Okay so I am pretty sure we all know what Minecraft is.  Whether you love it or you hate it we all know who Herobrine is.  Of course almost everyone believes him but inside we all know that was totally made up.  Here is a true experience I had on this one survival server with my friend.

So, I was bored wandering around in the village we lived in (the villagers died :( ), so I gathered up some supplies geared up and got on my horse.  I remembered hearing my friend talking about how she needed villagers to make an iron farm so I decided, might as well look for a village while I am exploring the world.  I spent a while going the same direction, when I finally stumbled upon a village.  It was strange when I got there it was day and all the villagers were in their house so it casted an eerie feeling among the town.  I looked and I saw about 6 villagers.  I then decided to tell my friend about the place I had found.

Chat: (I have chosen to keep my friend's name private as she doesn't want people to know.)

Me: I have a surprise for you :D

Friend: Trixie is gone! :D (she said referring to my annoying brother)

Me: nooo...just tpa

Friend: Why??

Me: l girl just tpa I found you some villagers.

Friend: omg i love you

She tpa's

She looks around the village checking on the villagers as it began to turn into night. She gave me instructions to block all the doors so zombies wouldn't kill them. So we blocked all these doors and then the final one I was locked in with one villager in one of those little shacks. For a second he just stared at me but it was weird, all villagers have the same expression which was, expressionless, but this one looked angry for some odd reason. He kept staring at me and then finally at an abnormally fast speed he runs at me which scared me a lot, but the weird thing is after that happened the villagers disappeared, it was confusing.  My friend came back and it was finally day. 


Friend: Um....Where are all the villagers

Me: Idk


Me: No

Friend: Now I am gonna cry!

Me: D: I am scared


She logs off...

So I was left all alone in the village and I exited the little shack. I looked around it was so empty no signs of life except for my horse tied to a fence post. I took a look around the village once more to check just to see if I was lucky enough to be left with one villager. There was nothing. I suddenly turned around and saw my horse missing. I was so upset. The horse could jump super high and was the fastest horse we had. I just stood there in shock I tp'ed back to the village we lived in and walked around feeling the comfort of what we called "home". I looked around on the top of the watch tower and took one last glance at the village

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