Ticci Toby


He deserved it, he... he deserved it, I don't regret killing him at all. He wasn't at the hospital with mom and I when sister died. All he did was get drunk and abuse us... that asshole... deserved it. That day where I stabbed him in his chest repeatedly... he deserved it.

I can't even imagine the... pain he must've felt during it all. I don't really care though, he's dead now and I'm happy as I'll ever be. Who is this speaking, you ask? I'll get to that later, right now I'll just continue talking to the voices in my head. No, I don't want them to go away. Why... why would you even consider asking that? They're the only things that keep me c-company.

I bet you're wondering why I'm like this? Why do you even care? I'm just the retarded kid, but I'm not retarded. I may have been born with Tourette's and other disabilities, but I'm not retarded. What's cool about me is, I also can't feel pain. I think he liked that about me... the Slender Man. You see, he saved from my stupid f-family, ever since then I've been serving him. My life is perfect now, he tells me to kill, and I do it, and I enjoy it, thoroughly.

The thing I don't enjoy, is working with these idiots... Masky and Hoody. Masky... he's so... irritating to me. He always gets in my way, oh what? Are you jealous because I'm the Slender Man's right hand now, is that it? Sometimes I just want to bore my hatchet into his pathetic little skull. I would feel so happy doing that. Just seeing him sit there, watching and dying as I press the blade into his head and cut his brain. But the Slender Man forbids it.

So me and Masky made an agreement, I leave him the fuck alone and he leaves me the fuck alone, everybody wins. Now Hoody on the other hand, why would the Slender Man choose him to be a proxy? All he does is watch Masky and I kill and slaughter. He doesn't do anything, what is his purpose? I don't doubt the Slender Man's choices, who he chooses, we work with. It has always been that way, and we aren't even friends, we're just workmates.

My name is Toby, or as some of you may call me... Ticci Toby.

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