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    23:21, October 3, 2014

    This is a continuation of the Spinpasta Project that I decided to take over because I see hope in this.

    Here are the theme suggestions that users have suggested in the last thread. It may not be a lot, but it can be manageable. Here are what the themes are, and on the bottom of the thread you can vote which theme should be covered. I suggest that you read these themes and see if you like them before voting.

    • Twilight, Applejack, and Applebloom gets captured by Zecora and she gives the three a personal high that gives out nightmares, and these nightmares kill the three on fear.
    • A man who is addicted to drugs wakes up in a hospital inside the bathroom. The hospital is abandoned and as he proceeds to leave it, he sees what looks like undead figures twitching their heads and moving fastly. He avoids them and leaves the hospital and finds out the whole city has been taken by these twitchers and some other abominations. He fights his way home to see his wife and son, but, when he gets there, he'll have a depressing surprise.
    • Criminals are placed in a state of permanent sleep, effectively removing them from society without the death penalty; perhaps this allows laws to become stricter as more people are sentenced to this fate
    • A sinister tome (book), or perhaps a short incantation of some kind possesses those who read it, slowly turning them into a much darker, more twisted version of their former selves (Ex. a veterinarian becoming an animal experimentalist)
    • Missingno and other glitch pokemon are in fact the corrupted remains of regular pokemon who met with some unfortunate fate. This could be approached from either a technical (game logic) perspective or from in-universe, and was one suggested in the previous thread.

    Please vote on the themes, please. Voting will be open until October 20th (nearly a month to vote).

    Themes for the Spinpasta Project Collaboration!

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