Before I begin, I would like to clarify that these stories were moved to a different wiki due to issues in uploading. This entry is as real as the ones that have came before it. I will begin this entry with a quick review of every major thing that has happened recently.

In the beginning, I entered the Xi Museum only to find dehart67 who was dressed as a Ninjutsu warrior - golden dragon. He crouched in the center of the room and repeatedly pointed in the direction from which I entered. After doing this for a wide range of time, I asked him what he was pointing at. This resulted in him suddenly saying "5890" and then disappearing. The game Xi: Continuum soon popped up on Playstation Home and I encountered a women who told me that a guy had told her 5890. The guy was gone by the time she showed me where he was, and she soon went offline. Upon later visiting Xi Museum again, I encountered XiMuseum for the first time who dressed the same as the previous ninja as well as pointed and uttered the same phrase: "5890" after I tried to talk to him. After disappearing, I noted that no-one seemed to be entering the Museum and upon leaving and quickly coming back, there were people. This led me to believe that somehow, being with the ninja made everyone else turn invisible. My friend Tyler later encountered XiMuseum and was told "5890" after saying hello to it. I later returned to Xi Museum only to find The Blue Crown Society standing at the stairs. No-one would answer me and suspicious activity (paired with one member telling me he saw the ninja a few minutes ago) gave me the suspicion that The Blue Crown Society knew more than it was giving off. Me and Tyler later saw XiMuseum again and when I pointed at him, he replied with "5890." This was the first time a ninja had said the number without me talking first. I also noted that the 67 in dehart67 is all that is missing from 5__890. I later created a youtube account in which my profile was hacked and a repeated picture of the pointing ninja and a group of people in front of him could be seen. The group was seemingly The Blue Crown Society! Upon learning that the Blue Crown Society was enemies with UMTO and that they sent spies back and forth, I came up with the plan to join UMTO and then infiltrate The Blue Crown Society to learn what was going on. My friend Max later directed my attention to Aurora which was written on the door that the ninja pointed at. It is in Aurora that you can receive the Ninjutsu warrior - golden dragon outfit. I later found a youtube video showing the ninja pointing at a crowd of people. I recognized this short bit of video as resembling the picture my youtube account had been hacked to. This told me multiple things. The picture had been directly taken from this video, the word BCS (Blue Crown Society) can be read; so they DO know something after all, and while the angle seems to be from the ninja's perspective; no box appears for him to choose to point; which means this all has to have been taped by someone else; not the ninja. After watching even more, the video flashed a picture of a silhouetted man who was pointing and crouching in Xi Continuum... the same spot that the lady had led me before. This new ninja's name was XiContinuum.

Before I begin with my new finds, I would like to explain a few things. First of all, I would like to apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes I have made or will make in my entries. I am often to busy to catch them all but I will try my best to keep them out as much as possible. I would also like to state that I will try to do a new entry every month, but sometimes our findings are very slim and there isn't much to say. I would just like to remind you that this is an ongoing investigation and it can slow down or speed up at any given time, I cant just make up the results. One last point I would like to address is the fact that I have not given out my playstation profile name. There are two reasons for this. One reason is that I am never sure who is viewing my entries and the last thing I want is for someone to hack me and slow down the investigation. Another reason is that I am still attempting to join UMTO and am getting closer every week. So I do not wish to give my name and risk being thrown out of UMTO if they knew my true intentions. With that being said, time to explain my latest finds.

You may remember from my last entry, Tyler and I had found that the Ninjutsu Warrior - Golden Dragon outfit (the same one that dehart67 and XiMuseum wear) appears as a different color when at Xi Continuum. However, after making a journey to the Hudson Gate (another place in Playstation Home) we found the exact same thing happens to the suit. This tells me that it is merely a coincidence that it changes color at Xi Continuum, so we have stopped investigating that theory.

One day, while at the Xi Museum, I decided to watch their video which can be seen at the very back of the place. The video details many of the things that went on in the original Xi. Suddenly, something caught my eye. The video
Xi 2

The old Xi

quickly flashed the Xi Museum as it was in the original Xi. In case you do not understand, when the first Xi ended, it was transformed into the Xi Museum. The museum features multiple things from the original Xi, just remodeled. This goes the same for the entrance which has been changed in very subtle ways from the original design. Here is the video: . If you haven't saw what the museum looked like in the original days of Xi, there is a picture of it to the left. Now, here is a picture of Xi Museum as it currently looks:
Xi 1

The new Xi

It is easy to tell that these areas are the exact same place, just changed slightly. What I am trying to point out to you is that in the center of the old Xi floor, there is a large golden platform. Now could it really be a coincidence that the ninja is golden just like the very part of the floor that he currently sits on used to be? This could explain why dehart67 and XiMuseum choose to wear the golden outfit. It is a way of paying tribute to the original Xi perhaps? This theory also works because XiContinuum doesn't wear the golden ninja outfit, he is just completely black... like the rest of the warehouse. XiContinuum doesn't need to dress like the others because he is in a different place, and pays tribute to it's color by dressing and sitting somewhere dark so as to blend in. And isn't blending in what ninjas are all about? Really, this all makes perfect sense as to why they chose that exact costume.

Unfortunately, this is all the news I have for you at the moment. I will continue to watch the video in case anything else catches my eye. It is starting to become evident that this may have something to do with the original Xi. Max and Tyler are now checking the continuum just about every day and I am doing the same with the museum. We have yet to see the either of the ninjas but at the pace we are going at, it is only a matter of time before we strike gold.

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 7.

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