I’m currently finishing up my last year and a half of high school, I’m graduating next December. I could go on about who I am, but I really need to explain this now. I don’t know why this had to happen to me. I don’t know how this happened or if science can even explain it, but it’s up to you.

I was into this server on the game “Minecraft”. I don’t know if everyone reading knows about it. A server is where you join with others, kind of like a network. A long time ago, I joined this one survival-based server, it’s address was, or it could’ve been something else (this was a while ago, my mind didn’t think of the address to the server when writing this)

On my first ever day there, I just found it to be a hobby. The admins are decent, Vagile, an admin on the server is always one to help when it is needed. I enjoyed his kindness. But for the most part, I didn’t care much for the server. A few people showed me their own websites where I downloaded stuff from.

But today, I decided to join the server for the first time in a long time. I did my thing, I picked a jungle to build my house. I got prepared, and I began to get invested in what I was playing. I had to stay prepared. I got very anxious at this point, sweating and worrying, on the lookout for anything suspicious out in the jungle, looking at trees, rivers and mountains, constipated.

Now, this might seem fun for some people. However, the scary thing for me about servers… Is the fact that no matter what, you never know who is behind that cute skin. Despite that girl skin, despite that cute wolf skin, despite that likable name and that friendly demeanor, anyone could be behind it. The weird kid at school, your ex-girlfriend…

And that’s exactly what happened in my case.

I was all alone, there were plenty of people online, but they were nowhere to be found. The chat didn’t help erase the stress of vulnerable/loneliness I had in my body. My heart rate had sped up, and I was trying to prepare for anything, but it was truly hard.

I began to a moat, and I climbed up the tree, trying to get a view of the canopy, hoping to be 100% clear of any trouble. I looked around. “Hope I’m good to go,” I thought.

“Better check for-” I stopped right there.

In my view of the jungle, I saw that right ahead, several blocks (miles?) away, was someone coming straight at me.

“They dashed at me, killing me and burning my house to the ground, with no pity or guilt, and they ran off, with their achievement of murder,” I imagined, as my anxiety created a horrible scenario. I was really getting worried. I was sweating and having a difficult time grabbing onto my mouse.

I had to get a hold of myself. I quickly began to prepare, filling the moats with lava, covering up with cobblestone, and being aware of the whole jungle. They began to come closer, I looked at the player coming my way. The player had a weird skin. The whole body was completely black, and the player’s head was a pumpkin on top of the dark body. The player’s IGN (In-game-name) was ‘TrollStories’.

I began to have a conversation with this player (My name is Zyr, I forgot that. But that isn’t too relevant)

Zyr: What are you doing here? Pls

TrollStories: /;d

Zyr: What is that?

TrollStories: hi give me some

Zyr: Some what?

TrollStories: things

Zyr: What?

At this point, people began to chime in and discuss their thoughts on the conversation.

TrollStories: you know how whenever someone says to do something you do it

Zyr: Um…

Pixelwolf884: woah is he trying to make you do something bad?

Zyr: I don’t know.

TrollStories: listen Pixelwolf884 you cant tell me off liket hat I can do it if I want

TrueGamer97: Ugh…. I don’t like where this is going.

TrollStories: truegamer you fu(k off

Pixelwolf884: wow

TrueGamer97: Troll, stop that.

Zyr: TrollStories please…

TrollStories: i sorry

Pixelwolf884: ???

Right then, PixelWolf gave me a teleport request. I wasn’t 100% sure if I could trust her, but I knew I was more than 76% sure I could trust her, judging by the fact that she was saying something supportive to me.  I was hoping for the best, trying to tell myself that everything would turn out fine…

As soon as I requested her teleport request, I knew I made a huge mistake… She attacked me. I ran out into the jungle, I was in panic. I was able to stall and try to talk her out of it.

Zyr: PixelWolf, Stop it! I thought you were helping me!

Pixelwolf884: what did I say

Zyr: You didn’t say anything, Wolf.

Pixelwolf884: than why r u getting after me

Just as I was typing why I was going after her, she did it. She pulled out a high LVL enchanted diamond sword, and killed me. Even though I was at the screen indicating death, right in front of it, was PixielWolf destroying my house. I began to panic twice as fast, faster as I respawned.

PixelWolf was gone at this point. I met Troll at my demolished house. I was hoping that PixelWolf would be far from the jungle. Troll and I decided to build houses for ourselves. I made mine as safe as I could, and I couldn’t make it tremendously safe with the kind of space I had. Troll looked out for PixelWolf if she came back. We waited. She didn’t come. My anxiety kept me looking as far as the eye could see across the jungle, until I began mining for ore.

When I came back, Troll was in my house. He was standing on furnace. All of a sudden, he began to get hit. Out of nowhere, he fell off the furnace. I saw that in the empty space, PixelWolf had returned. She was already killing Troll, so I just knew it was every man for himself at this point.

I ran upstairs, armed with my iron sword. I didn’t realize she had diamond and iron armor when she was killing Troll downstairs. So when she came up, I was toast.

We had both been killed. I stayed in the death screen, looking at PixelWolf destroy my house. Then, TrueGamer popped up out of nowhere, and joined her. I realized they must be in an alliance. Troll came rushing to stop them, but he got killed every time.

Zyr: Can someone help me stop her???!!!

TrollStories sent me a message.

TrollStories: [Private Message] okay I have a website where you can hack it

Zyr: [Private Message] Won’t I get banned?

TrollStories: [Private Message] u can hack the admins so u wont get banned

TrollStories: [Private Message] there isn’t much else u can do to get ur house back

TrollStories: [Private Message] here come to my website www.***.com

Right then, everything in my mind had shifted. Should I click the link? Or should go to the forums for help? Would they even accept it? Hmm… Um… do they even have a forum? All of these thoughts began to flood my mind as I wondered whether I should click that link. Would it stop PixelWolf?

I hope so.

I clicked on the link that Troll gave me. As soon as I clicked it, a file was installed onto my computer. The file was called “World_Grand_Prix.17” I was suspicious, so I tried to ask Troll, but I didn’t let him know that I clicked it, just as him what importance the number 17 has in his life, and I would ask about world racing later.

Zyr: TrollStories

TrollStories: yes

Zyr: What is the number 17 to you?

TrollStories: no.

Zyr: Answer.

TrollStories: 17 means a lot of things to me

Zyr: Name one.

TrollStories: on the 17th of aug 2007

Zyr: So what happened on August 17, 2007?

TrollStories: something happened to me.

Zyr: What happened?

TrollStories: u

Zyr: What?

TrollStories: test

TrollStories left the game.

Hmm… Well at this point, I went to my save files, and looked back at World_Grand_Prix.17. World_Grand_Prix.17 had about 6 different files in it. The first, was “pony_and_tree.wmv,” second was “outside_in_sep7.wmv,”  “world_grand_prix.wmv,” “pumpkin_carving.wmv,” “Trolled.wmv,” “lengthy_play_outside.wmv,” and “17.8.07.wmv.”

So I already had an idea of what to expect. I started off by opening pony_and_tree.wmv.

It began in a in a front lawn of a house in a suburban neighborhood. Up ahead were children riding bikes. The camera began to get further from the point it was standing. It began to get closer to the children. I began to see that the children weren’t being supervised. Why was that?

The sun was setting. The orange sunlight was hitting the red-bricked houses. The children seemed vulnerable to whoever was approaching. I began to feel a pit in my stomach. I imagined the worst to happen.

Then, a mother walked out of one of the houses and brought the children inside. I began to hear a bell banging, similar to a bell tower. Whoever had the camera began running out of the neighborhood. They were on a sidewalk by a road. It was getting darker at this point.

The sky began to turn pinkish orange. Then, the screen changed to pitch black, and then the Donkey Kong theme song began to play. It was the one from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I got confused, and was having trouble understanding what was going on.

Then, the clip of darkness and the Donkey Kong theme cut back to the same suburb. The sky was turning dark, night was coming. There were cars passing, viewable from the light from the poles.

Whoever had the camera was once again running. They began running back into the neighborhood. At this point, I noticed they were going towards the house where the children went inside. What I didn’t see was that the fences were torn down.

Why were they torn down? Was there a problem? What could’ve happened? I continued viewing. I saw that the camera went in the valley with no fence. The camera pointed to a window. Inside, were two children playing with toys.

One of the children was playing with what looked like a plush potato. The other was playing with a unicorn figure. Then, the two children stopped what they were doing. They looked towards the camera.

The fact that whoever was recording two children in their house from the outside was already scary enough, but to add the fact that the children were now aware that they were being recorded by someone they might not even know… It was just uncomfortable for me… I felt tense at that point.

The video ended with one last clip. After the children looked, it cut to what I knew was the unicorn the small girl was playing with sitting by a tree, very, very close. It was so close you could see light from the camera shine on the unicorn, and particles flying in the light, and all I could here were crickets chirping.

Oh that s nasty by eric erg-daj0a4b


The video ended.

Thoughts rushed through my head. Who recorded this? How did the Unicorn get there? Are the children safe? I was already in a cluster of twists. At this point, I thought the best thing to do was to just come up with some theories before I went to bed.

I wasn’t able to explain it. I just decided to sleep it off, if only I could with all those thoughts on my mind. I had a dream that night. When I woke up, I had real trouble getting to school. I was just too tired to get out of bed. I spent all night thinking about the video I had seen last night.

When I got to school, time flew by at a lightning speed. I didn’t want to tell everyone about what I had seen last night. It could spread through the entire school in just one day if possible.

When I got home, I did my homework, and I went back onto the Minecraft server. I joined to find that my house was intact, and so was Troll’s. But when I called for him, he didn’t respond. In fact, he wasn’t even online. I wanted answers. I wanted an explanation for what I saw. I waited for him to come online. But he just didn’t. I got off Minecraft, and went back to World_Grand_Prix.17. I got ready, and opened “outside_in_sep7.wmv,” and got ready to expect chaos.

It began with filming inside a clothing store. Based on how it looked like, I thought it was a Kohls location. I was sure it had to be. The camera man went towards the children’s aisle. There were toys all over the floor, and stocked on the shelves. He walked up to four children.

Two boys and two girls were in front of the camera. They looked like they were 3-5 years old to me. The cameraman started talking to them, and persuaded them that they were becoming friends with their parents and getting along together. Children at this kind of age are very gullible, so I feared this.

The camera then showed the kids follow the guy to a corner of the store. I saw it was pitch black outside. It was nighttime at this point. Then, they walked back to the children’s aisle, and the cameraman made the children go into the bathrooms. Whoever was holding the camera stayed outside, so I couldn’t tell if they were male or female.

Then, the recording sped up. There was music playing in the background, it sounded like a broken music box. It made everything feel more eerie. The cameraman walked towards the clothes aisle. As he/she/ it did, I saw nobody in the store. He/she/it then hid in a pile of clothes for a while. Then, the person got out of the pile of clothes.

The lights had all turned off. The store was closed. Nobody was in the store. The children… they might still be in the store. What happened to them? The cameraman walked towards the bathrooms, they began to open the door to the woman’s bathroom. But as soon as it was open, the clip changed.

The clip was now showing a t-shirt beside a tree. Hold on… Was this the same tree from Pony and Tree? I was confused…  I tried to see if I could make sense of this scene. I went back to Pony and Tree, took a picture of the scene of the unicorn sitting by the tree, and the picture of the t-shirt sitting by the tree.

My god… They were the exact same thing. I was shocked. How could the t-shirt and the unicorn both be there? But then I noticed even more. The t-shirt, I looked back at outside_in_sep7.wmv, and found that that t-shirt was the same t-shirt owned by one of the young boys.

At this point, I stopped everything, and hopped to the server. I was looking for him… More people were online. TrollStories, TrueGamer97 and Pixelwolf884. But then, I noticed someone began talking to me, Vagile, an admin began talking to me.

Vagile: Zyr, we’ve heard you have had your house griefed. May I help?

Oh shoot… I don’t want to have to take more responsibility now, I really don’t. What should I do? Log off? Say I’m fine? What would I even say at this point?

Zyr: No, Vagile, I’m doing fine J.

Vagile: Are you sure? Someone reported that you got your house griefed.

Zyr: Really? Who?

Vagile: evnXD reported it.

Zyr: Is there a forum for the server?

Vagile: We have shut it down due to budget cuts.

Zyr: I see.

Vagile: He reported it directly to me.

Right then, I don’t know why, but I felt like knowing everyone’s real name. I don’t know why. I thought I would feel safer if I did so.

Zyr: What’s your name, Vagile?

Vagile: David Parker

Zyr: Thanks. Curious.

Vagile left the game.

Zyr: TrueGamer97, what’s your name?

TrueGamer97: Arturo Trujillo.

TrueGamer97 left the game.

Just do it one more time….

Zyr: Pixelwolf884, what’s your name?

Pixelwolf884: Sylvia caroline

Pixelwolf884: why’d you ask?

Zyr: I just got curious. :P

Pixelwolf884: o um ok :/

Pixelwolf884: Do you get lonely on your computer? :)

Zyr: Not necessarily.

Pixelwolf884: do you worry about children?

Zyr: Nah.

Pixelwolf884: If you did, then it may be too late.

Zyr: Too late for what?

Pixelwolf884: the Link :/

Zyr: What about the link

Pixelwolf884: U clicked it?

Zyr: Yeah

Pixelwolf884: Thanks for inviting me :D

Zyr: What do you mean?

Pixelwolf884 left the game.

I waited to ask TrollStories about it, until he might have been able to forget how I was asking the others for their names…

Zyr: TrollStories, what’s your name?

TrollStories: you… hold on

Zyr: Waiting.

TrollStories: david parker

Zyr: What?

TrollStories: my name is david parker

Zyr: Isn’t that Vagile’s name?

TrollStories: never heard of him :P

TrollStories: Pony and Tree

Zyr: You know???!!!

TrollStories: :3

Zyr: You must know.

TrollStories: Late?

Zyr: I don’t get it D:

TrollStories: :3

TrollStories left the game.

I went back to World_Grand_Prix.17, and was ready for more. I didn’t remember why or how, but I ended up skipping to Trolling.wmv instead of following the order. The video started off on the server. Whoever filmed was holding an iron sword; I couldn’t see their hand.

They were walking around, and they were around a lake. I noticed it was the same area of the jungle as I lived in. He walked towards a house, and pressed ‘SHIFT’ to keep from being noticed. There were two players inside, and they were standing in front of body of water.

They pushed the players into the water, and poured more water on top, drowning them, and hit them with the sword. I saw it was being filmed by TrueGamer97! He also took their items and threw them on the floor. The next clip started and they were at the shopping warp.

They came toward four players, and followed them as they left. The four of them walked to the corner of the shopping warp, and then went into a back room. They came out, and left the shopping warp. The person filming chased them down, and killed them one by one. I discovered that it was being filmed by Pixelwolf884.

Then, she took their armor, and threw it in front of them. Hold on… I was beginning to notice something about the Minecraft gameplay and the wmv. tapes. I looked back at pony_and_tree.wmv and outside_in_sep7.wmv.

I saw something that shocked me.

The two children from pony_and_tree.wmv  both were only seen that one time, and the unicorn was shown sitting next to the tree. The player from Trolled.wmv drowned two players and showed their items… It seemed to match….

In outside_in_sep7.wmv, there were four children. They went to the corner, went in the bathrooms at the back of the store, and their clothing was shown. In Trolled.wmv, there were four players, they went to the corner of the warp, they went into the back, they ran out and got hunted by Pixelwolf, and their armor was shown… It seemed to fit together!

I remembered I had my names, David Parker, Sylvia Caroline, Arturo Trujillo, and (Another?) David Parker. I decided to think about them for a while… Sylvia Caroline… …Arturo Trujillo…. Have they been the ones hunting down the kids the whole time? Who’s guilty here?

I decided to call it a night.

The next day, I took a look at world_grand_prix.wmv. It started in a playground during night. I had the feeling it was past midnight, no cars were out on the streets during the recording. The camera just stayed in a still position for about 2 minutes. Then, it was picked up, and whoever had it ran toward a neighborhood in front.

They walked toward a house, and as they got closer, a broken music box started playing. The camera peered through one of the windows. I could see the inside; the living room and the dining nook. They went up to another window. Inside were three children, all playing with toy cars and racing them.

I expected to see the toy cars sitting by a tree. I did. But I got a twist.

I saw the toy cars sitting by the tree for at least 30 seconds. After, they disappeared. I thought that they had to be taken out by the time the clip cut back. I wasn’t expecting for what was about to come to actually happen.

I saw in the dim light… the person behind the camera was in a room. I couldn’t tell where they were. But I could see particles flying in the light provided by the camera. The camera slowly lifted up… And when it reached the top… I saw that they were inside the house.

At this point, I was confused and nervous, but decided to just move on. I started pumpkin_carving.wmv, and noticed something very different about this video. Instead of seeing a neighborhood or outside of one, a picture was shown. It was a picture of a neighborhood, no sound was heard for a while.

I waited to see what would happen. After waiting for a while… nothing happened. I felt disappointed, but I just kept on watching.

Then, something creeped me in the video. The picture of the neighborhood was still being shown, but there was now audio. It was the audio of a child carving a pumpkin in their house, I could hear the chair scrapping across the floor.

I heard I something being cut and carved, and assumed it was a pumpkin. I heard the child laughing, and he was slamming the cutting tool into the pumpkin at a faster rate now. I knew that at this point, he was going crazy with carving the pumpkin.

He was slamming the knife in it at lightning speed. Until I heard hit cut himself. He started screaming and wailing. It was hard for me to listen to this… Until he passed out.

I didn’t know what to think or say. I just decided to finish the tapes as fast as possible.

On to lengthy_play_outside.wmv., just hurry up… The film begins during the sunset. There weren’t a whole lot of kids outside. In fact, there weren’t any kids outside. It was a wasteland out there. For a while, I hoped nothing would happen. After waiting, a Lego Star Wars commercial came on, this one: , and after coming across something like that in this kind of video, I was just confused.

When the commercial ended, they were now running on the street, it was already pitch black outside. I knew they were going to a house, so I braced myself for the worst to happen. When they came close to a house, they looked through the front windows, and they climbed OVER the fence in order to look through more windows.

As they were climbing, there was a ringing noise. It got louder and louder, until my ears were killing me. The noise stopped once they climbed over. They ran to peer through the windows. There were at least five people in the house.

The camera looked through what looked like the parent’s room. There was a stuffed rabbit on the floor. The camera stayed there for a while, gazing upon the stuffed rabbit. Then, the rabbit was shown on the grass in the backyard. But there was a twist.

The stuffed rabbit was shown for at least three seconds at a time before the clip cut to another three-second clip of the backyard grass, but without the stuffed rabbit. Then, the clips got faster, they sped up. As they switched and sped up, there was the reversed broken music box in the background!

They sped up faster, and faster, and faster… And when they stopped… There was something that terrified me and may never go away from my mind. The camera was in a dark room. I was confused, but then the camera looked through the window. Oh my lord. They were inside the house.

They showed the room. It was bare and empty. It was originally the parent’s room, but the furniture was gone. The décor was gone. And the stuffed rabbit was gone. Everything was gone. They left the room, and that damn reversed, broken music box was playing.

They went out into the hallway. It was pitch black. They then went into the living room. It was pitch black and completely empty. No furniture to be seen, and particles were flying in the light provided by the camera. They looked through the windows. Yep. They were in the house for sure. It ended.

I decided to go back to Trolled.wmv, to figure out what really happened. There was a player who was breaking blocks on a tall tower high up in the jungle. He was breaking them as quick as he possibly could, until he fell of and died from fall damage.

That could fit with pumpkin_carving.wmv, maybe? What happened in lengthy_play_outside.wmv? There were five players in a house. The player approached the house, and hid inside. When any of the five people got close, the player would kill them. It was being filmed by TrollStories.

Once there were no survivors, he began to steal items. He robbed all of the chests, paintings, beds, furnaces, crafting tables, ect, and ran off. After everything was stolen, the next clip began. The player was at the lobby/spawn.

There were two players, and the player followed them. They walked out of the spawn and out into the wilderness. I noticed one of them had my exact same skin. They ran toward their house, and the player followed them. As they entered, the other person built a 1x1 wide block tower next to their house (while shifting). As he reached the top, he pulled out flint and steel, and began burning the house down, with the players in it.

I started 17/8/07.wmv. It began at what I thought looked like an airport. There were a bunch of people. Whoever was filming was running aimlessly, and then went slower. They walked forward and came across something. It was… Me? It looked exactly like me when I was seven years old!

Whoever it was, they looked exactly like me when I was seven! They were also with someone who I had never seen before, he looked like he was a year older. They walked away from the cameraman. The cameraman still followed them.

The clip ended, and I saw that they were at a house… that looked very familiar… It looked similar to the house I lived in from when I was 2-12 years old. I was speechless. It was two stories, there were two windows and a garage on the first story in the front, and there were two windows on the second story in the front. My original house looked exactly like that.

I didn’t know if the kid that looked like was in the house, but I had a bad feeling…. They walked up to the house. I had a bad feeling, once again, it built up to be a worse feeling at this point. They reached into their pocket. I couldn’t see what they had. I heard a scratch, and then light came.

The threw the light match at the building…

The house caught fire. I was hoping that they would have enough time to escape, but then, the person filming light more matches, and threw them. By the time the people probably would’ve already known, it was too late. The whole house had caught fire.

It was burning, the brick walls falling off. The windows were melting; they were heating up. Almost all of the walls had fallen off, the wooden stilts were pretty much all that was left. The burning house is all that is seen for the next minute. The video ends.

I was shocked, disturbed, disgusted with what I had seen. I looked at the time. 10:15 P.M. I better get to sleep now. As I lay in bed, I wonder, what did I just witness? How were those videos made? Did anyone survive? Who’s guilty? Vagile? TrollStories? Pixelwolf884? TrueGamer97? The Players? Who is behind it? I realized a pattern. Two died first. Four died second. Three died next. One died after. Five died fifth. And two died last. There were 17 casualties in total.

I thought about everything when I was at school. And I continued when I got home, and throughout my entire day. I wondered how anyone could explain it. When I got home, I knew I had to report it to someone. But I got a shock. The files were gone. World_Grand_Prix.17 no longer existed on my computer.

I looked through my history for the website I clicked when I first talked to TrollStories, but it wasn’t even in my browsing history. I have since quit playing Minecraft from this experience, and as far as I know, the players _(Vagile, Pixelwolf884, TrueGamer97 and TrollStories) have quit, too. I never found World_Grand_Prix.17 again. Whether or not that’s a good thing is nearly impossible to tell.


So I’ve finally got out of my shell. I am the owner of the website, and the person behind World_Grand_Prix.17, and I’m going to end this once and for all. I have had to just get rid of the website, because it was recently hacked. A bunch of trolls and weaboos kept spamming anime all over. Yeah.


Like I can’t handle it when weaboos just spam anime in the ways they do. I’ve covered this up, let’s get to ending this. What Chris (Zyr) doesn’t know, is that I have been spying on him before he even knew it. As soon as he clicked the link, I hacked into his computer. I did not mess it up. I just spied on him, peacefully.  I have always been into messing with others. I like to mess around with others, and just creep them out. When I created World_Grand_Prix.17, I wanted to make them think more.

Putting the thing together, was a bit of a challenge. For Pony and Tree, I went to my friend’s house, and I bought the exact same unicorn their younger sister had. Outside in September 7th was harder. I went to Khols with my cousins and my friend’s young siblings. I got the t-shirt pretty easily.

World Grand Prix was done the same way Pony and Tree was done. So was Lengthy Play Outside, only there, I did more stop-motion work? They recently moved, so I was able to snap some footage of their bare, empty house with footage of their original house.  When I made Pumpkin Carving, I just used some sound effects. Easy. And for August 17, 2007, I took the time to find a very, very difficult to find video on the internet. In fact, if you search up “House on Fire,” you STILL won’t find it!

Trolled.wmv was the biggest challenge. I had to email TrueGamer, Troll ect, to send my footage of what I requested them to. But I did it. I think at this point, it’s time to put this story to rest. Just forget it. Just stop it. Now.



Sylvia Caroline