There was darkness. Utter darkness. All of Gold’s senses had fallen away, and he knew he was long gone... but hang on! Gold could hear a quick and loud pounding in his chest. He suddenly felt the rocky ground beneath him and heard a loud panting noise, coming from him. Suddenly it had occurred to him that it was no more than a dreadful nightmare. Gold remembered the awful dream – him being trapped in the mountain, his Pokémon actually dying, and looking like mutilated, frostbitten zombies. Trainer Red, and his undead Pokémon, him using DESTINY BOND, and...

Gold checked his Pokémon. They were fine. The entrance was not blocked. But it was pitch black!

“Pikka, use FLASH!”

Pikka did so, and the cave lit up. It was much colder than in the dream. Gold walked up the stairs.


Just like in the dream. Gold tried to use a Max Revive but it didn’t work. He checked the Pokémon inside. It was not zombified and frost-bitten, as he dreaded, but it was struggling – to get out of the Pokéball. Gold dropped it and Hydrophyl, his Feraligatr, came out, and was fine. It suddenly gave Gold a hug. Someone began to sob, it was Gold. He checked his other Pokémon and they has suffered varying degrees of damage, but it was the Pokémon that Gold had spent more time with who had suffered the most damage, and Hydrophyl had already been classified as FNT. It dawned upon Gold that his Pokémon were deeply concerned about him. One by one, they all “fainted” and then escaped from their Pokéballs. Soon, Gold realised that the cold wasn’t the sort of cold he had experienced in the dream, but the cold was more relaxing and healing, as though Gold had been heavily exhausted. Then a wild CELEBI appeared, which looked like the frostbitten one from the dream, except its body was intact, the colours more saturated and its eyes... they weren’t the same soulless, demonic eyes as before, but were shut, as though the Pokémon were unconscious. Gold realised that the frostbitten Pokémon weren’t the Pokémon, but rather the ice that had formed around them. Gold found the nerve to send out Shadow, his Houndoom, who thawed out the Celebi, which gave Gold an Ice Stone before fleeing. Gold was now nearly at the summit, which was where the frozen Pokémon had come from. Some were going into the lower areas to defrost and rest. Trainer Gold then looked back on how when he was travelling through Ice Path, or the caves of Seafoam Islands, or when a Pokémon used an Ice-Type move against his Pokémon or when he had his ARTICUNO use SHEER COLD to One-hit-KO the opponent and realised that no matter how harsh the cold was, it NEVER, seriously, NEVER could do that much damage to Gold or his Pokémon. His Pokémon may faint or get trapped in ice but they could NEVER die from the cold! If his Pokémon were to die from the cold here, then WHY, just WHY didn’t they die in the Ice Path or the Seafoam Islands? Just why? Gold now knew that there was NOTHING to be afraid of – except for the Wild Pokémon and Red.

Gold took a deep breath, “I-I’m... I’m... FINE!”

At that same moment, all of Gold’s Pokémon healed and got back into their Pokéballs. Then Gold confidently walked up to where Red was and thought to himself, Bring it on!

Red’s Pokémon appeared to be in a healthy state.

This is based upon the pasta Easter Egg - Snow on Mount Silver, which can be found here.

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