Well, he is back and I am sick of giving up looking for him. After my second entry, I became bored with the pointing ninja and decided that I would give up and let someone smarter figure out what is going on in The Xi Museum. I was even more prepared to quit when my friend Tyler (who told me he had saw the ninja back in entry one) told me he lied about the whole thing. I was certain that, that would be the end of it and that I would move on and play the other games playstation home has to offer.

Looks like I was wrong though, because a week later, Tyler called me and told me that he had saw the ninja named: XiMuseum and said hello to it. The ninja replied with "5890" (like always) and disappeared. At first, I thought this was another attempt at tricking me, but Tyler later told me things about the ninja that I had never mentioned to him before. He mentioned how the ninja had wrinkled eyes, gray lettering for his name, and answered "5890" very quickly. This convinced me that Tyler had seen the real thing and he offered to help me look for it.

To be honest, I turned down the offer until a new game called: Peakvox Ninja appeared on Playstation Home. Here is the link to the game's introduction if you don't believe me: . In a nutshell: the game is about ninjas battling each other to the death in team battles. I thought that if there were one place the pointing ninja would go, it would be to that game. Unfortunately, after a week or so, I had came up with nothing odd. I decided to leave Peakvox and go back to Xi: Continuum while Tyler continued to check Peakvox every weekend.

Once in Xi: Continuum (which has become even emptier), I tried the same strategy as I did back in entry 2. I kept this up for more than two weeks in hopes of spotting the ninja anywhere; there was still no sign of him. I told Tyler to visit both Peakvox Ninja and Xi: Continuum every weekend while I searched for the ninja in The Xi Museum, his favorite place to go I guess?

My first day back was already a strange one. If you remember from both of my previous entries, The Xi Museum is a very empty and forgotten place. But when I arrived, The Museum was packed with people on the front steps! Even stranger was that their avatar names were all spelled in blue. I finally figured out that this was a playstation group (there are many) and that this one is called The Blue Crown Society. I found this out because a couple members kept shouting it out as they danced or talked to fellow group members. I also noticed that they wear a white mask that can be seen in one of their YouTube videos: . Since they had been here longer than me, I thought this would be the perfect moment to ask others if they had seen anything. However, none of them would answer me when I tried to speak to them. I also noticed that the text boxes above their heads began to disappear.

This led me to believe that they were now PMing each other so that I wouldn't hear what they were talking about. I also began to think that it might be because they couldn't see me, but only a few minutes later. One of the members walked up to me and said hi. I quickly asked him if he had seen a ninja, pointing in the middle of the room. The guy took a VERY long time to answer and I began to think that he would disappear like the lady from my second entry. But he did finally reply with, "A few minutes ago."

I was getting excited, I opened a text box and just as I began to type, "What was his name?"

The guy said, "Follow me."

He led me through one of the portals in the Xi Museum and took me to the Teamwork Maze (you can look it up). Every time I would try to talk to him, he would run around the maze or ignore me. I decided to finish the maze with him and then try to ask.

Once we had finished the maze, a text box appeared above his head and he said "brb." He quickly ran out of the room and I waited for him for 10-to-15 minutes. To make a long story short, the guy never did come back and when I went into the museum's main room (where all the Blue Crown Society members were) only two random members were left and they both had the words Back Soon above their heads (meaning they hadn't moved in a while). I was pretty mad at this point and turned off my PS3. I couldn't understand why they were acting like this. As crazy as it might sound, I think they knew what I was talking about but didn't tell me.

I continued to check The Xi Museum every day, but neither The Blue Crown Society or the pointing ninja were ever there. It was only until this Last Saturday that I finally saw him. It was just like the past two sightings; I entered the museum and there he was, pointing without stopping. I decided to call Tyler and tell him to come to the museum in which he quickly did. The ninja's name was XiMuseum again and Tyler began dancing at the fact that we had found him at last.

We PMed each other so the ninja wouldn't hear our conversation. Tyler wanted to know what we should do now that we found him. I quickly came up with the idea of getting a picture of him using my mom's camera. After a few minutes of searching I couldn't find it and finally had to give up. I know there is a camera function in playstation home, but my friend Riley once told me that downloading the camera messed up his PS3. We decided instead to wait long enough for the ninja to do something.

Me and Tyler stayed in that museum for an entire hour! Waiting to see if XiMuseum would do anything... he didn't. People were coming in and out of the museum, a couple even stopped to watch us for a while. Tyler got so bored that he started to dance in front of the ninja and run in circles around him. In an act of boredom, I decided to crouch in front of the ninja and point back. And as soon as I did, a text bubble appeared above his head and quickly read "5890." Then, like all the times before, he vanished.

Tyler and I were left shocked. When I had pointed at dehart67, he had just kept pointing. But this time, the ninja answered right away. Remembering dehart67 also reminded me that his avatar name was blue like The Blue Crown Society and that the number 67 is what is missing from 5890! Is the real code supposed to be 567890? This latest appearance has left me with more questions than answers. But now that Tyler is helping me out, I think we will figure out this mystery soon. And hopefully next time I have a camera ready.

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 4.

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