A picture of Subject-13.


I am a scientist at Silph Co. For privacy purposes, I have kept my name and identity, as well as the names of other people involved, a secret. Enclosed here is a story about a terrifying creature whom we accidentally created. A story about a monster-a monster resembling a Pokemon, but actually not one at all.

But I warn you, this story is very violent. So, if you don’t like blood, violence, and destruction, I strongly insist that you leave right now and do not read another word of what follows.

A few weeks ago, I was living a perfectly normal life. As I told you before, I am a scientist at Silph Co., the biggest producer of Mewtwos. Ever since the first Mewtwo was created, many, many companies have begun creating their own Mewtwo clones. We, Silph Co., are the biggest manufacturers of Mewtwos and have created more high-quality Mewtwo clones than any other company. Before the incident happened, we had created 12 extremely successful Mewtwo clones, that were extremely powerful and loyal. However, our most powerful and loyal has always been our first one, Subject-1. Subject-1 is by far our best Mewtwo, and has aided us many times in complex projects.

We had created 12 successful Mewtwo clones, but the problem occured when we tried making a 13th one. I have been told that 13 is an unlucky number. If this is correct, I suppose there’s a bit of dark irony about what happened next.

I was contacted by my boss to take a helicopter and go with my best friend, another scientist here, to the forests of South America, where Mew cells are most prominently found. My boss wanted a Mewtwo even better than Subject-1. “Subject-13 will be our greatest and most famous Mewtwo!” he exclaimed.

So, with my best friend at my side, we took a helicopter and flew off to the forests of South America.

Along the way, my best friend and I talked together.

“Do you think we’ll be able to top Subject-1?!” he said.

“I’m not sure,” I talked back. “Subject-1 is incredibly powerful.”

We talked a few minutes more, mostly about trivial things. So, I won’t record them. So I’ll skip ahead to the part where we land in the forests of South America.

After the helicopter landed, we immediately got out, grabbed our scientific Mew cell trackers, and started searching for Mew cells. We needed 1006 Mew cells to make the most stable Mewtwo we could. If we were even a tiny bit off, for example using 1005 or 1007, there was a chance it could completely mess up the Mewtwo.

Using our Mew cell trackers, we were able to find Mew cells much quicker than examining fossils, the method of creating the first Mewtwo, or finding a real Mew. Mews were incredibly elusive, and even if you did find one, it would simply fly away with it’s incredible speed. So, using Mew cell trackers was much easier than any of the other alternatives.

However, after my friend and I counted up all the Mew cells we had found after a few hours of searching, we discovered to our horror that we only had 1005 Mew cells.

“It can’t possibly be!” my best friend said. “We only have 1005?!”

“Let’s search the entire forest,” I said, frantic. “The entire forest!”

However, even after searching for two more hours, we couldn’t find any more Mew cells.

Missing one Mew cell had never happened to us, the industrious Silph Co, or any other company for that matter. Our Mew cell trackers were much too advanced to allow this to happen. I was stunned, and pictured us returning to the boss with no results.

That was when my friend came up with an admittedly dumb idea, an idea that would have dire consequences in the future.

“How about we take the cells with us anyway?!” my friend inquired.

“What?! We don’t know what happens if we do!”

“I know...but it’s just one cell! Nothing bad could happen!” my friend said.

Reluctantly, I decided to do it, only because I had little choice.

So, taking the Mew cells with us, we got into the helicopter and flew back to Silph Co.

Once we got there, our boss called us down to the balcony and asked us if the mission was successful. We exited the helicopter and told him that it was. This was another stupid mistake that would cost Silph Co. dearly.

Excited and proud, the boss escorted us to the main Mewtwo creator lab. Once there, we dumped the Mew cells we had in our Mew cell finders into the Mewtwo creator machine. The Mewtwo creator machine would merge our Mew cells together to create a Mewtwo that would then be dumped out of the machine and placed in its cage. Hesitantly, I dumped my Mew cells along with my friend into the machine.

I was very worried. I didn’t know what would happen if we only used 1005 cells instead of the usual 1006. The difference may sound very little, but Mewtwo was such a powerful Pokemon I wasn’t willing to take a chance. What if something went wrong because of the missing cell?! What if the Mewtwo creator machine suffered a malfunction and was destroyed?!! It would cost millions of dollars to replace it. Although I was worried, I tried to control myself because I thought I was overreacting. My boss, however, felt completely the opposite of me, looking very excited and happy. As for my best friend, I could never tell what his feelings were because he always had a neutral face. I did, too.

As the cells were merging together, I could see that something was wrong. The cells looked like they knew something was missing and were just merging together in random places. Instead creating purple energy like they usually did, they created black energy. I knew that something was wrong, terribly wrong. My boss’s smile faded a bit as well, for he knew there was something wrong as well.

A few minutes later, the Mew cells had finished merging, and the Mewtwo slowly formed. As I looked at the creature before me, I was terrified. My fears had come true, except that this was even worse than I could possibly imagine. This Mewtwo was completely distorted in both body and mind. Instead of the usual purple, this Mewtwo was pure black, the darkest black I have ever seen. Its back had been created deformed, and it was broken, causing it to slouch. Its eyes were pure black and sunken, and glared at me in the most despicable way. Its tail was all distorted, and looked like it would fall off, and a few seconds later it did fall off, expelling a purple fluid from it as it fell to the ground. Its arms and legs were unimaginably skinny and looked like they would fall off as well, and instead of fingers, this monstrosity had claws. Its ears were jagged and twisted, and had traces of black liquid covered on them. This liquid turned out to be the creature’s blood. Its face and body, besides the color and deformities, looked similar to a Mewtwo, but that was the only way you could tell it was supposed to be a Mewtwo.

But the worst thing of all was the smile. It had the most grotesque and scary smile I had ever seen. It showed off all of the monster Mewtwo’s teeth, which were completely, unnaturally white . This smile looked extremely insane and sadistic, but also looked painful to make, as it spread across its entire face. The smile was, in short, dark, menacing, and twisted. The reason why I’m able to describe that Mewtwo so easily is because ever since I first stared into its eyes, that image has permanently burned into my memory, much like a fire that never goes out.

“Omigod…” said my boss. For once, my best friend didn’t have a neutral expression. Now, he had a greatly terrified expression on his face. For once, I did too.

“I aM aLiVe,” the creature said. At this, I almost had a heart attack. This Mewtwo somehow knew how to speak English, if you could call it a Mewtwo. Its voice was gravely and twisted, just as dark and terrible as its body. As it said this in its horrid voice, black blood slowly dripped from its broken ears and spilled onto the ground, leaving a huge stain that was impossible to clean off.

“AnD yEt I aM dEaD,” it said further. At first, I didn’t know what it meant. But now, after experiencing what this Mewtwo is like, I really do. It meant dead in its soul.

“I aM a MoNsTeR,” it continued. I couldn’t argue with it. I could tell it was truly a monster in both body and mind.

“Wh..What is that thing?!!” my friend sputtered.

“I...I don’t know…” my boss said. “It looks like Mewtwo, looks horrible!!! How did this happen?!!”

“I don’t know,” I said, but deep in my heart I knew. This must be an imperfect Mewtwo, a broken, misshapen, unfinished Mewtwo, who is missing a cell, but that cell made all the difference.

“Do YoU wAnT tO sEe WhAt I cAn Do?!!” the creature spoke in the same horrible, gravely, rotting voice. Lifting up its misshapen hand, it fired a pitch-black psychic beam from its fingertips. The beam pierced Subject-12, sitting in the cage next to it, right in the heart. The poor Mewtwo started coughing up blood, then collapsed, dead.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” the sick monstrosity said. “My FiRsT vIcTiM.”

I was shocked. Never, ever, had I heard of a Pokemon kill another Pokemon. But this Pokemon, if it could be called that, had just done it.

“We need to destroy it!!!” our boss said.

I knew what to do. I pulled out my disintegration gun and fired at it. But it merely created a psychic shield made out of negative energy that was so powerful that the beam itself disintegrated.

“YoU cAnNoT kIlL sOmEtHiNg LiKe Me,” it said, its grin growing even wider, if that was possible. It seemed quite happy that he had beaten us so easily and effortlessly.

We tried over and over again, but it repelled all our efforts with a smile on its face. The exact same thing happened when we tried all our weapons, even weapons so vast in power they could destroy even Subject-1, such as the Super-Shock gun, made of 9 trillion volts of electricity, so we were forced to keep the failed Subject-13.  We soon discovered that it acted very different from other Mewtwos. Instead of meditating like the other Mewtwos did, this Mewtwo screamed out using the loudest, most utterly horrible voice. When I heard it scream, I honestly felt like my mind was being torn apart to bits and pieces. It would claw itself until it bled its sickening black blood, then it would use the blood to write strange messages on the walls of its cell. This is what some of the messages said: I wAnT bLoOd. It HuRtS sO mUcH. I aM nOt A pOkEmOn. I wAnT tO dIe. My BrAiN iS oN fIrE. SUFFER. I cAn HeAr ThE vOiCeS iN mY hEaD., and I AM INSANE!!!!!!!!, which was the biggest out of all of them and was written in the very center. The creature was also far stronger than a regular Mewtwo. It was as if it was possessed by some twisted, dark energy that fueled its madness. Once, when we temporarily took Subject-10 out of its cage for help on a project, it walked close to the monster Mewtwo’s cage, and it got attacked by it. The monster Mewtwo dragged Subject-10 into its cage and proceeded to maul it to death. Subject-10 fought valiantly, but it was in vain, and in just a minute I returned to the cage to find that Subject-10 was dead. Subject-13 was found batting Subject-10’s dead body like a ball of yarn. Subject-10 had had its tail torn off, and its eyes as well. The monster Mewtwo was grinning at it with the most sick and twisted grin.

From my experiences with the monster, I know that it is a master at breaking people’s psyches, probing their minds to access their deepest, darkest nightmares, as its psychic powers were super-advanced, to the point that it could actually shatter minds when it wanted to and create hallucinations that were terrifyingly real. It could even control the dreams that you could have and make them terrifying. It probed my mind once, and it was a horrifying experience. I have always been deathly afraid of the Pokemon Arbok, ever since childhood, when one such creature nearly killed me by wrapping itself around my neck. I had survived this encounter, but developed a fear of Arboks. I never told anyone, not even my best friend, but Subject-13 knew, and exploited it. I’ve constantly had dreams of blood-red Arboks with grins of yellow teeth stretching even beyond the limits of their faces, being led by Subject-13, that EVIL monster, to me, cowering in terror. The room I’m always in is completely empty, save for those same eerie Arbok faces hanging on the walls, staring at me, right into my very soul, and grinning. Subject-13 could tear minds apart with just the slightest thought, and I trembled thinking of the massive power it had with such a twisted mind. It also loved to torment my friend and my boss, as they had watched Subject-13 when it was born. Eventually, we turned from cool, confident scientists to paranoid puppets who worked under Subject-13’s thumb and did everything it told us to do, possessed by the fear that Subject-13 was impossibly evil and equally impossible to destroy.

I was terrified of that evil creature. Everybody was-or at least, the very few people who even knew of its existence. These people were my best friend, my boss, and a very small number of other scientists who were present when that monster was created. Everyone else, even the other workers at Silph Co., were completely in the dark about its existence. It was so dangerous that we kept it hidden from the whole world, feeling humiliated about our failure. I felt like with its sharp claws it break its cage anytime it wanted to, but it seemed like it wanted to stick around. Why?! I didn’t know-at least, not at the time...

I deeply regretted my part in creating it. I wanted to destroy it, destroy that sick, evil thing, but I couldn’t. It was even more powerful than the other Mewtwos. It was maybe even more powerful than Subject-1. And every time we tried to destroy it, bad things happened. The only weakness that monster had was its back. Its back had been created broken and twisted, and so it was weak in that area. But, it was still more powerful than all of our Mewtwos, maybe even combined. Thinking about that Mewtwo right now, I feel terribly upset. I wish I could go back to my old life, when I worked tirelessly at Silph Co. along with friends I loved greatly. But now, I can never go back to the life I once had.

It also seemed to enjoy killing Mewtwos for no actual reason at all other than exerting great fear around it. Whenever a Mewtwo walked close to its cage, it would strike. For Subject-2, it used its psychic powers to make its brain explode. For Subject-6, it used its arm to pierce right through its neck. For Subject-4, it completely disintegrated it with a deadly beam. It would do this, over and over again, every time with a different, equally sick way of disposing of the Mewtwo. Soon, there was only Subject-1, Subject-7, and Subject-9 left. I knew that Subject-13 was ruining this entire company.

Finally, we had decided that enough was enough, and we placed the evil Mewtwo into suspended animation. It had been found playing with its Mewtwo corpses at the time we had rendered it paralyzed and immobile by managing to give its brain a kind of psychic jolt. We had not known if it would work or not, but thankfully it was powerful enough that it did. We then left in in its cage and sealed the entire area off from the rest of the area.

I was never the same person after meeting that Mewtwo, but the person who had changed the most was my boss. He had wanted the Mewtwo to be a success badly, simply because he wanted something to be proud of, and a few months later, my dear boss committed suicide. He leaped off a building. A new boss replaced my beloved friend, but he was cold and hard as stone. I did not sympathise with him at all.

At the same time these tragic events were occurring, rumors were spreading that Silph Co. had created a “mutated Mewtwo” who they hid from the world. Every time I was questioned about that, I would deny everything. I said a million times that that was a lie, that Silph Co. had never done anything like that. But I knew, deep inside my heart, that just wasn’t true. I kept the monster Mewtwo hidden from everybody, but at the same time I thought that it was gone forever.

I wish I was right.

I had been sitting with my best friend on his couch at his house when IT happened. Coincidently, I had been thinking about the monster Mewtwo at the time. I was terrified of it. It had been haunting my thoughts ever since it had been created.

“I’ve never been the same person ever since I saw that evil Mewtwo,” I told my friend.

“Don’t even talk about it,” my best friend replied hastily. “That’s been stirring in my thoughts.”

“Mine too.”

Suddenly, I heard my phone beep. Someone was calling me. It was another one of my friends at Silph Co., who also was one of the few people who knew about the monster Mewtwo.


“Oh, hello,” I replied.

“I have terrible news.”

“WHAT?!” I yelled out. “What is it?!”

“The...the...the...the monster Mewtwo has escaped.” At this, I was greatly shocked and saddened. THE MONSTER MEWTWO HAD ESCAPED?! I couldn’t believe it! It took several minutes for my stunned, shocked voice could utter another word again.

“ escaped?!!”

“A hacker hacked into the machine powering the jolt that was keeping it immobile. When the jolt was gone, it woke up quickly and used its claws to rip right through its containment cage! It's going on a murderous rampage as we’re speaking! Many Pokemon and humans are already dead!!!”

“What?!! NO!!! This is terrible!!!

“I agree. But there’s more too: I think it wants to kill all the scientists that created it!” I...I couldn’t believe it. The monster Mewtwo was, in short, hunting us down.

“We must find a way to destroy it!” I said.

“I know,” he said. “That’s why I’ve-NO!!! NO!!!”

“What’s wrong?!” I said.

“He’s here! He’s after me!!! GARRRGHMMMFFFFFF!!!!!!”

Then, I heard the spatter of blood and felt an overwhelming sense of panic. It sounded like someone-or something-had just killed my friend.

Then, I heard a voice that made my blood turn cold. It was the voice of the monster Mewtwo.

“YoU'rE nExT. AnD yOuR dEaTh WiLl Be VeRy PaInFuL.”

“No.” I stammered, horrified.

“YeS. YoU wAtChEd Me WhIlE i WaS bOrN. I hAtE yOu FoR tHaT. AnD sO nOw YoU wIlL sUfFeR fOr CrEaTiNg Me. ByE.”

Then, the phone hung up.

“Wh...What happened?!” my friend exclaimed, noticing my terror-stricken expression.

He wanted the truth, so I told him everything. “The...the monster Mewtwo has escaped!” I said. “It’s left a trail of dead bodies with it, and now it wants to kill all the scientists who created it! It said I would be next!”

“Oh...oh, god…” my best friend said. “Quick-we’ve got to run before it gets us!”

“BuT iT iS aLrEaDy ToO lAtE,” a terrible voice rang out in my mind.

“Did...did you hear that voice?!” my best friend said.

“Y...yes,” I said. “It’s that monster Mewtwo! Its communicating with us with its psychic powers! That means…IT MUST BE IN THIS HOUSE.”

I felt total paranoia and a sense of numbness. The monster Mewtwo was inside my house, somewhere. I had no idea where it was, but it was in the house I had lived for my entire life. This was when lights started flashing in my eyes. Suddenly, everything started getting blurry and spinning, and the lights increased in frequency and power, rushing at me at all sides and nearly blinding me. At this moment of pain and confusion, dark, snake-like figures started appearing around me, forming a circle. They were the only 13 things that were not blurry or spinning. When they slithered closer to me, their identities were revealed, and I gasped.

They were the blood-red, smiling Arboks, the same Arboks from my dream, slithering still closer to me, surrounding me entirely. It was then that I realized that Subject-13 was probing my mind again, seeking to take control of me. I struggled to break free of its hold. I decided the only way was to fight back.

I attacked the Arboks, slamming into them. It was then that they bit me, and to my surprise their attacks did not leave marks, but instead sucked energy from my very soul. I attacked again, kicking one as hard as I could, and just as I was about to attack a third time, a light shined in my eyes, distracting me. Then, the Arboks wrapped themselves around my throat, just like what had happened when I was still a boy. Just like it…

I fought to take them off, but they resisted, covering me in complete darkness. I felt not alive nor dead, but in some realm in between, and red started covering all I knew. It was then that I realized they were gathering strength from my darkest, most terrible memories, and that if I found peace within myself, it just might beat them.

So I started talking.

“Arbok,” I gasped out, “Thank you for what you did to me when I was a child. I would not have became the man I am today if it wasn’t for that. That traumatizing moment shaped me into the man I am today, and gave me something to be afraid of, reminding me that, maybe, I’m not as cool and confident as I pretend to be. That fear you gave me...makes me human.”

The Arboks screamed cries of misery and static while glowing whiter and whiter. Meanwhile, the red vision that was all I could see became dimmer and dimmer.


I heard the sound of glass shattering, and I opened my eyes.

The Arboks and redness and lights and spinning was all gone. Now, I was in a room of total darkness. I could not see even a thing. I looked around. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“I sEe YoU sUrViVeD mY mInD gAmE wItH yOu.” a voice rang out in my head.

“Subject-13,” I said.

I turned around, and he just appeared, staring right at me. I jumped back in fright from the combination of the jumpscare and from its already terrifying appearance, magnified by what appeared Pokemon flesh that was on its teeth.

“To SuRvIvE, yOu HaD tO pEeR iNtO tHe DeEpEsT, dArKeSt CoRnErS oF yOuR sOuL. IsN’t ThAt RiGhT?!!”

I trembled and clutched my hand close to my heart.

“YoU wErE sO oBsEsSeD aBoUt HaViNg FaIlEd To CrEaTe YoUr 13Th MeWtWo...YoU nEvEr OnCe CoNsIdErEd WhAt I mIgHt ThInK aBoUt HaViNg To LiVe In ThIs BrOkEn BoDy. To ScReAm AnD hAvE nObOdY hEaR yOu.’

You’re a monster,” I said, my voice choked up and unrecognizable from anger and fear. “You killed so many innocent creatures. Do you want me to feel bad for you?!”

“Oh, I’m NoT aSkInG fOr THAT,” it said, its breath smelling like rotting flesh. AlL i’M sAyInG iS tHaT i DeSeRvE tO bE aMuSeD fOr WhAt I gO tHrOuGh. WhIcH iS wHy I’m DeStRoYiNg AlL lIfE oN eArTh.”

“You call destroying all life on Earth AMUSING?!!” I said angrily.

“Of CoUrSe. It’S sO mUcH FUN wAtChInG pEoPlE’s FaCeS tWiStEd In FEAR!!!

















Suddenly, I was back in my house, with my friend. Everything was completely normal.

“So, as I was saying we should-” my friend was blabbering on and on, then, seeing my face, stopped. “Hey, are you okay?!! You look your soul got ripped out.”

“I’m fine,” I tell him. “It’s just...we need to destroy that any cost…”

Silph Co. was an absolute mess. It was completely trashed, and filled to the brim with human and Pokemon corpses. My friend and I had driven back to it to gather equipment. Equipment we would need to face off against the monster Mewtwo.

“Look at the place,” my friend said in horror. “It’s totally destroyed.”

“I know,” I said. “It looks terrible. This is even worse than I had imagined.”

A scientist staggered to us. He had a hole in his chest and he was barely alive.

“He came…” He gasped out his story to us. “Destroyed everything...Tried to stop him...didn’t work...and now...we’re all going to die… He then fell over and died.

“Oh no…” I said. “He just died...another victim...” my voice twisted with pain.

“It’s okay,” my friend said, but I could tell by the look on his face it wasn’t. “We can avenge all these deaths. We really can.”

We went down to the subject lab, where all of our Mewtwos were located. I was hoping to find just one particular Mewtwo. We needed Subject-1 to help us defeat this monstrosity. It was the only one who could do it.

The subject lab was an even bigger mess than the rest of the place was. The floor was littered with dead Mewtwos and the walls were covered with blood. The Mewtwos were laying on the ground with arms and legs missing, and some had scratches on their chest and eyes missing. It was a Mewtwo slaughterhouse, and it was absolutely horrifying yet engrossing to watch. For some reason, there appeared to be more than 3 Mewtwos lying on the ground, which meant that sick Mewtwo must have invaded other companies and killed their Mewtwos as well, then brought them here, just for display. There were other, different Pokemon out on the floor. There was one Blaziken whose gigantic foot had been shoved into its mouth so far up, it went right through its face, impaling it. There was a spiky-eared Pichu whose spikes on its ear had been sharpened, so much it was deadly. Its ear was then twisted so much that the spikes went right through its eyes, killing it. There was a Kakuna with a gigantic hole in its cocoon. The Pokemon inside of it was an undeveloped Butterfree, meaning it hadn’t fully evolved yet. It had no wings, and its face and body seemed unstructred. It was again dead, with blood coming out of a hole in its body. A Gyarados’s head had been chopped off of its own large neck, and its body shredded of all its skin. It didn’t take a detective, either, to deduce who killed these Pokemon as well.

I ran over to Subject-1’s cage. It was the only Mewtwo still alive. Not only still alive, but without a single scratch on its body. It was as if the monster Mewtwo had never attacked it at all. It was as if the monster Mewtwo had spared it purposely for some strange reason.

Subject-1 glared at me in the strangest way, having traces of fear, anger, and sadness in it.

“It’s okay, Subject-1,” I told it, even though I wasn’t feeling good myself. “We’ll make it out alive. We need your help against the creature who did this, that monster Mewtwo!”

Subject-1 nodded its head in approval.

Meanwhile, my friend was gathering equipment. He grabbed two Super-Shock guns from their cases and handed one to me, then kept one for himself. A few days ago, the Super-Shock guns had been upgraded, giving them more power than ever before. Although we had never tried them out on Subject-13 before, we hoped that they would be enough to at least damage the creature.

He also grabbed armor suits, special kinds of suits that radiated a shield that partially protected their wearers from harm, again, one for him, one for me. We both put our suits on, as we’d need all the protection we could get.

Then, my friend noticed something on the ground.

“Look!” he said. “It’s a piece of paper!”

I grabbed it and turned it over. That’s when I realized it was much more important than just a piece of paper. It was a letter! I recognized the handwriting. It was from my other friend. The same friend who had called to warn me about the monster Mewtwo’s escape. The same friend who had gotten killed by it…

To whoever Silph Co. employee finds this…

I am writing this letter to warn you about something very vile. The monster Mewtwo has escaped Silph Co.! I tried to stop it, but it was to no avail. I was nearly killed, but I managed to escape just in time. I am writing this letter in the hopes that some surviving Silph Co. employee will find it. That gruesome monster has killed just about all the Silph Co. employees and all their Pokemon! Their marred corpses are now being stretched out by the monster, who feeds off them in some insane way. How did the monster Mewtwo get released, you may ask?! The machine keeping it in suspended animation was hacked into and broken. Who did this, you may now ask?! It was none other than our boss. That is right, the hard and evil man who took over our faithful friend after he committed suicide has released the monster! I fought him over his evil deed, and he said that he did it because, “The voices in my head told me to!” I have no idea what this means, but it may mean that evil man worked for some higher power to release the monster. Or it may also mean that he has serious mental problems, which wouldn’t surprise me due to his actions.

I hate to say it, but in our fight I killed him. He is dead now, but his actions must be stopped. You are now the only hope left. You must stop Subject-13, for the glory of all of Silph Co.

I couldn’t believe it!!! It was really our boss who was responsible for releasing the monster Mewtwo!!! I was shocked to my very core. I hate to admit it, but I was glad our boss was dead, but I was greatly upset that he was the reason all this madness was happening, why so many people and Pokemon were dead!!! Of course, I also couldn’t get out of my head that I had been partially responsible for creating it, as the monster Mewtwo was alive because of me. But, I couldn’t think about it for long. We had work to do.

I released Subject-1 from its cage. “Alright, Subject-1,” I said, “We need to destroy this monster once and for all!” Subject-1 seemed desperate to destroy the creature, and readied itself for the battle ahead.

“Let’s go, Subject-1!” my friend said, “Teleport us to wherever the monster Mewtwo is!” Subject-1 did. Concentrating mentally, it disappeared along with the rest of us. At the last moment, I felt fear in my heart, but I brushed it off and braced myself for what I knew lied ahead.

We were in an abnormally dark cave. I felt fear all around us, praying at our minds, whispering into our ears, trying to convince us to give up. I knew that the monster Mewtwo was here. I could just feel it. It was reaching out to us, watching us, trying to make us quit. There were black claw marks all over the cave walls. As we got closer and closer, these claw marks started appearing more and more frequently, and combining together to form a message. GIVE UP NOW, IT’S HOPELESS, THE EVIL CANNOT BE STOPPED, THE MASSACRE WILL CONTINUE, THIS WORLD WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED, TURN BACK NOW, UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE THE OTHERS.  Subject-1 seemed nerved by the pressure, but tried not to show it.

We were perched in one of the highest heights of the caves. When we looked down, we could see that the monster Mewtwo was just below us, with corpses covering the area, both human and Pokemon. These corpses were so sickening and violent, I will not describe them, but they made me feel great fear, and I do not get afraid easily. Subject-13 did not appear to notice us.

This was our chance to attack. I told Subject-1 that the monster Mewtwo’s back was its weakness, and that it should try to strike it as much as it could. Subject-1 nodded, indicating its understanding, and we readied for the attack.

At my word, “Now!!” Subject-1 launched itself straight at Subject-13, landing a wicked karate chop right on its back!

The scream of painful agony from the monster wasn’t human. It nearly broke my ears permanently, and my best friend and I both covered our ears and screamed to try to cover it.

Subject-13 fell to the ground, temporarily stunned. Subject-1 seized the moment as an invitation to attack again, and so did. Kicking the monster into the sky, it then appeared behind it and head-shot the hideous monster!

Falling back to earth again, the monster got up and slashed Subject-1 painfully, causing it to fall to the ground.

“Ah, A vIsItOr,” the monster Mewtwo said, with the slightest touch of pain in its voice.

Subject-1, getting up, nodded.

“I sHoUlD nOt HaVe KePt YoU aLiVe,” the creature continued, “BuT i HoPeD yOu CoUlD hAvE cHaLlAnGeD mE. Is ThIs ReAlLy AlL tHe StReNgTh YoU hAvE?”

With a cry of outrage, Subject-1 tried to punch Subject-13, but it dodged and sended Subject-1 sprawling back to the ground with a kick to the head. Despite having a broken back, this monstrosity moved even faster than Subject-1.

The monster moved in for the kill. “GoOd NiGhT,” it said, preparing to finish Subject-1 off.

At this moment, my friend and I both fired shock blasts from our guns that hit in in the back.

“ARRRRRRGRHRHRHRGGHGHHGH!!!” it cried out in agony, then fell to the ground, lying still.

Slowly, yet surely, Subject-1 got back up, then jumped into the air and prepared to use the most powerful move it had at its disposal: Psystrike, Mewtwo’s signature move.

Dozens of pink particles appeared in the air as Subject-1 charged up its move. Slowly, the evil Mewtwo was getting up, but it was too late. Subject-1 unleashed all the power it had in one move as the particles surrounded Subject-13 and burst into light, completely covering its darkness.

Then, a terrific explosion of lightness and darkness appeared, completely covering Subject-1 and the monster Mewtwo. All my best friend and I could do was watch as the entire area was covered by it.

It took several minutes for the dust to finally settle. My best friend and I watched in suspense to see which of the two Mewtwos was winning.

Then, we saw a terrifying sight. The monster Mewtwo was standing, holding the limp, unmoving body of Subject-1. At least, that’s what it, at first, looked like. Upon closer inspection, we saw the truth was much more horrifying. The monster had its hand inside of Subject-1’s chest, and it went right through Subject-1. I could see the hand, covered in blood, baring its claws, at the back of Subject-1. Subject-1 was still breathing, but only very barely. Looking even closer, I noticed, to my horror, that Subject-1 was actually crying. The monster Mewtwo grinned at Subject-1 horribly, delighting in the pain it was causing the poor Mewtwo.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaA!!!!!!” the monster Mewtwo yelled out. “It Is TiMe To FiNiSh ThIs LiTtLe GaMe!”

Suddenly, with its last ounces of strength, Subject-1 grabbed the monster Mewtwo’s neck with its paw.

“WhAt?!” the monster Mewtwo choked out.

Then, with an animal shriek, Subject-1 twisted the monster Mewtwo’s neck so hard, the force broke its neck! For a few seconds, Subject-13 staggered, coughing up blood very painfully from its now broken neck. Its legs started wobbling, then the monster Mewtwo released its grip on Subject-1! “CHOK!!!! CHOK CHUK HOK HUK HAK!!!!!!” it began speaking in gibberish. Then, with a painful scream, it fell over, apparently dead.

I couldn’t believe it. Subject-1 had broken the monster Mewtwo’s neck! The scene was quite disgusting, but I was thrilled to see that Subject-13 was at last dead!

As Subject-1 picked itself up, I could tell it was in great pain. Not just physical pain, but mental pain as well. But it was not dead, and that was a relief.

“ it really over?!” my best friend said. “Is the monster Mewtwo dead?!” “I think so,” I said. “I think we’ve won.”

But, in one second, I was going to eat those words.

Suddenly, I saw something that I thought was impossible. But, it was true. It was very true. Slowly, but surely, even with a broken neck, the monster Mewtwo started picking itself up.

“Wh...what?!” I said. “ can this be?! It's alive...even with a broken neck!”

Finally, the monster Mewtwo stood up completely, and I was startled at its horrific appearance. With a broken neck, it looked even more grotesque than before. Its neck was slanted, and its head faced downward and looked like it would fall off. Black blood rolled down it, spilling onto the floor. How was it possible?! How could it be alive even with a broken neck?! Nothing could survive from the broken neck that it had. But Subject-13 looked like it wasn’t even affected from its broken neck. Its speech was already distorted, but with the broken neck it sounded even worse than ever before.

“hA Ha hA Ha!!!!” it laughed out, its voice now changed. “diD yOu really thInk tHaT would wOrk?! A BROKEN NECK CANNOT STOP ME.” it said, its voice rising with every letter it said.

“SUBJECT-1…” When I heard this, for some reason I felt even more scared than when the monster Mewtwo had tortured me with hallucinations or when it deeply injured Subject-1.

It crept closer and closer to Subject-1, and Subject-1 looked like it wanted to run away, but it was frozen by fear. I had never seen Subject-1 afraid before, but now it was actually frozen with fear.

Then, the monster Mewtwo’s claws grew even sharper than before. Each of them looked like gigantic razors. It looked like it wanted to move in for the kill. I wanted to attack the monster Mewtwo, but I too was frozen with fear.


With these words spoken, the monster Mewtwo stabbed Subject-1 in the stomach right in its already huge bloody hole, and Subject-1 screamed in painful agony! Blood overflowed out of Subject-1’s chest, gushing out and covering the ground. The monster Mewtwo lifted Subject-1 triumphantly in the air, spelling out our defeat!

Subject-1’s screams and agony lowered and lowered every second, and its blood continued to flow, until eventually the screaming stopped and Subject-1 went limp. But the blood still flowed, staining the ground all over. Subject-1 was dead.

When it died, the monster Mewtwo viciously smashed Subject-1’s body into the ground. I knew that our chances of winning were gone now.

“Now, who’s next?!” it said. I couldn’t believe it. We had lost. I decided to say “Me.” With Subject-1 dead, there was no chance we could win now.

Just then, something startling happened. My best friend slowly walked forward with a weird smile on his face. “I am,” he said, looking straight into the monster Mewtwo’s eyes.

“Wh...what?!” I sputtered.

“Ah, A VoluNTEeR.” the monster Mewtwo said.

I couldn’t believe it. “Why...why are you doing this?!” I managed to gasp out.

“Go,” my dear best friend said simply. “You’re more important than me. Go, and warn people about this monster. Tell them to stop it. Please.”

“.....” I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. Finally, the words came out. “Y...yes.”

“Thank you,” my friend said. The monster Mewtwo, with an evil look in its eyes, grabbed his neck and hung him up in the air.

I ran away, hearing the screams of my best friend in my ears and the overwhelming smell of blood. I ran so far away, with tears in my eyes, trying to escape all this sorrow.

And that is why I have written this story down. I am trying to warn you about the terror of this creature. It has already killed so many innocent lives, and I know it will strike again. I  need to warn you about it, to provide a way for you to save itself from it. It has completely destroyed me and my life, but I hope this story will teach you to prepare for it.

That is all.

Mewtwo gen 1

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