Unfortunately, things have been really quiet lately as far as searching for the Pointing Ninja that resides in the Xi Museum of Playstation Home. In fact, things have slowed down so much that one of the friends who was going to help me uncover this mystery decided to quit out of boredom. Quite honestly, sometimes I feel the same way. I am still being helped by Tyler and another friend of mine who prefers not to be named. I will instead call him Max for the time being.

I definitely can't take all the credit for the evidence we found most recently. After all, my Youtube page has remained unchanged and no other strange messages or pictures have come my way. I have made contact with a few members of UMTO but all my attempts at joining the club have failed in multiple ways that I really don't have the time to write down. I will continue to try to join UMTO, but it will be much harder than I previously thought.

Really, it is all thanks to Max that we mad our newest breakthroughs. Max first showed us that he had the same ninja outfit as the other pointing ninjas had (the full name is in my previous entries). He got the costume by winning a game in Aurora called the OMG Trap-O-Matic. Every day, you have the chance at winning small items of bigger and rarer items (like the costume).

I am honestly surprised that its taken me this long to mention Aurora. Aurora is basically the most mysterious and popular places in Playstation Home. There are actual mysteries surrounding the whole place and just a look at the setting gives you the idea of what Aurora is all about. Hearing that the ninja costume could be obtained at Aurora made me realize something else that I hadn't really noticed before. The ninja always sat in the same place and pointed in the opposite direction to where people entered the museum. The avatars come in through a large door with the word Aurora written in big and bright lettering. I began to wonder if all this time, the ninja had actually been pointing at the word Aurora as a clue. I'm not sure how I ever missed this before but I will be sure to look into it.

But that wasn't it for the costume. We later took Max to Xi: Continuum where we noticed something strange about his ninja suit. Under normal circumstances, the ninja suit is bright and golden. However, upon reaching the continuum, the costume turned a white/bluish color. It is hard to describe, but the suit definitely looked different only at this one place...why?

This was only the tip of the ice burg though. I was later researching other mysteries about Playstation home on Youtube and discovered a new video that gave me a whole new reason to continue the hunt. The video is called creepy/mysteries in playstation home and it basically contains a slide-show of multiple Playstation Home places. Then something caught my eye immediately. A VIDEO of the pointing ninja suddenly appeared on the screen. I immediately recognized the setting as the same one which appeared as a photo in my last entry! The shot looked like it was taken from the ninja's perspective, but no box (that constantly MUST appear to give the point option) appeared as he continued to point, so someone else had to of filmed it! I was able to pause the clip exactly before it ended and as a text box appeared from one of the people in front of the ninja. As you can see in the video, whatever he says is written in an extremely odd way and I have no idea what it means as of yet. One thing did stand out in his text entry: BCS. I immediately recognized this as standing for Blue Crown Society! So my predictions of them knowing more than they are letting on is indeed true. The name of this ninja was still not shown, but these few seconds of footage have given me enough information as it is. But that was far from all.

I was already awestruck by the time the video was reaching its end, but I never expected to see what was coming up next. A picture suddenly appeared, showing a guy crouching and pointing in a corner. He was sitting in just the right spot so that his avatar was completely silhouetted. But here is the biggest news of all, this guys name was XiContinuum! Memories came rushing back to me of the day I was approached by the girly while in the dark and eerie warehouse. She had led me to that EXACT SPOT where she claimed to have someone tell her "5890." Somehow, we had been missing this guy all along! But even stranger was that he did not appear to be dressed as a ninja. You can see he has spiky hair and no shining swords like the other ninjas had. The video ends shortly after that and if you don't take my word for it, here it is: 
Creepy mysteries in playstation home01:03

Creepy mysteries in playstation home

As you can imagine, this is a lot of information to take in. I will have to meet with Tyler so we can take a closer look at this video and anything related to it. This just makes me wonder how many other videos are out there that I have yet to see. We might not be the only ones investigating this.

I promise, in my next entry I will try to make sense of as much of this as I can. But there are still so many questions I have and I'm going to need more than two pictures and a three second video to figure this out. But I am happy with our recent finds, and now that it is Summer, I hope to discover even more of these hidden mysteries.

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 6.

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