• Has anyone herd of this show called Charleyyy and Friends, Its a show on SuperMarioLogan with bowser loving it all the time, I was watching one of the SML Movies, when a video came up on my subscriptions page, called charleyyy and friends lost episode, I was confused because SuperMarioLogan never made any full episodes of Charleyyy & Friends, I watched the video and investigate the video, the intro played as normal but when it got to the tittle, thare was no music and the guy that said "Charleyyy & Friends is filmed in a live audience" is not thare. the episode stared with Charleyyy outside, the sky was dark, and the grass was blood red, and Charleyyy said his opening line "Hi guys, I'm charleyyy" but no clapping was herd, he is going to cross the street, but then a big truck came and ran him over, it showed charleyyy on the street with blood all over, and charleyyy lifted his head and hand and pointed at me and said "You did this to me" and died. and it cut to static and it ended, I got so scared that I ran to my room and will have nightmares of that episode.

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