• We've all heard of Five Nights at Freddy's. Seen the Youtubers play through the five nights.  Seen the jumpscares and the glitches that make up the game.  And everyone has a theory.  Who the purple guy is and the events of the past.  Where the 5 missing kids went and when these events take place.  There are even theories on phone guy, the mysterious employee that so helpfully leaves messages with tips, tricks, and hints. This is one such theory.

    Everyone has always assumed that phone guy is a living breathing person. That he is present in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and dead by the start of Five Nights at Freddy's. But what if the truth was much more sinister. What if phone guy has been dead all along. Or never been alive to begin with.

    He has always been there.  He knew of the old Fredbear's Family Diner. Foxy was always his favorite.  He even knew of the old problems that the animotronics had.  Them roaming around.  He even hints of the local rumors of the place.  The familiarity he has goes beyond a simple employee. 

    Perhaps he was one of the first employees to work at Fredbear's Family Diner.  Perhaps they wore suits for the kids.  A bear, a bunny, a fluffy yellow chick, a fox, and a golden suit for special occasions.  Perhaps a strange accident happened.  A lit candle to close to the burnable suit.  A tragic slip and fall.  A robbery gone horribly array.  Whatever the cause phone guy died.  In his suit. 

    The place was closed for a while.  Than a new one was made.  One with anamotronics instead of employees in suits. They even added a new one. A puppet that would jump out of a box and give the kids gifts. It would be easier to maintain and cost effective.  No health insurance to pay, no hourly wage, and no unseemly deaths. Or so they thought.  But than childern started to go missing.  And it was found that the night guard had been doing it.  So the place was closed down again.  But not before the old anamotronics were ripped apart. To take the mangled remains of the children from their insides. And phone guy was present throughout it all.  His suit being used by the new animatronics. 

    But Fazbear Entertainment could not let their dream of a family friendly place to eat at die by the tragedies of the past.  And so a new restaurant was opened.  With all the latest technologies of the late 1980s. The anamotronics would have facial recognition, advanced mobility, night vision, and would allow them to walk around, patrolling for undesirables who would prey on the childern.  It was than that a funny glitch was found.  Phone messages from an unknown person who claimed they were from the company started appearing.  For the night guards.  The first night guard was informed and immediatly left his post.  The phone calls were never made in the day.  With that and the strange behavior of the robots it was only natural not to tell the second guard.  And it would also cost less if a disembodied voice was training the new employee for the night shift.

    But there was more to it than that. Phone guy was able to glitch things.  The perception of a shadow endoskeleton and the ghostly remains of his suit.  And there were five new ghosts.  Five childern who wished to take revenge on the night guard who killed them.  

    Tragedy soon hit again. The bite of 1987 would be the last straw. Phone guy did his best to warn the night guard.  That the robots were acting strange.  He did not anticipate it would be the adult bitten. The place was closed, the new anamotronics scrapped but the old ones rewired.  The place was smaller, less clean.  But phone guy was still present.  Still giving the night guard random little tidbits of information.  And his powers were growing.  Like in the other one he was becoming more aware of his surroundings. He was able to manipulate the pictures on the walls. To tell the story of the childern.  To warn the night guards who took the place of the old ones. The dead ones in some cases.  The company now would clean up the dead bodies themselves. And so he left his last message. The truth about his condition. 

    It is debatable whether it was the puppet or the other ones who ended it.  Something to do with the golden suit being the source of phone guy's power.  They locked him away after that.  But the messages still persisted.  Recorded now.  He had known they would try and stop him from being useful.

    And now Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will be released.  The circle of death will continue. A horror attraction 30 years in the making.  Perhaps even longer.  And phone guy will return.  He always does. 

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