The man behind the mouse became famous in a cruel, and evil world. Even though life was successful, his final moments were unbearable. Like many dying people, Walt did not want to do anything fun. Which meant, that he didn't have the energy to do what life handed him. His disease, lung cancer, was messing with his mind, he was a heavy smoker. Smoking non stop, day after day. But what's really disturbing, is that Walt Disney quit years before his death, so how could he have died from from lung cancer? The answer, secondhand smoke.

One of Walt's employees, were very heavy smokers. Smoking at show productions, and at studio tours. Walt Disney demanded them to stop, but they screamed at him saying, "This is a free country, you got a problem, leave!". This lasted for three months, until during a shows production, Walt Disney started to cough out blood. He was rushed to a hospital, hoping to wonder what this was, and how to stop it. But after tests from his doctors, they immediately told him, that he had circular lung escarpment, in other words, lung cancer.

Walt Disney in disbelief, sobbed with no sound. He stood in the Hospital for two weeks, because he did not want to go anywhere. In those days, his employees took over the production, but changed it. Instead of "Mickey Mouse in the Big city" The employees worked on a darker, and more sinister episode.

They created the infamous "Suicide Mouse". Without the approval of Walt Disney, they began the production. Even without Walt around, this project was "Cancelled" due to its disturbing nature. After Walt's return, everything wasn't the same. He wouldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't work on his passion for making cartoons. Instead, he just paced around, But this was not the least of his problems. He later learned of failed project of Suicide Mouse. Outraged, he fired his employees, and went back to his pacing. Now under nine days to live, Walt was invited to a children's hospital in San Francisco, there he met a girl with the same condition as him. Walt made a promise to her that was merely impossible.

"When I am grown up, can you visit me again?"

Walt answered, "Sure". Walt wanted to fulfill this promise, but just could not. Then, a day later, the little girl died. During the day, Walt felt disappointed in himself, as this promise, was never fulfilled.

Now almost a week to live, Walt had two choices, die with a promise never fulfilled, or live. Walt decided to let nature take its course, as there was nothing to do. He died earlier than expected, due to his astonishing depression.

RIP 1901-1966.

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