Willard as he appears normally.


Willard as a spider.

In my hometown, the usual commotion and bustle of the streets and market are secluded from the tranquil environment of the lake and the embankment. After so many years, much has changed about my town. The bakery that I used to go to buy biscuits and Meringue snowmen has been shut. The motorcycle shop me and my dad used to go to has also been shut. And a new motorcycle store has opened near the indian restaurant. These are some of the memories of my childhood, but one of the best memories was my father playing Tomb Raider. Me and my father were massive Tomb Raider fans. So much to the fact that my dad has completed Tomb Raider 1, 3, Legend and Underworld. I myself have recently completed the 2013 game. But none of those match the original trilogy. Me and my dad set off for the lake to go angling, among the geese and ducks that were just granging along wanting their food, my dad was setting up a worm for the catch, and I was watching. As dad skillfully threw the line in, he had immediately got ahold of a big one. I was excited, but as soon as dad lifted it up. I was slightly disappointed, that was until we both realized what it was.

It was a CD Case which was for the PS1, the contents of which said Tomb Raider III. Beta Disc. The amazing thing was that the disc was not damaged, despite being thrown into a lake. On the drive home. I examined the disc thoroughly, it said April 1998. Property of Eidos. Which means that the disc was only in the developing stages, as far as I know. Peru was supposed to be a stage, so I may be able to find out if Caves was remastered in this game.

As soon as I got home. I was greeted by my dog, who was vigourously licking my face because he loved me so much. I went up to my bedroom and plugged in my PS1. I placed the disc carefully into the disc drive, trying to keep my hand still because of the excitement. I turned on my TV and started up the console, the first thing I noticed was that Lara's eyes were rather redder then usual. But I just ignored it. Considering it was a beta, and carried on. I went to the level select screen, and I looked on with shock as some of the levels said The Industrial Slavery Site, The Cannibal Factory and The Truth of Willard. I was horrified, but curious at the names of the levels. I started the slavery site level. And it all began to change, there was a sweat-shop. With slaves producing firearms and genetical machines for RX-Tech. They also had models I had never seen in a Tomb Raider game, crying Chinese women, African men who were different from the tribesman in the Pacific section in the game, and there were hundreds of them. I heard Willard on the PA saying RX-Tech is the leader of Genetic machines to invent mutants and clone humans. Work harder so we can create the ultimate army and food resource! I Found some members of RX-Tech talking about Willard breeding mutants so he could kill them to supply people the food, but I logically thought that was a wrong idea.

If they ate the mutants, then they could turn into them. I shot the members dead using the pistol. Man how I loved that gun, the only gun in the game with infinite ammo (Unless you completed the game, of course). After that. I headed into the next stage. The Cannibal Factory. It was very disturbing, slaves were killing mutants and humans so that RX could pack them into a Soylent Green-type meat alternative. I was feeling rather nauseous as the slaves ripped out intestines as the humans were crushed to a bloody death on the conveyor belt, it soon switched to a testing room with a table and a plate. And I saw mutants ripping the intestines angrily and swallowing them whole. It switched back to the conveyor and children were also on the belt. Lara had to shut down the factory, so I started to kill members of RX-Tech. I killed a group in the conveyor control room (Which was near the dining room), and found items. A Self-Destruct key and the key to the Meteorite Cavern.

I killed the mutants in the dining room and there was another room behind the second chair on the table. It had a console, which said Self Destruct do not touch. I placed the key into it. As the famous TRIII alarm sound started. An airlock opened which had a bridge to the cavern. I ran to it as the factory exploded, and a new cutscene played. Willard had placed the artefacts in their places, but instead of mutating into a spider. He grew into a massive disgusting mutant form which exposed his ribs, his intestines, his heart and his lungs. There was a giant sawblade nearby. Which I knew it's obvious purpose, as a trap for Willard. The unused boss theme was playing during this battle as well. I figured it would only activate if I had all the 4 artefacts. So using the desert eagle stun method. I managed to collect all the artefacts, and started up the machine. I shot Willard into the machine.

A cringe-inducing cutscene played.

Willards organs were ripped apart with blood and organs splattering everywhere, his head was ripped in two so it looked like a Venus Flytrap. Then his body exploded. I rushed to the toilet, conveniently placed next to my bedroom. To vomit. I went back inside and guided Lara out of the cavern and killed the RX-Tech Flamethrowers. There was a helicopter, so I went to it. It was the same cutscene, but when Lara shot the pilot. His head exploded with bloody results. Lara flew off, as a missile launcher launched missiles at the helicopter. Lara managed to misguide the missiles into one of the flamethrower men, who was gibbed in an off-putting fashion, as the game was over. The end screen showed Willard's decaying corpse. Which made me puke even more. 

I decided to ring up Eidos and Core Design. And they said that they had a programmer called William Longson. William once went to a factory in North Korea and saw dogs being turned into meat, he was so traumatized he became pro-vegan. Eidos said that his message was to show that Humans could also be treated badly by becoming meat themselves, so to stop people from buying meat. Luckily the campaign failed. Eidos fired William and he commited suicide, by strangling himself with his own intestines. When his mother came inside. She was horrified, and discovered a suicide note which said Dear world. I hope you are happy with your meat. You saccharine torturers who enjoy meat so much. I was disturbed by the story, and decided to smash the game into pieces. Taking it to the embankment's river and throwing it in there. So people will not have to see this filth again. I went to Longson's mother's house (Which was only 15 miles away from my town), and enquired about the game. I decided to log onto his computer to discover some revolting pictures of the dog meat factory he went to. I deleted his files and headed off back home. And just enjoyed my normal life, forgetting about this filth. Which no one should ever play again. For eternity.

"Boss 1" ('Tomb Raider The Last Revelation' soundtrack) by Peter Connelly 199901:31

"Boss 1" ('Tomb Raider The Last Revelation' soundtrack) by Peter Connelly 1999

The unused boss theme that was present in the beta.

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