I have to admit, going to the Xi Museum just about every day and wandering around in loneliness is pretty boring. I will admit that there have been times when I thought of giving up on this little mystery again.

But now I'm pumped to tell you that I now have proof that what I'm saying is true. Before I get into that, I need to start from where I left off last time.

I did even more studies on 5890 in relation to Xi: Continuum or just anything involving Playstation in general. Little things popped up but I really didn't find anything worth mentioning.

I then had the "brilliant" idea to start a YouTube channel where I could share my stories and possibly be found by others who have experienced this. My plan was to make short videos explaining what I had seen and allowing people to leave responses on what they thought. But this never came to fruition. 

I made an account named Sam Douglas (my dad's name)  which is still on YouTube despite probably being a challenge to find.

The description of my profile openly stated: I am on the hunt for the pointing ninja of Xi and the secrets of Playstation home. Unfortunately, more problems started coming my way when I still couldn't find my mother's camera. The page stayed this way for what I would estimate to be three weeks or so.

Upon finally discovering my mother's camera, I returned to my YouTube page, only to find that I had been hacked. My picture had been changed to a completely black screen and the background of my page had a repeated picture that I couldn't believe; it was the ninja!


I finally removed these two changes and kept the picture of the ninja for myself. It didn't take long before I began to notice things. The angle of the photo was taken from a point of view that I am pretty sure only the ninja himself could have gotten. I also noticed the large group of people in front of him.

One side was red, while the other was strictly blue and everyone was facing him!

An even closer look revealed that some of the people were wearing the same white mask as the Blue Crown Society (as mentioned in my previous entry).

In fact, I am fairly certain that it IS the Blue Crown Society in front of the ninja. This does not explain what the name of  the red side is, why they are wearing the red mask to, and who's name is in the text display box (barely able to be seen). In short, now I am filled with even more questions than before. At least I am now fairly certain that The Blue Crown Society does know something that I don't and I will get answers from them.

I began to go into overdrive as far as my research went. I came across a video that stood out to me: . The video involved someone from a different Playstation Home group known as UMTO. It appears that UMTO and The Blue Crown Society don't get along and will occasionally send spies to intercept each other. My new goal is to join UMTO, spy on The Blue Crown Society, and get the answers I am looking for.

Back to my YouTube channel, I have decided to keep it unchanged in hopes that the ninja will send me another picture with more information. Tyler pointed out to me that the photo was taken in a way that nothing was traceable.

What I mean by that is that all the names are blurred out, no comments can be read, the name of the ninja cannot be seen, and the picture itself is not taken from the camera in Playstation Home; rather someone just took a picture of the screen with a real camera. Is the ninja trying to slowly help me realize something? I guess that remains to be seen.

About two weeks have passed since all of this and I have yet to be hacked again, see the ninja, or find UMTO. Tyler is checking other games in hopes that we will find something out. I suppose I should also mention the fact that more of my friends have become interested in this mystery ever since I showed them the photo.

They are willing to help from time-to-time; this brings the total count of my helpers to four! They will not be on Playstation every day, but with any luck, we will hunt down the ninja and learn what secret is being hidden from us.

Honestly, I can't believe how far things have come. I would have never expected that I would have come this far. I guess it goes to show what a little determination can do. And despite all the questions I have, I am learning things and it is clear that the mystery is far from over. The ninja knows who I am now; and that's fine by me.

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 5.

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