• "Jen is dead." Those three words tore my heart into two pieces as if it were just a scrap of wet paper.

    Jen was my girlfriend. We met each other in our favorite game, LaTale. She went by the name "Whirlwindy" It turned out that she was the next door neighboor, Jen Friziluna. Luckily, we went to the same high school, so I got to chat with about Whirlwindy and how long she's had her. After that, we talked everyday, and we became best friends. Soon, we fell in love with each other. In LaTale we had the life. Both level 200, we had ely, power, fashion, items, astros, heck, we were even married. Not only that, Jen was super nice. When she wasn't selling stuff she was helping newbies.

    And how did such a nice person die? Well, for some reason, don't ask what, I don't know, she's had cancer for over a year, and just a week ago, she had sudden chest pains, and an ambulance took her to the hospital. My friend was visiting her at that time, she was playing LaTale, saying goodbye, since she knew she wasn't going to last longer, when she closed her eyes and died. My friend hurriedly Skyped me.

    I was the first to come to her funeral, God rest her soul, and the last to leave. I spent over an hour crying over the cold quartz tombstone.

    That's when the killings started.

    OGP said that something had died, one of their players. The player's name was LeafyLove, a fairly respected girl in LaTale, a smart high school student in real life. Oddly enough, there were no spectators, and even if there were, they were probably killed. When they found the body, there was a slit on her chest, where a dagger had been shoved in and removed.

    I never witnessed one of these murders until recently. I was just chilling in Elfa with my best friend. His IGN's LaNaek, and like LeafyLove, he's also fairly respected. And, to my surprise, Jen's character, Whirlwindy, was flying like a Vampanelar, in her hand a Kris, and she looked different. She had red eyes instead of blue, blood dripping from her short blond curls, her Musical Maestro's skirt torn, a shoe missing. I hid, and when I came back, I saw the handle of Whirlwindy's Kris where LaNaek's heart would be, the tip of the dagger between his shoulder blades, blood dripping down from the handle of her Kris. There was no expression on his face, as if he were dead. I felt the bile rising to my throat as she released the dagger and kicked the body next to Unas, the NPC that sold potions. I instantly hid and changed channels before running to the bathroom to barf. An hour later, I returned to where LaNaek was before Whirlwindy stabbed him, and all that was left was a sign that said "LaNaek is dead." kind of like my other friend's Skype message.

    Two days after LaNaek's death, OGP announced there were ten killings, all their wounds a dagger made. They had said that they would cancel all their events until the killings stop, for the safety of their players. They also said if you witnessed a murder, CHANGE CHANNELS, LOG OFF, AND REPORT TO OGP, since I told them about what happened (Didn't describe Jen) and how the person's LaTale character would be killed an hour before they die in real life. That's when I did something I regretted for the rest of my life.

    I logged on to look for her.

    Everywhere I looked, in all channels, except for the Foe Mansion. And there she was, at the entrance of the Foe Mansion, in channel 7, with blood all over her mouth. I said to my laptop, without expecting an answer, "Please, Jen, stop the killings!" However, a darker and more disoriented version of Jen's voice floated in my mind, singing a haunting melody,

    "Jen is dead and gone,

    but her wrath lives on and on."

    I yelled to my laptop screen, this time expecting an answer, "You're lying! Jen was one of the nicest people in LaTale!" and began to run. However, the beast that took over my late girlfriend's character was following me and sang,

    "Please don't run from this Jen,

    or you surely will be dead."

    I couldn't do either, because I will die. If I stop, she'll kill me, and if I keep on running, she'll be bound to catch up and killing. The one thing I could do was change channels. I ran to where it would take a while for her to catch up, and switched to channel 2, where I usually chill out.

    A week after our encounter, Jen-Whirlwindy disappeared for one reason or another. I tried to get in contact with her, by Skype or talking to my laptop, but my only response would be either two melodies. For fear she might return, I have yet to log on to LaTale.

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