Can you unlock the source?

If you wish to interrupt your adventure (game) again, speak at once, the one that you have naked to prove your...

You do not have pictures to save your son? It does not list him toward Heaven's savior.

The reason of interior idling and the negligence is that, soldier; you afford any wrong rigid rights do it fit.

Believe in your friend and save them by erasing that belief by forgiving.

These feeling save him. Is he dead from our cause, or is he from another?

I can tell what happened after somebody thrust him off and then….

Or so faith says.

You've brought light in to darkness, I am the King of the flock.

I am King ZALGO.

The spell binding that has been cast upon us has been broken by that light vehicle.

Torture true light we both see this; you and I unsee the doors of Black Tower.

Where the winds of the knees are blessed.

But Black Tower is sacred. Rabbi is stronghold. A hundred soft oils.

Pushing down would I drown The Ven Beatle.

It is far too reckless for Oneto to kill such a….

And so... Hell. Less for Onetto to kill such a…

And so... /h(ZALGO)

I grant to you as I die who has no heart. One world I am in to falter.


You lay dead the egg, vomited, empty.

It's a mystical son that allows you to slash her... Hell happened.

By playing the eggsack while we hearing no sister, assassinate red.

Forever or mischief, you'll be able to love up to a fortune of empty shells - one forever.

This I'll die where, oh, Noahs ark is your twin marriage.

Allow her to follow your selfish will. I shall delve into your son. Go...

Oh my King Goddamn... she is in Hell in the light of King Justice.

Written by I, Da Cashman
Content is available under CC-BY-SA