As many people remember, the series Total Drama Island began premiering on the Canadian channel Teletoon on July 8, 2007 and June 5, 2008 for Americans. It was intended to be a parody of survival shows that were broadcasting at the time. I used to be part of the staff who worked on the show and got to see the episodes while they were being edited and I supervised them. I got to see many bizarre and strange things at my job.

One of the writers (who wanted to be uncredited in the series) had suggested very morbid and dark ideas for the show. For the second episode, he wanted to have one of the contestants, Justin be torn to shreds by the sharks, instead of being saved by them. For the nineteenth episode, he intended for Duncan to disembowel Chef Hatchet with a chainsaw. We rejected these ideas, since there would be no fucking way a channel for children would accept that type of material on their network.

The writer started to get very pissed at us towards the end of the season. After the 27th episode was produced, he wanted to make a whole episode by himself with help from mostly nobody. He only wanted the voice actors to record their lines. With weeks after weeks of working on this "special episode" he liked to call it, his project was completed. The writer did not want anyone to see this episode at the time and you will read why.

I got on his laptop on a day he called in sick for work. I looked for the episode on the laptop and found it in the videos secton. He named the file "TDI- 28". I found it weird that he did not name the episode, but I did not think much of it. After a brief pause, the laptop played the file.

The video started with the campers at Playa Des Losers having a celebration of the last day of being on the island. The host, Chris with a briefcase shows out of nowhere and says that everyone has a chance of getting one million dollars. He says that he will hide the briefcase somewhere on the island and whoever finds it gets the money inside. He appears to drop the case somewhere off screen and the campers travel back to the island in groups to look for it.

Owen starts to travel into the woods to look for the case. After looking for a while, he does not find anything. He honestly thought of giving up the challenge. Owen then spots a sign that says "FREE MONEY". He approaches it and accidentally trips on a wire that was attached to a tree. Owen afterwards, gets impaled by a spear that triggered after he tripped.

The groups of the other campers begin to split up to find the briefcase, The first group consisting of around eight campers began to look around the kitchen to hopefully find the briefcase. While this goes on, Chris sneaks into the kitchen and places a timed pipe bomb inside one of the cabinets of the kitchen. He gets back out undetected before anybody could see him. The campers still inside the kitchen starts to hear a faint clicking sound in their surroundings.

The campers think that the sound is coming from the briefcase, indicating that they are close to it. While they are looking, the clicking gets louder and louder. The sounds start to intensify to the point Geoff, one the campers opens a cabinet. "BOOM!" The pipe bomb explodes as soon as the cabinet was opened. Severed limbs and entrails covered the parameter of the kitchen. The few campers that survived the explosion got out of kitchen as fast as they could to tell the others about it.

Little did they know, that Chef Hatchet was standing outside of the kitchen with a loaded AK-47 in hand. The chef opened fire at all of the remaining campers in the group and killed them all. I started to get very disturbed at this episode. I knew that the writer was a sick son-of-a-bitch, but this was going beyond the line. An episode of Chris and Chef killing everybody? What kind of twisted mind would write such material that even crosses the lines set by an adult cartoon?

After thinking for a little while, I decided to continue to watch the horror that was unfolding in this gruesome special. The next scene took place around where the cabins for the island were at. Another group of campers was looking around them for the million dollars. One of the members of the group, Harold said to the others, "I claim this cabin to look for the money." Everybody agreed (probably to get rid of him) and the rest went off to look in other cabins. Harold ended up passing out in the cabin after getting very bored of looking inside.

The remaining group members looked inside another cabin for the cash. Duncan soon found a briefcase under a bed and claimed it as his money. He curiously opened the briefcase and a large amount of anthrax came out of the case. Most of the campers had been killed from this, except for DJ. He got out of the cabin the moment the case was opened and tried to find anybody else. Inside a security room in the island, Chris and Chef Hatchet were watching the campers be killed one by one through hidden security cameras.

They were laughing and joking about the deaths of the campers. One of the very morbid jokes were, "I guess he got screwed!" referring to a person who got a long screw drilled in their head from a trap. Afterwards, they stopped laughing when they saw DJ wondering around the island. They got out of the room and went towards his way. DJ then spotted them and tried to run away from the two psychopaths.. He soon found that running was useless, since chef and Chris both have weapons and there was traps set up all over the island.

"Have any questions?" Chris said to DJ in a dark, serious tone. "Why is everybody dying around here?" DJ responded back. "Well DJ, we had this show to make people around the world laugh at the stupidity of campers. We decided to prove their stupidity further, by having everybody die in traps right in front of them! We can't just wait to hear people laughing at their deaths, thinking they are fictional!" Chris said.

DJ used this to try to distract Chris and chef, as a chance to get away from them. That was proven wrong, when Chris threw a machete at DJ and it hit him right in the back. DJ screamed as he fell right to the ground. Chef took the machete out of his back and dismembered DJ piece by piece. "Finally!" Chris exclaimed in relaxation.

When DJ got killed, Chris and Chef Hatchet thought that they have killed all of the campers. Chris then recalled that Harold fell asleep while searching in one of the cabins. They looked and soon found where Harold was located. after they arrived, Chef hatchet poured lighter fluid around the cabin and Chris lit the match. The cabin was in flames and Harold did not wake up in time to save himself from a slow death.

Chef and Chris went on a helicopter they had and flew away. The video transitioned to the shots of the island after the massacre with the ominous sound of wind in the background. After about thirty seconds of the horrific carnage, the video then cuts to Chris and Chef on the helicopter again. They discussed what to do for next season, until Chef showed pictures of potential contestants to use. The contestants looked like prototypes of the characters that would later be featured in "Total Drama: Revenge of The Island". Chris then said, "Perfect." and laughed as the video faded to black.

I was disturbed by the video. Why would the writer create such a sick episode like this? I truly was horrified from seeing shit like this. The next day he was at the studio, I went to his room and asked questions about the episode. His only response was "Sometimes, everyone needs to be disposed of." I attempted to report everything that happened to the director of the show.

We got on the writer's laptop and the video was no longer present inside the folder I had found it in. That sick bastard deleted it! The director doubted me and told me that everything was fine. Later that day, I quit my job as producer of Total Drama.

When the show started to air around the world. I later discovered that plot points and even footage from that twisted special were actually used in an episode titled: "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island". There was no fucking way that fragments from that nightmare were actually broadcasted. Well, at least kids were not exposed to what I have seen.

Somewhere in Total Drama's studio, probably hidden away somewhere is that sickening piece of shit special. I even bet that while working on the other series of Total Drama, that fucking writer had more sinister ideas in mind, and he is still secretly making more of these episodes for his own amusement.

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