Being the fan of the Sims series I am I was sad when my disc broke. I went to a small shop which I recalled seeing the game in. Upon finding it, it was listed at ten dollars, or I could for fifteen dollars get the deluxe edition where it held the first two expansions. I chose the normal game, after all I already had all of the expansions. When reading the game's description I heard the man talk. He told me he'd be willing to mark down the price for me, if I played this family.

Though, he'd never know if I did or not, I nodded. I am fine with playing a family. I shook his hand, technically it'd be stealing if I am not to play this family. I handed him half the price of the game. He nodded and scanned the game. He said "Remember, play the family!" said the man as I closed the door. I placed the game on the seat next to me. Smiling I began driving back home.

My door swung open and immediately I turned my computer on. As I walked through the process of downloading the game. In due time the game booted up. The familiar screen was different, it was almost blood red. I shrugged it off, it was a while before I seen the regular screen. When finally I looked around the town. A family stuck out. The family name was "Smith". I mumbled to myself poking fun at the smiling faces of the family. Their clothes didn't match any on the game, they looked different. One wore a red and white plaid shirt, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, and a pair of formal loafers. That was what I'll guess to be the father. The teenager wore a gray sweater vest, a brown fairly baggy jeans, and blue and black sneakers. The mother wore a olive green dress and purple high-heels. And the finally the child wore a white dress shirt, black formal jeans, and formal loafers similar to the father's.

I clicked the play button. I checked the status of the Sims. The status was alright, the Sims' traits was the next thing I checked. Everything I saw was normal, except, one . . . cannibal. Since Sims is a 'T' for teen game I thought, this means he likes meat. After that I looked to the careers the father had a job. He was a "Provider" that's all it said. His hours were open, which was odd, the hours weren't open until you downloaded Ambitions. A Provider though, that doesn't sound familiar. The teenager had a part-time job. "Provider's Assistant" was what it said. 

It said both Bob the father of the family, and Matthew the teenager of the family were on clock. I checked how to advance it said hunt. I pondered what that meant. It said he was in level four of the _________ career. The screen wasn't allowing to read the career type. I felt a bit disturbed. 

It said that Bob and Matthew found their 'friend'. I went to them who by themselves went to the park. They were talking in their made up language to another. His name was Eric Dylan. The two walked up to Eric and as I moved my cursor to the action, it said "fight". I shrugged, this kind of thing happens to Sims. Not like this though . . . Bob grabbed Eric and by the neck and was suffocating him. I was shocked, this in Sims? When did this get into the game? I wanted him to stop, despite the red X through the action he continued.

When Eric Dylan made one last attempt to free himself Matthew pulled out a knife, not one of those cartoon knives, a real, dangerous knife. Matthew grabbed Eric by the shoulder and dug the knife into his chest. I was on the verge of puking I grabbed the Sims case - checking the rating - it in fact was what it said, teen. I wanted Bob to stop trying to pause the game it was failing. I tried to look away, but, I couldn't. As both Bob and Matthew Smith was killing Eric Dylan I was growing weary of this game. Finally, Eric didn't resist anymore his body grew cold. I gulped at the process.

Bob Smith grabbed the legs and Matthew grabbed the chest. Both brought the lifeless body of Eric Dylan to their house, where there was another room. I overlooked the room. It was a room I will never un-see. A room body parts hanging. That increased my curiosity. I clicked the fridge. The only food option was "Goopy Carbonara", I saw somehow my Sim Bob was hungry, even after violently strangling Eric. Bob began cooking. He went into the room. Eric was apparently still alive. I heard a loud, bloodcurdling scream of what I'll expect to be Eric. Then maniacal laughter from Bob Smith. He came out with flesh of Eric, for eating. The entire family ate the flesh. Then, the career was shown. "Serial Killer" he was promoted to serial killer from the job of cannibal. 

I successfully paused the game. I wanted to scrape this family, I did so. Then my door bell rang. I answered it. "Can I help you?" I asked.

The figure was that man from the store. "I recall I sold you that Sims 3?" he asked. I nodded shuttering at the mention of the game.

"Yeah, you sold me Sims 3, please, take it back." I begged he shook his head as response.

I frowned. "Did you play the "Smith" family?" he asked seeing my terrified behavior. "Yes, and I wish I didn't." I shuttered once more. He smiled. "Good. Now, how about I introduce myself? First I'm making dinner, would you like to come with me to my place?" he offered. I accepted, anything's better than the same house as that one.

We made it to the mysterious guy's house. "Now, what's your name?" I asked him turning around seeing him smile, with oddly sharp teeth. He smirked his jagged teeth showing. "My name is Bob Smith..."

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