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It's here

What is “Fear”? Is it the feeling of anxiety caused by the presence of imminent danger? Or is it when you're face with something you don’t understand? Or even the thought of being left behind by the people you care about most. Fear has many faces; all of which scare people half to death and give children nightmares...

But “True Fear”... True fear makes horrible nightmares look like simple daydreams.

True fear brings out the worst in people. Men who you once thought were brave... Act like a scared infant. Driving people insane making them abandon or even kill the ones they love; betraying those close to them just to survive. True fear is what goes “bump” in the night; it’s what waits outside your window and under our bed when you go to sleep. It causes madness in the weak and insomnia in those lucky and not-so-lucky few who have enough willpower to keep it together and say...

“It’s nothing”... “It’s just the wind”... “I’m just paranoid”... “I’m just hearing things”. . .

Even if you are paranoid it won’t fix anything. There is nothing you can do against it except accept it and your fate. Once it’s after you; you’d wish you were dead. There are worse things than death. True fear drags you into the dark of the abyss of insanity with no way of escaping. There is no running away from the inevitable... because it’s already here...

It’s already too late... it’s coming for you... It’s the one weakness of all man-kind and will soon be its end, by our own hands. It won’t be long before it’s all over... 

True fear is all around us; it watches us while we sleep, when our guard is down... Right Now... As you’re reading this they draw in closer and closer to you until you feel them breathing down your neck... Don’t bother looking behind you... It’s too late for you now.

Just pray ... Pray to whatever god you believe in... You’ll be seeing him very soon...

Written by The Unlucky Researcher (talk) 16:49, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

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