Author's note: This Pasta is a little different than your average Poképasta. It is set in the Pokemon universe, and is NOT about something that happened while I was playing the game. It should also be noted that this is an X and Y Pasta, and is set during the Gen VI games. The Pasta tells the story of a trainer named Nick who makes a shocking discovery while exploring the largest city in the Kalos region.

The Pasta

I was a new Pokémon trainer in the Kalos region. Not even a year ago, we moved to Vaniville Town. My mother is a famous Rhyhorn racer. I had just won the Kalos League and become the Champion of the Kalos region. After that, I went to Lumiose City, the largest city in the region, to explore. I found a large business building. I’m a curious person, so naturally I wanted to check it out. I had six Pokémon with me: my Pikachu; my Dragonite; my Greninja; my Mewtwo; my Aggron; and my Sylveon, who I caught when he was just a baby Eevee.

I decided to look at all of the floors. I looked around on the first floor, where the only person besides the receptionist was some preschooler who bragged that his Clauncher had an Attack stat of 100. Not bad, I must admit. Anyway, I took an elevator up to the third floor. I always look at the top floor after the first. Nothing was up on the third floor, just an office. I went down to the second floor. Again, it was just an office. Then the lights flickered. I was spooked. Then I felt a cold breeze going down my neck. I heard breathing behind me. Suddenly, I heard a spooky young female voice.

Okay, now I was freaked out to the max. Then I saw it. A girl in a purple dress came from my left and walked in front of me.

“You’re not the one...”

She was transparent, had a crazy look in her eyes, and her legs didn’t move as she walked. Suddenly, she disappeared. That’s when it hit me. She was a ghost.

“I gotta get out of here,” I said.

When I got downstairs, I was speechless. I decided to calm myself down by going to the fancy Hotel Richissime. I looked at all of the floors except the fourth. There, I saw the same girl. I awkwardly said hello.

“Don’t talk to me…” she said. “If you do, I won’t… hear the elevator…”

I shrugged it off. Then I heard a scream. The elevator had plummeted to the bottom of the shaft, killing everyone onboard.

“What have you done?!” I asked her.

“You know damn well what I did,” said the ghost. “Your fate will be the same as theirs.”

She threw a Poké Ball. Out came a species of Pokémon I owned, but mine was at Professor Sycamore’s lab.

“Now, Gourgeist, use Shadow Ball!” said the girl. But I didn’t have my Pokémon out. Then I realized that that Shadow Ball was aimed at me. I had to quickly dodge it, but it blew up the wall behind me. Everyone screamed and began to evacuate the hotel from the emergency exit.

Countering this girl’s attack, I threw my Poké Ball and yelled, “Go, Dragonite!”


Dragonite looked ready to fight. “Now! Use Dragon Rush!!”

The ghost wasn’t so sure I’d be able to pull it off, so she had her Gourgeist use Bullet Seed. Fortunately, it missed. The ghost girl was puzzled.

Gourgeist just used Scary Face.

“Now, use Dragon Rush again!” I said

That last hit managed to defeat Gourgeist.

“That’s the best you can do, huh?” said the evil spirit. “Gourgeist, return!”

“Good job, Dragonite.” I called it back. “Greninja, I choose you!”


The ghost girl said, “Good. That lets me use this one. Go, Chandelure!”

“Well, clearly you don’t know the first thing about type advantages. Greninja is Water-type, and Chandelure is a Fire-type. Therefore, this battle will inevitably be won by me.”

The ghost girl must have realized I was right, because she used a Max Revive on her Gourgeist. Oddly, she kept Chandelure in the battle. “Chandelure, use Fire Blast!” Greninja took very little damage.

“Pathetic,” I said. “Now I’ll show you the true power of the Water-type! Greninja, Water Shuriken, now!”

Not surprisingly, that knocked out Chandelure in an instant.

“Good job, Chandelure. Now, return.”

She sent out Gourgeist again.

“Aw, shit!” I said.

“Gourgeist, use Bullet Seed!”

I knew Greninja would never be able to take that hit, so I said “Greninja, return!” and he came back to his Ball. Unfortunately, the Bullet Seed hit me in the leg. I was bleeding like mad, and I was in crazy pain.

“Alright, Mewtwo, let’s finish this freak!” I sat down on the bed next to me and pulled a Master Ball out of my pocket. I threw it, and out came the legendary Mewtwo.

“Now, Mewtwo! You know what to do!” I pulled out a wristband, which, unknown to the ghost, was a Mega Ring, which allows a Pokémon with a Mega Stone to evolve. Actually, it’s a different type of evolution. Mega Evolution temporarily makes the Pokémon more powerful, and they change back at the end of the battle. I pressed down on the Key Stone on the Mega Ring, and a glow came from Mewtwo. Mewtwo was holding a Mewtwonite Y, which reacted with the Mega Ring. Mewtwo enveloped himself in a rock, and then broke out in a different form. I had successfully Mega Evolved him into Mega Mewtwo.

“Mewtwo, use Psychic!” I ordered.

Mewtwo attacked, but Gourgeist dodged it. The attack blew up the wall behind the girl. I heard a woman scream from the street below.

I had been to Lavender Town in the Kanto region when my mother competed in a Rhyhorn race there, and that town was horrifying. But nothing could top this nightmare.

“Okay, that didn’t work. Now, use Thunderbolt!” It did some damage, but nothing major.

“Use Psybeam!” said the ghost girl. It didn’t do much.

She didn’t understand that it wouldn’t work well, so she had Gourgeist use Psybeam again. Mewtwo knew he wouldn’t be affected much, but he dodged it anyway.

Unfortunately for me, it hit my bad leg, and blew it off completely. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Mewtwo, return!” I said, and retrieved the legendary beast. “Dragonite, get us the hell out of here!” I got onto Dragonite’s back and flew out of the ruined hotel. He took me to the top of Prism Tower, where I brought out all of my Pokémon and looked at the smoke and flames coming from the hotel.

I heard a freaky laugh from behind me. I turned around and saw a hideous face with deformed eyes, and a purple dress. I knew who it was.

“Say goodnight, Champion!” said the ghost girl.

She pushed me and all of my Pokémon off the tower, down towards certain doom.

Fortunately, Dragonite miraculously flew beneath us and carried me and my five other Pokémon back to Professor Sycamore’s lab a few blocks away.

At the lab, I limped up to the third floor and explained what had happened to the Professor.

“Hotel Richissime? Unmarked business building? The two places are haunted by the ghost of Little Nya Johnson,” explained Professor Sycamore.

“Who?!” I asked.

“Nya Johnson was just an innocent, 13 year old girl who lived in the area with her father and her Pumpkaboo.”

So that explains why she had a Gourgeist. The evolved form of Pumpkaboo, I thought.

“While her father was at work, Nya would play on the second floor of a business building. Then one day,” Professor Sycamore continued, “Team Flare attacked the business building. Nya tried to get out, but one of the Grunts attacked her with a Houndoom, who ate her alive. Fortunately, Pumpkaboo survived. It went to Hotel Richissime, where Nya’s dad worked, and told him that she had been killed by Team Flare. Devastated, he flew her body to the Unova region and held a memorial service at the Celestial Tower. Since then, her ghost has wandered between the place she died and the place where her father was at the time. Eventually, Pumpkaboo evolved into Gourgeist and found her. She hates the living, and has tried to make them suffer the same fate as her.”

“So that explains why she killed so many people at the hotel,” I said.

“Yes. Nick, you must stop her from wrecking the rest of the city. Get your friends. They will be valuable allies in this fight. I will also come with you.”

“Thanks, Professor,” I said.

“Oh, and by the way, Nick,” added Professor Sycamore.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Let’s go replace your leg first.”

Professor Sycamore’s Charizard flew us to the nearest Pokémon Center. When we got there, we explained our dilemma to Nurse Joy. She just so happened to have a prosthetic leg in the back and gave it to Professor Sycamore. We went to the fitting room and got it attached. It was uncomfortable, but at least I could walk again.

We went to Lumiose Station and boarded the TMV train to Kiloude City. When we got there, we found my friend Serena training near the Safari Zone. We explained everything that had happened.

“Me and Absol are ready to go!” she said eagerly.

Serena sent out her Altaria, Sycamore brought out Charizard, and I threw out a Quick Ball with my Dragonite in it.

“Now, use Fly!” we all said.

“So where are we going?” asked Serena as we flew over Santalune City.

“Coumarine City,” I said. “Tierno’s there.”

When we arrived in Coumarine City, I explained to Tierno how I lost my leg, and about the ghost girl.

“I’m in!” said Tierno. “Talonflame, I choose you!”

We all flew to Geosenge Town, where we found Trevor. He was looking at the large hole in the middle of the town.

Team Flare’s leader, Lysandre, had activated an Ultimate Weapon powered by the legendary Pokémon Xerneas, right in that very spot. When I caught Xerneas, the weapon was deactivated, but Lysandre blew it up and killed himself.

We explained the situation to Trevor, and he was all for helping us. He sent out his Aerodactyl, and we all used Fly.

“So, are we going back to Lumiose City now?” asked Trevor.

“No,” I said. “We need to go home first. Shauna is there.”

Sure enough, when we got to Vaniville Town, Shauna was waiting in front of my house. Shauna is an idiot, but we could use all the help we could get. My mom came out. She took one look at my prosthetic leg and freaked out.

“Mom, I’m fine.”

My mom’s Rhyhorn had come to see me. “Hi, Rhyhorn,” I said.


Tierno explained everything to Shauna, and she was eager to come. “I won’t put up with it!” she said.

Shauna didn’t have a flying Pokémon, so I let her ride with me on Dragonite.

“Use Fly, Dragonite!” I ordered.

“Stay safe!” said my mom.

When we got to Lumiose City, Prism Tower was in flames, and there were hundreds of Ghost-type Pokémon floating around. Gastly, Lampent, Haunter, Misdreavus- it was insane. And there, standing on top of the Magenta Plaza Pokémon Center, was the ghost of Little Nya Johnson.

“Nya! Stop it, now!” yelled Professor Sycamore.

“Never! I will wreck this city until every last human and Pokémon is dead!”

“Alright, that’s it, we need to stop her now!” I yelled. “Sylveon, I choose you!”


“Use Dazzling Gleam!” I ordered.

“Syyyylveoonnn!” The Intertwining Pokémon lit up the area around him, letting out a ton of energy

The attack killed at least 10 Chandelures in one shot.

“Good boy,” I praised, and fed him a Poké Puff. I was a very caring Trainer.

“Absol, let’s Mega Evolve!” said Serena. Her Mega Ring reacted with Absol’s Absolite, causing it to Mega Evolve into Mega Absol.


“Absol, Night Slash!” she ordered. A dark blade appeared and slashed at the ghosts.

The attack was MASSIVE! It destroyed well over 50 Gastlys.

Thick purple smoke was filling the air.

“My turn!” said Tierno. “Crawdaunt, let’s do this! Use Crabhammer!”

“Craaaa!” Crawdaunt crunched its claws and swung at a group of Haunters.

The attack went right through the Haunters.

“Dammit!” said Tierno. “Crawdaunt, come back! Talonflame, go!”


“Flare Blitz! Go!”

“Flaaaaaaame!” Huge flames appeared, defeating tons of enemies, but the recoil hurt Talonflame a bit too.

The attack did some damage. It killed a few Misdreavus.

Trevor was doing great. Being the genius he is, he formulated his own strategy that resulted in one Bite from his Aerodactyl killing a group of Gengars.

“Blastoise, use Hydro Pump on that group of Lampents!” ordered Professor Sycamore.

“Blaaaaaa!” Huge waves came out of the cannons on Blastoise’s back, putting out the flames inside all of the Lampents.

The attack killed even more Pokémon than he had intended it to, which was extremely helpful.

“Our turn to dazzle!” said Shauna. “Goodra, Dragon Pulse!”

“Daaa!” yelled her Goodra. Energy came out of its hands, and it created a beam that was aimed at 5 Gengars.

The attack didn’t do a whole lot, but definitely helped.

By this point, the streets were flooded with blood. Even the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys from all over town joined in on the fight.

“Wigglytuff, Moonblast!” ordered one of the Nurse Joys.


The attack did more than you might expect. By this point, there were only a few thousand ghosts left.

“Use Fire Blast!” one of the Officer Jennys told her Arcanine.


It did nothing to the Lampents and Chandelures, but did take out a group of Haunters.

I was furious. I couldn’t bear to see all of these Pokémon that had been defeated by the ghosts. There were Emolgas, Dedennes, Floettes, Marills, Lucarios, and Espurrs. Hundreds of them, all on the brink of death.

“Guys, we’re never going to be able to win this with one Pokémon at a time! We need to use all of our Pokémon at the same time!” I said.

“Good idea!” agreed Serena. “Chesnaught, Meowstic, Clefable, Altaria, Jolteon! Come on out!”






“Now,” she ordered, “Delphox and Meowstic, Shadow Ball! Absol, Night Slash! Jolteon, use Thunder! Clefable, Moonblast, now! Altaria, use Dragon Pulse!”

Using multiple Pokémon was a great idea, and we got way more ghosts at a time than we would have. Since it was so helpful, everyone else did it.

“Pikachu, Electro Ball! Dragonite, Surf on those Chandelures! Sylveon, use Shadow Ball! Aggron, Iron Tail! Greninja, Water Shuriken! Mewtwo, let’s Mega Evolve and use Shadow Ball!” I called out. Their powers combined killed at least 200 Gengars. Most of my Pokémon were leveled extremely high.

Then, a group of Pumpkaboos used Confuse Ray on all of my Pokémon. On top of that, a pair of Lampents appeared and used Will-O-Wisp on Aggron and Greninja.

“Son of a bitch,” I mumbled. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, a quartet of Haunters appeared and used Poison Jab on Pikachu, Mewtwo, Sylveon, and Dragonite. As if knocking out Dragonite wasn’t bad enough, the attacks poisoned everyone else.

“Pikachu, Volt Tackle!” I ordered.


I watched as Pikachu shocked himself in confusion. A horde of Gourgeists was closing in on him.

“Everyone, eat these!” I yelled to my five remaining Pokémon, and tossed each of them a Lumiose Gallette.

“Pika!” said Pikachu, and ate his Galette. He was healed, and regained his confidence.

“Try again! Use Thunder!” I yelled.

“PIIIKKAAACHUUU!” Lightning bolts came out of his cheeks and destroyed every enemy Pokémon within a hundred feet.

“Attaboy!” I said. “Here.” I gave him a few Poke Puffs.

“Pikapikaaa!” squealed Pikachu happily.

“Now, take a break.” I pulled out his Ball and called him back.

Mewtwo was fine, but I healed him anyway.

As for Sylveon, he used Cut on himself in confusion and cut off one of his “ribbon” things.

“NO! Stop it, Sylveon! Eat the Gallette!”

I couldn’t believe it, but he obeyed me and healed. I grabbed his severed “ribbon” and tied it to my bag strap as a symbol of his effort.

Greninja, still confused, sliced off his tongue with Water Shuriken.

“Unwrap your face and eat the damn Gallette!” I cried.

“Grra? GrinjAaAaAaAaAaAaAa!” He unwrapped what was left of his tongue. He tossed the Gallette into his mouth and ate it. As I did with Sylveon’s ribbon, I took Greninja’s tongue and tied it to my bag.

I had just recently gotten Aggron, however, so he wasn’t very obedient. Using Iron Tail on himself, he fainted completely.

“Dammit!” I said. I used Max Revives on Dragonite and Aggron and continued slashing away.

Meanwhile, Shauna’s Pokémon were all dead except for her Delphox. As a last resort, she screamed “Delphox, Mystical Fire!” The attack wasn’t aimed at anything, at least as far as I could tell. Even so, it killed a group of Gourgeists.

Serena wasn’t doing too well, either. Her Pokémon were also all dead, except for her Absol.

“Hang in there! Quick, Night Slash!”

Absol was too tired to carry on.


“NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo!” yelled Serena. “Come back!” Serena retrieved Absol. She came and hid behind me.

“Aggron! Iron Tail!” I yelled. I had called him out again.

It got some Gourgeists. They tried to attack me, but Aggron jumped in front of me.

“Nooooo! Aggron, don’t!” The blast killed Aggron in a fiery explosion.

“How dare you!” came an unknown voice. “Dedenne, Thundershock!”


I turned around to see who it was. It was Clemont, the Gym Leader from Lumiose City. He had his sister Bonnie with him.

“Nya, stop!” yelled Sycamore.

“Never!” responded Nya’s ghost.

“Be who you used to be- the innocent girl with a Pumpkaboo!”

“I’m dead! Those days are over!”

The ghost vanished, screaming loudly, and breaking our eardrums with the noise.

“It’s over,” said Trevor. “She’s gone.”

“Then, we may as well head home,” said Shauna.

The surviving ghost Pokémon were no longer hypnotized. Their actual trainers called them back.

We all parted ways and returned home. My mom was so happy that I was alright.

“What are you going to do next?” she asked.

“I think I’ve dealt with enough crap for a few days,” I responded.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I peeked through the window to see who it was. And there it was, the ghost of Little Nya Johnson.

Written by DarthShaymin14
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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