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    Fatal Disease closed this thread because:
    It's cancelled due to lack of interest.
    03:52, September 1, 2014

    On September, Spinpasta will be hosting a collaborative writing project between its users. However, suggestions will need placed for a specific theme (that is not a Blacklisted Subject).

    So, those of whom would like to suggest a theme may do so in the comments section of this post.

    The rules:

    • The admins are free to edit paragraphs for the sake of plot consistency, grammar correction, and the like.
    • You must wait until two other people post before posting a second time.
    • You can only post one paragraph of 4-7 sentences at a time.
    • The admins get the final say on all edits. Please respect your fellow user's work and don't alter it unless it is needed.
    • All posts must remain on topic.
    • You must leave your signature beside your post.

    On September 1st, going until October 31st (Halloween), a Project page will be put up where the project will be posted.

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