In my previous post I mentioned that I wouldn't attempt another creepy pasta again due to the fact that I'm not good at making up stories and only good a memorizing events. I would have never expected that the same event would happen to be again. This story is as true as the last and I hope that there will be none to follow.

Shortly after my previous encounter with the pointing ninja (known as dehart67) A new game popped up on Playstation Home. This game is known as Xi: Continuum and is a sequel to the original game detailed in my first post. Here is a link in case you need some info on Xi: Continuum: . I visited the game and found it to be very fun.

However, the ACTUAL game must be purchased and I do not wish to spend the money required to play it. I found it odd that this game appeared after the pointing ninja appeared to me and I thought that maybe the code he gave me was imperative to completing the game. However, after some research I found that the code: 5890 is not used (as far as I know).

A week later I decided to play the small amount of game that doesn't require money to play. You end up entering a warehouse which is incredibly dark and eerie. I spent hours in there trying to find a few objects required to complete the mission. I found nothing and no-one would answer me if I asked them to show me where the items were hidden.

I started to get bored and decided to stand in the corner of the room and watch the people in order to see if they were crowding around an area I hadn't checked. Unfortunately, they were only 4 people there at the time and I didn't see anyone go a place that I hadn't. As I watched, a girl turned towards me and walked in my direction. A text bubble appeared above her head and quickly read:

"What does 5890 mean?"

I was shocked by this and asked her where she heard that. She responded with "A guy told me it." I asked her to show me where the guy was and she led me to one of the many boxes located in the warehouse. He was gone now (no surprise) and I turned to the girl again. I asked her if he was dressed as a ninja and waited for a response. I waited for quite a bit of time with no answer.

It wasn't long before words appeared above her head that said Back Soon. This is actually normal and appears above anyone's head if they are not moving for a certain amount of time. I did find it weird that I was getting no answer though. Her character eventually disappeared (this is also what happens if your character doesn't move for a LONG time. Right after that, I ended up finding the pieces in areas that I was sure I already checked (I could be wrong).

After that, I began to visit the warehouse every day in hopes that I would see the ninja again. I came up with nothing and eventually decided to return to The Xi Museum again. I visited the museum every day at different hours but once again came up with nothing. It was not until yesterday that I finally spotted him!

I entered the Xi Museum as I did every day and busied myself by walking around. It was about 11:00 at night at the time and I was getting rather tired. I climbed up the staircase and positioned myself at the end of the upper floor so that I could look down. Oddly, as soon as I looked down at the ground below, I saw that the pointing ninja was sitting there pointing in the exact same position and place from before! I find it hard to believe that he could have entered the museum, sat down, and begun pointing without me seeing it.

Yet there he was; pointing. I stared at him in disbelief for a second and finally noticed that something was different. His name was now colored gray and his name wasn't even dehart67! His name was actually: XiMuseum! I examined his eyes only to find that they were shriveled and darkened (which is possible to do...but most people don't).

I was then very confused. This ninja dressed, sat, and pointed just like the old one...but had a different name (and possibly eye features). I sat down in front of the ninja and watched him point some more. No one was coming into the museum and it was getting eerie. I finally sent a message saying "What is 5890?" Immediately, he replied with "5890" just as the old one had done. The ninja then quickly disappeared as if the person controlling him immediately turned off his Playstation 3.

I sat there for the longest time, waiting for people to show up... but no-one ever did. I then got the odd idea to leave the museum and then quickly come back. I did this in mere minutes and when I returned; I found that there were people on the upper floor chatting and seen a guy skateboarding around the room! This has left me with the odd explanation that the ninja and I were somehow unable to see these people even though they were in the same room! (this wasn't the case with the first ninja) I know it is possible that they showed up when I left for those couple minutes, but what are the odds of that?!

I am left with more questions than before and I find that I catch myself thinking of this as creepy when it could just as easily be one big coincidence. In a way I hope to see him again, but what then?

The Pointing Ninja of Xi 3.

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