The Pure Soul (Mark Garabedian left this unuploaded)

The following tale was sent in by PurePwnage20, he has finally encountered the doll.

Stitched with evil... Stuffed with hate...

Okay. Hi, there is no point in trying to hide my identity anymore so call me Fabio.

And right off the bat I'm going to say that if you know of the Tails Doll you must already know about the website about the Tails Doll Curse.

Tails from the Crypt Just saying that brings me a personal nostalgia fit. I don't know where to start but I'm going to show how these stories influenced my life and why I'm sitting in my room writing this...

In 2007 around the beginning of Year 4 in my primary school I came home one morning to play Pokémon Crater, and my brother was on the computer on the website that I listed before. This was the first time I heard of this so called 'Curse' but I knew about the Tails Doll because I had bought Sonic Gems collection three years prior just so I can play Sonic the Fighters but I was never really too big on Sonic R but it seemed fun.

Me and my brother were reading some of these stories. There was only a couple volumes but we read about thirteen stories and it eventually started to dimmer outside and must have been getting really late and my brother and I got tired.

"I'm going sleep man, if you want to keep reading them go ahead but don't be too long." My brother said so we can wake up and try and play Sonic R and try this curse in the morning.

"I'll read one more and go to bed" eager to try this curse I didn't want to let my brother down because he never wanted to play with me and didn't want to lose my chance to play with him.

The next day was Saturday morning. I realised I had to go Italian school but my mum didn't wake me up, since that usually meant that there was no school I rushed down stairs to eat my breakfast and saw my brother setting up the Playstation in our room.

Skipping ahead a bit we already had all the characters so all we tried to do was tag Super Sonic with Tails Doll as we kept taking turns.To no avail, was the reason they said this because it was almost impossible?

"I'm getting bored of this, let's just play something else" My brother said in a disappointed tone. No doubt was I disappointed, but because my brother was still going to play with me I didn't bother complaining.

On Monday next week I told my class about the Tails Doll, I told my friend Jayden, Yekda and all my other friends but they weren't bothered... They weren't scared or anything they just didn't care.

I dropped this subject until Year 5 started, which the head teacher decided to put us into the classes we were in a long while ago. I told everyone in the class about the Tails Doll Curse this time and everyone was terrified and wanted me to try it! As soon as I got home I tried my hardest to tag Super Sonic with Tails Doll and eventually I saw myself getting better.

"This is it, I'm going to catch him this time!" Resort Island started up, the lady narrator who read out the starting numbers started also.

3... 2... 1... GO!

Super Sonic dashed from the starting line backwards, I barely had anytime to react and turned around abruptly and pressed the analog stick as far as it could go! The A.I. in this game are terrible so the Super Sonic ended up slamming his stupid yellow face into the loop-de-loop and I accidentally smacked into him which caused me to tag him...

"Mario! (My brothers name.) I caught Super Sonic with Tails Doll!" I screamed like a little girl... I got no reply. "I knew he didn't care but he could've came up and said something, he's probably out."

I looked back to the TV and to my surprise there it was! A picture of Tails Doll with his head tilted slightly to the right on a red and white checkered floor... It was there for a microsecond and suddenly the TV blacked out. I told everyone on the next day of school. Everyone was surprised, for a month anyway; until nothing happened. By the end of Year 6 this stuff about the Tails Doll died down.

Until I left school to go to a secondary school, in Year 8 I went to the Quacker and Bowen page to upload a story I was writing about the Tails Doll since about Year 6...

"Update: Going deep undercover, my friends. I may not be back for a while but, until then enjoy the archives and stay safe (11-6-11)"

"What! The site has been abandoned!" The nostalgia I felt rushed to my stomach making me feel extremely nauseated. "How can they? How could Mark ( I became a friend/contact to Mark Garabedian who was the creator of the website, we only shared a short sum of messages in 2009 but we seemed to on the same wavelength) end this website before I even managed to upload my story? I told him."

The story I wrote was either called The True Pure Soul or The Final Pure Soul; pure soul was the only type of soul the Tails Doll devoured. Me thinking it was a joke and all the encounters with the Tails Doll being completely fake because of people writing 'Then Sonic jumped out of my closet and saved me!' Don't blame me for being a non-believer.

One night on 12th July 2013 I went to bed. I placed my head on the pillow and tried to go sleep, something just didn't feel right? I put my headphones in and turned on RainyMood as I proceeded to scream at my brother to "Turn off the mother fucking Xbox.) because RainyMood doesn't work when you can hear Marvel VS Capcom 3 on full blast penetrating your ears like a fog horn!

"See ya" Mario said, "I'm going Bilo's house".

"Good night" My brother leaves the room and I slam the off button on the TV remote and close my eyes. Something is still wrong, my eyes are closed but it feels like a red dimmer can be seen. All of a sudden RainyMood turns off? I hear a sound from downstairs but my parents went to my sisters house to babysit...


My eyes open wide and my heart sinks into my stomach. The red dimmer turns into a dazzling gleam and I'm overwhelmed with this sound.


It's gotten louder now! And the the light on the Xbox 360 battery starts to flicker; as do the TV and light bulbs. It's like every moment of me being scared of the Tails Doll that were desensitised came back and had been amplified to the degree of flooding my being.


I couldn't take it anymore I opened my window and started taking deep breaths? I didn't understand, I knew Tails Doll wasn't real but it was like my body didn't know, it just kept shaking; I open the window even further now as my bedroom door slams open and the red light grows to reflect off every surface in my room! I turn to the open door to see it! It was the Tails Doll, it had a sharp knife which I recognised from my kitchen and it reflected the red light shining from the jewel on the Doll's head to show it was covered in blood.

"I have been looking for you.." The Doll said, the sound seemed to be coming from all around me.

"Wh-What but you're n-not real?" I quivered so much that I doubted he understood me. "Why are you looking for m-m-me..." "Let's not prolong this any more..." He stopped me abruptly. "You are a pure soul, I've known since I saw you from that checkered room..." His voice echoed, the tone was so low that I thought someone was wearing a voice modulator and trying to screw with me.

"Hahaha good one! You nearly scared me bro!" I scoured the Doll. "Why don't you go after another pure soul and get out of my face while you're at it!" If this was a joke it was one highly thought out and extensive one.

"I am not your brother, I am the Tails Doll! And can't you see? There is only one pure soul I have been looking for it for centuries!" I was confused since Sonic R isn't even a century old?

"B-B-But the game you're from is nowhere near a century old?" I started to quiver again, the overwhelming voice started to make me freeze from running.

"Only a pure soul would ask such a question! The demon hunter Miyamoto sealed my demon form in here, no more questions this is where you die!" He rushed at me as the red jewel on his head grew into a deeper blood-red colour, the window was wide open so I jumped out it onto the roof only a one foot below the window sill.

But the Doll kept following me, I kept running, I jumped onto the neighbours roof and landed on a thick fence to drop myself down and had no idea where to run.

"No..." I stopped a and turned around, the Doll hadn't even caught up to me. "I'm tired of being scared... I'm tired of running" inside me swamped with anger and surged me with adrenaline.

"No? What do you mean no, you must fear me! I can devour your soul in an instant-" I interrupted it.

"That's exactly why, I don't care if you kill me because then your pure soul is gone." While the Doll was contemplating I made a lunge forward and took the knife from his fluffy gloved paws and swiftly dug the blood soaked knife into his fluffy stomach leaving a red stain as the Tails Doll cried out in agony.

"The next reincarnation will replace me even if you manage to kill me!" He bloated as he tried to stay afloat. I severed the wire that held the glimmering jewel on his head.


I woke up the next morning trying to piece together what had happened. I finally plucked up the courage to put this online somewhere. We may be safe now but.

Until the next reincarnation.

Written by PurePwnage20
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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