hand.

"Yeah, I wont let anything happen to you okay?" I told her.

She smiled and looked deeper into the depths of the woods. I smiled and we walked down the trail. As we went farther, the environment started getting rotted, the trees were dead and the plants was wilted. I felt my sis clutch hold of my shirt as we continued walking down the trail, just to bump into a fence. "Okay... how are we going to get through this?" I asked myself. I felt my sister let loose of my hand and I turned to see her near an opening in the gate. I was surprised, it looked as if it was cut, which probably told me how Mary got in. I smiled and high-fived my sis who giggled.

"Okay, you first." I told her. She nodded and went through the gap. Then I looked through the gap to see a building, it had a stage in the front. I smiled at the spookiness of the place and started to squeeze through the gap.

As I got through, I looked at the sight, it was truly fascinating, it looked as if it was over 30 years old.

"Hey! Wait!" I heard my sister say. I turned my head just to see her running into the back of the stage. My eyes widened and I rushed to catch her, when I climbed up the stage, some of the wood wanted to break from underneath of me, but luckily I moved so fast it just creaked. I pulled back the torn curtains, and my eyes widened at the sight of the back of the stage. Everything was moldy and soaked from rain, some props were scattered around, supposedly used for plays or magic.

"Rosemary! Where are you?!" I shouted, creating an echo. I frowned and looked around, most of the props were as old as me, and they looked... actually pretty terrifying, they looked as if they were looking at me. I shook it off and took my attention back to my sister. I heard a door open and I turned around to notice the open door. I felt an eerie feeling envelope me as I walked towards the door, I walked in and turned on my camera so I could see. It was dark, but I managed to see some from the light of the camera, I walked inside of the room, doors were connected to it, telling me that the building was huge, but still even in searching this room, there was no sign of my sis.

"Rosemary! Mary?! Anybody?!" I shouted, the echo happening again. I sighed and walked towards another door, the knob looked as if it was touched, so I opened it. This room had light from where the sun was shining through the ceiling, I continued to record, it looked so cool. Then I heard something, as if it was crying. I followed the sound till I went behind a giant rock, then I found Rosemary, she was crying.

"Rosemary... what's wrong?!" I asked, hugging her, She shook her head and looked at me, tears in her eyes.

"He wants to show us a magic trick!" Rosemary cried. I tilted my head and hugged her tighter.

"Who wants to show us a magic trick?" I asked, getting mad at who would scare her.

"H-Him..." She cried, eyes wide. My eyes widened and I turned my head, and when I did, I met face to face with a man in a magician suit.

"Who are you?!" I asked, picking Rosemary up fast. The magician continued to stare, as if wanting us to pay attention.

"My name is Papagrande..." He said, an evil smirk appearing on his face. I had to chuckle at the name, but for some odd reason, I actually felt scared.

"W-What so you want?" I asked cautiously. He looked at us and raised this staff like thing, and to my horror, hit me on the head, knocking me out cold.

-Waking up-

I woke up, my vision slightly blurry. I only had some memory of what happened before. As my vision became normal, my eyes widened in horror, all around me, were these.. human looking things, but that's not what scared me, it was the fact that beside the human like statues... was meat, human meat. I tried to get up just to fall down, then I realized that I was tied.. t-to a chair, but that's not what made me panic, the chair and I was in a rectangular bowl like thing. I heard the door swing open and I looked to the left, and saw the magician, who had.. my sister tied up.

"DON'T HURT HER!" I screamed, tears coming out of my eyes. Papagrande only smirked at me, and placed my sister into a rectangular thing, that magicians would use to cut somebody in half.

"I'm not gonna hurt her... well, not that fast anyway." Papagrande smirked, closing the door to the box.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" I heard a shout, I turned my head as far over to the left as I could, and to my shock, Mary was chained up, and dangling above a chamber filled with water.

"Mary?!" I asked. She looked at me, tears dripping out of her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, he wanted more victims... he captured me." She cried. My eyes widened, telling me that this guy was no ordinary magician.

"Indeed.. So, you two kiddos want to see my first magic trick?" He asked, eyes glowing bright red and his smile getting larger. We shook our heads fast, knowing that if this guy is doing all of us like this now, then it wont be cool to see what he does then.

He frowned and growled at us.

"Okay, let the trick begin!" He cheered, getting out a large saw. My eyes widened in horror, he wasn't joking around.

"PLEASE DON'T HURT HER!" I cried. The magician laughed insanely and started cutting into the box, wood shavings going everywhere.

"NO, STOP! PLEASE STOP!" I cried loudly. Then, he kept going, except my eyes widened in horror, and blood and flesh started to spew out of the box. I felt my fear rise and I tried to break the chair, just to fall backwards.

All I could hear was my sister screaming and blood splattering onto the glass around me. Mary was screaming her head off, then, the saw stopped, and the magician laughed maniacally. I couldn't see what he was laughing at, but I knew that it had to be bad. I cried to myself and I felt the door open and hands pull me up, I kept my eyes closed, I didn't want to see anything.

"Open your eyes kiddo, do you like my trick?" He laughed, I opened an eye and my eyes went wide and my mouth went agape. The box.. was sawed in half, and... articles of my sisters clothing was shredded and one half of the box was on the ground, and her upper half was cut from the lower, blood squirting out like a fountain. My breathing went heavy as the magician went out and closed the door to the tank I was in, and went over to Mary, who started screeching in fear and panic.

"NO! LET ME GO, DON'T TOUCH ME!" Mary cried. Papagrande laughed and went over to a bar like thing, that was attached to Mary's feet tightly. Papagrande put tape over Mary's mouth to keep her from screaming. "DON'T! PLEASE! DON'T!" I cried. He smirked and went over to the lever, and pulled it, I watched in horror as Mary was forced into the tank, going headfirst into the water, she was drowning. I was too in shock to scream anymore, my eyes were red and puffy from crying.

She thrashed and thrashed and tried to get out of the chains. Then... a few minutes later, she stopped. And the magician laughed. Then I knew, that she was dead. I had no idea what he was gonna do to me. All I knew is that I was gonna fight to live. The magician walked over to my tank, and yanked me out of it.

"Ya know, I have something special for you." The magician smirked. I looked down, not making eye contact with him. I felt him slap me, and he cut the rope off of me, as if he was allowing me to leave. I got up to my feet, and grabbed my camera fast.

"Go ahead, run kiddo, tell your friends... hehehahaha!" He laughed, getting out a staff, which had a sharp point at the end. Then I realized something, he wanted me to run. I started sprinting out the back of the stage, out the rooms, not looking back.

He was following me, and it was obvious. Tears poured out of my eyes as I got outside, tripping over stairs and landing on my back. I tried to get up, and when I did, I ran towards the fence, and went through the gap. Tears pouring from my eyes, and when I got home, I locked all the doors and windows, and called the police. Then, days later, they told me that there was no stage... building or anything.. except the bodies of my friend and sis. Was it all my imagination, I don't think so. But all I knew is that as soon as I got my laptop I wrote this.. don't.. let him.. show you a magic trick. Just DON'T!

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