Note One

Ugh. I've been here for too long. Who knew that facility was lying right under an asylum anyways?  An asylum filled with cult ponies and those fucking zombies wandering about all over the place.

My best bet is to find Callie... for answers, for getting Rainbow out of my head, and for getting the hell out of here.

Note Two

What the fuck did I do to those two guys? Jesus Christ, it's like they'll stop at nothing to kill me. And what's with Father Cakes? Things are really not adding up.

Note Three

Father Cakes is a patient here, and apparently, Callie was his overseeing psychiatrist. She's got a lot of answers I'll probably need in order to get out of here. Maybe she knows what the hell is going on.

Note Four

Well, shit. Looks like I'm on my own, with Jacket and Calan having switched the damn mics. And worse yet, with him in control of the asylum's electronics, all it would take to get me where they want me is a few doors locking.

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