Remember a band called The Stranglers? They were a great band, and my dad's favorite. You may remember No More Heroes and Golden Brown. They were The Stranglers greatest hits. However, there are two songs from the band which actually have a dark truth to them. Shadows was meant to be about walking through crime riddled London, and Men In Black was about Government Conspiracy. The truth is, however, grim/ Both songs were inspired when Hans Warmling, The Swedish member who died in a boat crash, was walking around Sweden when he spotted Slenderman. He was interested.


The Stranglers during the 1970s.

Hans Warmling's boat accident was caused because he could not stop thinking about Slenderman.

The Stranglers made two songs based on him. They decided that for Shadows they should give it the same rhythm and vocals as The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever, which in turn was inspired by LSD, after John Lennon and Paul Mccartney dosed on it. However, during the first recording session of Men in Black, the recording studio controller saw Slenderman. Petrified, they had to have another controller in his place. After recording, some people, including my dad, brought the album.

Thinking about the horrifying sight which lead to Hans' death, Hugh Cornwell was upset, but not depressed. Remember, if you have the album, think about the truth.


Photo of Slenderman taken by Hans warmling in 1976.

Men In Black04:49

Men In Black.

The song in question.



Shadows, try and compare this to strawberry fields forever.

Strawberry Fields Forever04:04

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Strawberry Fields Forever, note how similar it is to shadows and the LSD influences.

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