I heard my alarm clock ring, a ring so loud the whole hotel had bound to be woken up by it. I jumped out of my bed and quickly got dressed and ready for today. I was going to a Major League Baseball game with my friend, Luiz. I bounded down 6 flights of stairs and ran into the main lobby of my hotel, The Quagmire. I scanned the room for Luiz, he wasn't anywhere in sight. I looked at my watch, it was only 7:00, I guess I was a tad too anxious to get to the park.

Fifteen minutes passed, and still no sign of my friend, he was late too, the game would start in just 20 minutes! I walked up to the front desk to ask if they had seen him, there was a possibility he went up to my room thinking I would be there. They said no, I walked in defeat back to the blue couch I was sitting on bad grabbed a sports magazine. I felt dizzy all of the sudden and I clutched my head, hoping to make the spinning stop. I opened my eyes, and there was a man standing in front of me. But it wasn't really a man, more of a weird, tall, tree-like alien with a suit and tie standing in front of me. I jumped out of the couch and dashed for the cellar to get out the emergency exit. Suddenly, it felt like I couldn't move, the thing stood in front if me, it's face-less head staring at me. I wanted to turn away, but my head stayed put, it was like it was hypnotizing me.

A loud ringing appeared in my ears, I held my hands to them, hoping the ringing would stop, but no avail. The world started to get fuzzy, I swayed, dangerously close to falling onto the ground, the thing stared at me, and then, I collapsed. The last thing I felt before I entirely passed out, was it's black tentacles wrapping around my body...

I woke up in a forest, no signs of civilization anywhere. Panic surged through me, where was I? What in the world was that thing, and why did it make me act like that!? A notification sound emitted from my iPhone, it was an iMessage from Luiz asking me where I was, the game had already started. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the game... I texted him back stating I was in a forest, and this alien like thing had taken me here. Luiz was skeptic about it and said if I wasn't at the hotel in 10 minutes he would literally kill me. I looked at the time, it had only been 15 minutes since I blacked out, so it wasn't that far from the hotel, and of I ran I would probably get there in 9 minutes. I brought up the maps application and typed in my hotel's address. Sure enough, it was 15 minutes from my hotel. I just had to follow the route my iPhone gave me.

I ran up, panting, to The Quagmire. Luiz was giving me a death stare. I smiled and said, "Well, I made it in 10 minutes."

Luiz replied coldly, "You mean 10 minutes and 1 SECOND. Now come on, let's go!"

I was still kind of dizzy from the thing, and as we were walking out of the hotel, I felt a wave of madness course through me. I wanted to kill that thing, I was annoyed that nobody would believe me, and then, I went temporarily insane.

I started screaming that HE was real, that NOBODY knew the truth and so on... It was like I no longer had control of my body, it was like the thing was controlling me... I flew into a rage and started uncontrollably head-walling. In my mind, I thought, "What the hell, it's like it's controlling me... What the hell am I doing?!" I distantly heard muttering, and Luiz talking to somebody on the phone. A few minutes later, police jumped onto me and pinned me down to make me stop, and tied me up so I wouldn't hurt anybody. They then stuffed me into a white van and took me to the state's mental asylum.

Just as they unloaded me out of the van, I regained control of my body, my sane body, and started pleading that I wasn't insane, that this thing was controlling me, which of course made them think I was even more insane. They pushed me into a white cushioned room and undid the ropes and quickly exited before I could make a run for it... I yelled to the person closing the door, "YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, I'M NOT INSANE!"

He calmly replied back, rolling his eyes, "That's what they all say..." And shut the door, and locked it.

I took out my phone, fortunately I hid it very well when they searched me, and looked up the description of the thing I saw, I learnt it was slender man, a myth that I now knew was true. My hopes rose when I realized I wasn't alone, there were others that had seen this tall extraterrestrial too!

It's been five months since I was first imported here, and I was iffy about telling the world my experience, but I finally decided that now was the time to tell all of you. Why now? You might ask yourself... The answer to that is the asylum has decided to execute all patients on block five, which unfortunately just so happens to be my block. They plan to examine our brains to see what causes insanity to see if they can find a cure. Well, I felt I just had to get the word out before they murder me, so hope you found my story interesting...

Have a nice day,
Brian Woods

Hello, I am one of the asylum's staff, I found this phone smuggled behind patient 908's bed, searched his history, and found this page. I am sorry to say he was right about us executing all block 5ers, and I'm sorry that we wrongly accused him of being insane, we found his brainwaves were normal, not insane... Thanks to this young man we have found evidence of this myth, and we have also found one of the causes of being insane. He shall be remembered forever amongst the staff as the one who gave us one of the keys to solving this big mystery of what causes inanity...

State Asylum's staff member,
Edgar Ongera Template:Tall Man in the Woods, The

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