It is a massive invasion, an invasion with thousands and thousands of men included, but it is not quite easy to go along and to accomplish this mission. This invasion, had just begun. It was delayed for a day or two but it was still continued. My eyes was already turning red from the smoke that the engine made. I could see the nearby land but it looked like a thousand miles away. Most of the men were throwing up because of having a little sea sick or something else. But every bomb whistle, there's almost no chance of living.

And so the boats kept pushing through, every bullet hitting the metal hull almost means that a mortar will hit us. The boom the ships made, the shell they fired was always a miss. I cleaned the grease out from my rifle and loaded a cartridge since I forgot to load the rifle hours or minutes before we rode the boats. "Prepare your weapons! We are storming the beach in 25 seconds!" the Captain shouted to us. I could feel the intense fear going around me. I could almost die when I leave the boat but no, staying isn't even a good idea. My fellow soldiers were already praying and some of them, breathing so hard I could hear them. Then came the thought... I would be coming home this early back the the States when the Nazis hit me.

Still, luck is my only chance to live. I ran towards the obstacles along with the other men. A mortar hit the boat where I came from, burning some men alive. I tried to shoot but the bullet I fired was "fading" before it hit the bunkers. With hope and courage on my side, I manage to ran towards the shingles where the other men could find cover. "Get us the torpedoes! We can't get pass through these barbed wires without detonating an explosive on them!" shouted the Captain.


The torpedo exploded along with the wires and sending sparks up into the air. Then we pushed forward and headed into one of the concrete walls of a bunker to find cover. It was a daring run for cover that I almost stepped on a mine when I was running to the wall. I am almost out of ammo. I could see some men getting to the top of the hill already then we ran to the top too. The fighting at the top of the hill was not easy. It was close-quarters combat and the Nazis were already on the front of us. We exchange fire and we finally managed to make the Nazis stop, pr to surrender. The invasion on the beach lasts for three or four hours and I helped that others blow one of the bunkers. Then the bunkers were destroyed. I walked to the edge of the hill along with two other soldiers. One of them says...

"It's quite a view.."

Credited to Doctor Gordon Freeman 

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