Slender man by tophattruffles-d6g676w

The Slenderman has supposedly walked the soils of this Earth. The many, many people who know the legend of this paranormal beast either believe in it or not. It watches us today. He has been here. He is with me now. He is with you now. Do not let your guard down.

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Hans Freckenburg's Der Grobmann/Slenderman german woodcuts.

There was a noise that I had heard. Every night now, I have been hearing that noise for two weeks. Scuttling, scratching noises on my roof. I thought that it was a few squirrels. That's what the case normally is. But, tonight, I decided t get up, in a groggy stupor, and check what was up there. But, when I got up there, using a ladder, I only found a puddle of black, gooey, liquid. I tried to walk back to the ladder, but I slipped on the substance, falling on my back on the ladder, and falling into the nearby blackberry bushes.

I came back into my house, bleeding like hell, and got some bandages on. But, this time, there was nothing coming from the roof, but rather from the 2nd floor. I tip-toed up there, and I found a peice of paper. It was covered in more black liquid. I picked it up, wiping off the liquid, and I saw a circle, with an X in front of it. The window next to me then smashed open on its own, and I tried to run down the stairs. I was then stopped by my bed and my couch, now propped in front of my stairs. I turned back, and fell, after running into two, large, branch like legs. It wore a suit. It was about 8-12 feet tall. The creature was like a skeleton. But its skull was covered in a white, skin-like substance stretched tightly around its skull. Its hands were skeletal, with long fingers. All that I saw then was its lack of a face, as it screeched at me, and my everything went black.

The next day, I woke up, in my bed. I looked up, and nothing was displaced or broken. It was almost as if the creature had never arrived, except for one, small thing. I had a large, painful gash in my back. My bed had so mch blood on it. I went upstairs, and only saw one thing. In the middle of the floor, there was a giant version of the symbol I saw on the paper the night before, but made of blood. My blood. Suddenly my stomach began to hurt, and a large, black tendril, stroked around my back...