WWE '13 box art
I'm Counting this as my third pasta because 1 of mine got deleted And the other one I deleted So Enjoy this is a pasta about WWE 13 one of my favorite games

I woke up early that morning. I look at the clock. It's 7:00 AM, I had to go to school that day so I went to the kitchen, ate breakfast with family, got my back pack ready and walked to school.

I saw one of my friends while walking, I said hi and kept walking. I turned on my MP3 player and started listening to music. When I started listening, it was static. Nothing out of the ordinary, just static.

I got out of school that day and it was Friday so I was happy I had the weekend to stay up late, talk to a friend, and play video games. When I got home I greeted my family and went to my room.

I turned on my TV and XBOX. I also turned on my Laptop and got on Skype and saw my friend was on so i talked to him in chat while I put WWE 13 in my Xbox,I went to the title screen and went into a regular match and saw something half weird half Awsome.

I saw that the roster had not only WWE characters it had 1,000's Of other wrestlers from WCW, ECW, TNA, CZW Etc. I was amazed so I decided to make a match: James Storm Vs the character I made for me.

I go into the match and see the arenas for all the shows for the wrestling groups are in there So I go to the TNA Arena and start the match. It starts with entrances nothing new.

So when I start fighting I win the match, normal after screen except my TV bursts into static and I could see something through the static (No it was not Slenderman). But It looked like Sonic for some reason then it goes back to the title screen.

I go into universe mode and nothing new there regular events. So I decide to turn it off for a while and talk to my friend. At that point it was 1:00 AM and my friend decided to go to bed I told him if he needed anything to call me on skype he said ok.

i turned back on my Xbox and I put in a burned CD with some music on it (it was a limp bizkit album) i was listening to nookie when the TV bursts into static and I saw Sonic again with a weird grin, chuckling.

It said for me to look behind me. And I because I am stupid, I look behind me and see him standing behind me. He Throws a punch at me and I roll under (I had been practicing wrestling to let you know).

I run to the closet again and dive in and grab my pistol. I suddenly was having deja vu from The Sonic Adventure 2 incident.

I get out of my closet and run and shoot him; the same thing happened with the Sonic Adventure 2 thing. I'm getting really confused how is this happening but i went to school and when i got in class i looked out the window.

I saw him. Face pressed to the window. After that I woke up in a hospital with my family standing beside me. I asked what happend and they said that my teacher called and said that you had fainted.

I am in the hospital with a broken leg, because apparently when I fainted I fell and landed right on my leg with alot of weight so I hurt it badly. I know this has barely anything to do with WWE 13 anymore but I am scared it's night right now and my family is sitting right by me. I'm afraid to look out the window. See you all later, I will write something else when I get an update.

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