It's night time and you’re walking home from a friend's house. You shudder as the temperature seems to drop, and you look at your phone to check the time. This is when you realize your phone is turning itself on and off. Quickly, you shove it in your pocket, but from the corner of your eye you see a moving shadow. The blood drains from your face and your pace quickens a bit. The trees around you seem to be following you, this paranoia causes you to look back.

A tall man stands about 30 feet from you, he stands under a street light you walked under. He seems to be wearing a black suit, he has a bit of a hunch back and his skin seems to never have seen the light of day. He looks harmless enough...but there's something about him that bothers you so you start walking again, a quicker pace than before. Before you know it, you’re looking over your shoulder to see if the man is still there.

He’s not there, you look forward but at your feet and stop. Letting out a sigh of relief and pull out your phone again, what you see there makes your blood run cold. On the blank black background of your phone there are the words: “Don’t look at the trees”.


The next day, a report on TV says, “Yet another victim in the terrifying string of disappearances. Nothing but the victim's phone was retrieved, the phone itself was melted on the inside and crushed repeatedly. The police still have no leads.”

Credited to Scared To Breathe

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