Another month has passed and it has to have been my most productive month of searching yet! There is a lot I need to explain in this entry that could possibly change everything that I previously thought about the pointing ninja of Xi.

Everything involving my investigation seemed to be slowing down as each month passed by. I was beginning to wonder if the ninja had simply given up on whatever it was he was trying to do. However, everything changed when I entered the Xi Museum and found a few other avatars standing around and seemingly doing nothing. I went about my regular activities at the museum until one of the avatars approached me and asked what I was doing. I truthfully replied that I was looking for a pointing ninja that resided in the museum. I didn't expect them to care about this, but I was surprised to find that they to had saw the ninja and were looking for him as well! I cannot reveal the names of the people who assisted me with this case due to the fact that they deserve their privacy. This group of people were led by someone who I will call: D8. D8 and I became friends shortly after we realized we both wanted to solve the mystery, we also agreed to work together and message each other if we were to see anything. I did learn some pretty interesting things about their findings in our discussions together. They are as follows:

  1. D8 and his friends sighted XiMuseum 2 days in a row, prior to our meeting each other.
  2. They too; received the message of 5890 upon talking to him or pointing back at him.
  3. D8 and his friends claimed that they SPOKE with dehart67, who entered the museum only a few days before I showed up. They say that dehart told them that the ninja (not sure which one) is bad. And he also claimed to have quite pointing. D8 and his team had no evidence to support this theory and I am not sure if I believe it or not.
  4. They also reported to me something EXTREMELY important to the investigation. This could be the biggest clue I have received as of lately. It is a website containing a complex code that I am still trying to figure out. I do not want to give away the link to this website out of fear that someone will hack it and ruin any chance I have at solving this thing. I promise that once I figure out what the code means, I will put up a link to it. Until then, that is all I will say on the matter.

Shortly after learning all this, my new friends also met Max and became friends with him as well. D8 even offered to send in a former Blue Crown Society member into their club to learn more! I thought it was a good idea and decided that he would be better suited to the mission than I was.

However, after a few days, things started to go downhill a bit. The spy was unable to find any remaining Blue Crown Society members and decided to give up on the mission. I will pick up from where he left off and hope that in the following months, more can be done to find the elusive Blue Crown Society. Tyler has been having trouble with his PS3 for a while now, and as such, is not able to search for either of the ninjas. Luckily, my new friends and I did manage to find something interesting in the Team Maze (which was mentioned in an earlier entry). Once in the maze, you come to an area that has pictures of an avatar doing something. You have to mimic the action in order to proceed, Only then did I realize that POINTING was one of the actions that had to be preformed! This could be a coincidence, but I find that awfully hard to believe.

Not long after our searches, D8 and I began to notice that other avatars would hang around the museum for strange amounts of time. We got the impression that they worked for XiMuseum and XiContinuum and were watching us at all times while at the museum. I got used to calling these people STALKERS. As time went on, more and more of these Stalkers would appear when I was waiting for the ninja. I never attempted to speak to any of them, but I doubt that they would even answer.

Our suspicions were proven correct when D8 received a message that read: Who will remain? The message was sent by someone called Y2hhaXJz. What was even creepier was that it contained a picture of D8 and his friends standing at the museum. I saw multiple new Stalkers as the days went on, but I never found anyone named Y2hhaXJz. Later that week, I went on vacation and when I returned a few days later, I found that D8 had de-friended me and Max reported the same thing happened to him. Sadly, D8 and all his friends have yet to return to the Xi Museum and I am not sure why. All I know is that now I am without a team or Tyler.

I was honestly pretty mad at this point and just as I was about to sign off for the day, I checked my message box and found multiple messages sent to to me by none other than Y2hhaXJz! I have no idea how I missed them before, but I do have pictures to prove that I got them. Each message had a number for the subject and started with 9. I will go ahead and list the messages in order as I got them:

9. This message was VERY short and I'm pretty sure it only said: tiaw. I do not believe it had a picture attached to it and for whatever reason, I ended up deleting this one. I am not yet sure what tiaw means.

8. This message was the same one that D8 said he received. This could mean that he is also receiving the same
Pointing Ninja 001
messages I am. I find it odd that he put a picture of D8 and his friends in this message. Could it really be coincidence that they all ended up quitting the investigation? This leads me to believe that Y2hhaXJz knew that D8 and his friends wouldn't last long.
Pointing Ninja 002

7. This message reads: Do you have what it takes to proceed? The picture that is attached is a shot of the door located behind the pedestal at the museum. The picture has also been flipped upside down for some reason and I wonder if he is trying to tell me that there is a way behind it.

6. I received this message about a week after discovering the previous 3. It
Pointing Ninja 003
says: Some messages will be meaningless... others will be vital. It contains a picture of what I found to be a close-up of a dead light in the museum. I find it weird that there is so much detail on such a simple thing, but in the end, Max and I agreed that this picture probably meant nothing (as the message would suggest).
Pointing Ninja 004

5. The latest message I have received says: There are others... The picture is of the door I mentioned in my previous entry (the one with a picture of Aurora). I am not sure what he means by this, but I plan on finding out.

I am assuming that the messages will continue until they reach 1. What happens after that is anybody's' guess. I just wish I still had contact with D8 so we could talk about this.

As I said before, we found an awful lot and hopefully I can continue to make discoveries. Until then, I will continue to look for both the ninjas and join Blue Crown. And even though I no longer have an entire squad of people at my side, I feel closer to the truth than ever.

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 8.

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