Slender Man sat in the dark abandoned house. Loneliness filled the air. If he had a face, any man would have seen the pain in his eyes before dying. Adjusting his suit as he moved in his chair, he could not help but feel completely lonely. He reflected on his life. All the people he had killed. Memories started flooding back as he sit with his head in his pale, white hands. Memories of fighting Jeff, how he lived through him. Memories of fighting The Rake. Memories of foes.

Nothing but foes. He got up and walked into the kitchen of the old, broken house. tearing down the scarecrow made from old clothes and brooms as he walked, he made it into the kitchen and slammed his fist on the counter. In his mind, nothing but pain echoed. Darkness, agony, and despair. What was that? A flash. A flash of white and black. Could it have been Jeff? No, it couldn't have been. If it was, he would need to hurt him again. Eyes. Peering into the kitchen from the window across the room.

Slender Man had his back turned, but could still see Jeff behind him. A tentacle wrapped around Jeff's neck as he was slammed through the window into the kitchen. Jeff cut the tentacle and watched it fall to the ground. A battle was brewing. Soon, black tentacles and flurries of silver darted through the air. The battle went on for hours on end.

Soon it came to a close. Slender Man felt his heart pound. Jeff would have smiled if he wasn't already. "Hahahahahaha! I'm going to be done with you for good Slendy!" Jeff snarled. Slender Man stared blankly at Jeff. For a moment, everything paused. Jeff looked at Slendy, almost to say "make your move."

Slender Man did. Two tentacles went through Jeff skin and touched the bone of his shoulder. He smashed Jeff into the table and then out the window. He watched Jeff limp away from the abandoned house. Also limping, Slender Man sat down in his chair. Once again, head in his hands, he sat. He needed somebody. All his other proxies left him.

"I'll make my own..." He silently whispered in his mind. Fleeing the house with renewed energy, he traveled until he found a field. He was out on the outskirts of America. What was that in the distance? It looked like a man. He went closer to realize it was no man. Just a lonely scarecrow.

"Just like me." he said with a silent tone. He moved closer and examined the scarecrow. The mask seemed to be a thich cloth, torn at the ends, with two, poorly drawn on black eyes. A brown leather coat, white gloves, and a dark brown t-shirt. Bits of hay poked out from some places. He raised a metaphorical eyebrow. This could be his new partner. He waited until night. When night finally came, he went to work. Using the soul of a child he killed, he brought the scarecrow to life. The 15 year old soul would have no recollection of Slender Man.

If he could speak, Slendy would have screamed "It's alive!" but instead he watched as the scarecrow came to life. It tried to move it's legs, but only came to realize that he had none. "You are my proxy now. If you agree to this, I will get you legs. If not, I will leave you here, and you can be lonely forever. Choose."

Slenderman telepathically communicated to the scarecrow. "I... I agree. I have questions however. Who are you? Who am I?" The scarecrow telepathically called to Slender Man. "Call me Slender Man. Your name is..." He paused for a moment, before saying "You are called Scrowstalk." Slender Man stormed the barn in the distance. Scrowstalk faintly heard screaming. He came back from the barn holding a pair of old, slightly bloody jeans. He found sticks and put them on to Scrowstalk's figure. He put the pants on. Then, tentacles swarmed around all the sticks holding the scarecrow together.

"You can now move like a normal human being," Slender Man thought. Tilting his head, Scrowstalk began to walk. Slender Man then revealed a rake. Not just any rake, but a very, very sharp one.

"It's time to train. The woman is still alive. Go to the barn and kill her. I will watch and we shall see if you are fit to serve me." The two of them ran inside the barn and searched for the woman. A scream and the sound of clattering sticks came from the closet as Slender Man turned to see Scrowstalk dragging a short woman out into the center of the barn.

Slender Man told the woman telepathically that she was going to die. The woman would have screamed but she had the upper half of her head torn off by incredible strength from Scrowstalk and his rake. They began to talk of how they must go and kill others. It took them a long while to get back to the abandoned house, but when they made it, they made sure nobody knew about Scrowstalk.

"I must go" Slender Man announced to his new found companion. He went for a "walk" to the nearest playground as it was early in the morning. As he was stalking he thought to himself:

"I am lonely no more. Safe I am with my new proxy. Together we are strong. Soon, we will kill Jeff." Meanwhile, at the abandoned house, Scrowstalk found a note from his master. It told him to kill. Kill until he was known. Kill until he attracted attention. Kill until you're good enough.

Thatching rake 2

He walked out of the house quietly and discreetly. Armed with his rake, he went to the nearest house. This day, May 14, 2013, is known as the birth of Scrowstalk. Scrowstalk, the scarecrow who never sleeps. The scarecrow who always watches. The scarecrow that always kills.

The last thing the people next door saw was the tip of a rake outside their window before it all went black.

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