There is a glitch with some PS2 games where if you put them in upside down, you would see a completely white screen. You will start to hear some really unfitting music, then you will start to see pictures of video game characters like Waddle Dee and Tails.

Most of these characters will look pretty strange. They will either have two faces, and sometimes their eyes will be weird, normally facing up and down. Waddle Dee will have no eyes, but a mouth. Also don't be surprised if you see characters that don't even have a game on the PS2 like Mario or Waddle Doo, and, like I said earlier, Waddle Dee.

Tails will have two heads and four tails. There are many other characters to see, and every time you see one they will get weirder and scarier until it ends and the screen will read "Please insert a PS2 or PS disc into the disc player.". After this the PS2 will start flashing colors. Shortly after you will see the PlayStation 2 logo come up. The game might or might not work for you. Most say it won't, some say it will.

Some games like the Simpsons Road Rage and Shadow the Hedgehog won't work for this glitch.  Most of them won't, in fact. However, if you ever see this happen, you can either watch the little clip or shut the PS2 off. If you shut the PS2 off, the game will work the next time you try and play it. The game however, will have screwed up graphics and/or constant freezing.

You only have a 2/10 chance of finding this glitch, since it is very rare and only four have found the glitch. The people had refused to tell which games they were playing when they found the glitch because they didn't want anyone else to find it and be as scared as they were. Recently two of them said they were playing a Crash Bandicoot game. The other two still refused to tell what game it was. 

They said that you most likely won't find the glitch. But there's only one way to find out...