What is happening to me? I feel so sad. Depressed. Like someone I love just died…I can't see a thing…it's pitch black. Everywhere I look…wait…what's that in the distance? It looks like a…little girl…?

As soon as I saw her, a weird draft of freezing air…came from the girl? That's…odd. Oh well, I don’t have anything else to do…And I can't stand this deafening silence…so I called out to her.

“Hey! Do you know where we are?" I called out. "Can you help me?”

The girl laughed. She gurgled and a spluttered. She then started coughing up blood.

"Please help me!!" I yelled.

Let's go back to a week ago, before I was…wherever I am.

One week earlier.

(Tuesday 15/1/13)

“Happy Birthday Isaac” David said.

“Happy birthday Isaac” Jessica said.

“Yeah we did bro, you're our best friend” David said.

“He's right; you are the best friend ever.” They both said with Alex.

“Aww thanks, you guys are amazing“ I said.

“We got you presents too” They said.

“Really? Great, thanks guys” I said.

“I think Alex should go first.” Jessica said.

“Okay." Alex agreed. "Isaac, Here’s your present.”

“Yay presents!" I shouted as I unwrapped my present.

"…Is this a…bottle of petrol?” I asked.

“No…What are you talking about? It’s a bottle of whiskey…" Alex answered.

It said petrol.

"Thanks Alex” I said.

“…who’s next?” Alex said.

“Me” They both said.

“Oh, sorry. Ladies first, Jessica.” David said.

“Oh how gentlemanly of you David…thanks.” Jessica said.

“You’re welcome Jess.” David said.

“Here you go.” Jessica said.

“Thanks…” I said as I unwrapped it.

“Oh, It’s a…Knife?!” I said.

“No. It’s a replica of The Sword from Wind Waker, I thought you liked those Zelda games…”

“Oh, I see it now. It’s quite sharp…thanks J.”

“Yeah, You can use it as a knife if you want”

“Okay, awesome!"

“Yeah, here you go." David said. "I found it by a power station”

“Awesome, a key to open the power station? I love power stations! It’s a bit weird, but I’ll take it. Okay, come on, let’s go to the party!”

“Yeah! To the club!” They said in unison.

The next day

(Wednesday 16/1/13)

I woke up outside, in my garden…I don’t remember how I got there…I must have drunk way too much…

So I went inside, the door was unlocked. I went upstairs and got cleaned up, but I had scribbles on my face…I must have let the guys draw on me. The scribbles were hard to work out, but they were… “I c-t yo-” Someone must have hastily attempted to rub it out, I couldn’t read half of the letters…So I tried to rub it out myself…it didn't work so well. Permanent marker, goddammit.

So I searched the house to see if Jessica, David or Alex crashed at my house. Alex and Jessica were there, but not David. He probably went back to some girls’ house, he’s such a player.

I closed the back door when I walked in…but when I walked back downstairs, it was wide open…I went to close it, but I saw three things in the grass. A sword, a bottle of “Whiskey” and a key. My presents. Why are they there?

I bent to pick them up. I reached for the whiskey. It was out of drink and was oozing black goo. Everything else was intact and unchanged. I called for Alex and Jessica. They got dressed and came to the garden.

“Isaac, are you okay? Last night was crazy!" Said Alex. "I remember you going away with David to get more drinks. You didn’t come back, so me and Jess thought we would just go back to your house to see if you were there. All the doors and windows were open. You were passed out in the garden."

“So you decided to sleep in my room? And where's David?”

“We don't know, we thought you took him home.”

“I don’t remember what I did…I don’t remember last night at all…hang on…Did you guys draw on my face?"

“No. What did the drawing look like?"

"You don't see it?"

As soon as he said that, the black goo in the bottle slithered out. It was fast. It broke through my neighbor's fence and made a deafening hiss.

“Isaac? Why are you covering your ears?” Alex asked.

“Can’t you hear it?!”

“No." Jessica answered. What is it Isaac?”

I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, all I could hear is the loud hissing noise and underneath that a quiet gurgling voice saying “Snip Snip Heheee, I can’t wait…6 days Isaac. HAHAHAAA Dav—d Davi-David…Look for him…Hahaaaa poor old David”

After about twenty seconds of that nonsense being repeated with the loud hiss I snapped back to my senses…

“You didn’t hear all that noise?”

“Not one bit…" Jessica said. "I’m worried. What are you talking about Isaac??”

“DAVID! I need to find David right now!” I dashed back to the club.

After a minute or two of running, I got to the club I got there and I saw…Police.


What the fuck happened to the club?!

The remnants of the club laid there. Burned, black and smouldering…and a smell…Is that…petrol?!

I realized what happened. I sheepishly went up to a policeman.

“What happened?!”

“Some guy poured petrol all over the club and lit it on fire…”

"Petrol?” Before he could answer I dashed away to the park.

There was a little girl on the swing set. I saw her and instantly got a huge gust of freezing wind that swept me off my feet by…and just like turned nighttime. Pitch black, can’t see a thing...except for the little girl. She started walking towards me, and I tried to run away, make my body move, but I couldn't even move my eyes…I was paralyzed. Tried to shout out for help, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a gurgle. The…the girl kept walking towards me, but she never got any closer, it felt like eternity before she reached me. I saw her face now. Her face was covered in blood, she had blonde hair and her right eye was twitching like mad…like she was winking at me at the speed of light, moving closer, she started to smile, a creepy side smile, then she started to grin, her teeth were very sharp, soon she was a meter from me, attempting to focus, I noticed she was holding something, she was holding a knife. Wait...a sword!? That’s the master sword replica!!

When I realized this, I snapped back to reality as I knew it, and everything seemed ten times as bright as before…After my eyes adjusted, I noticed that same black goo was on my shoe. Immediately came the deafening hiss. It lasted so long. The little voice returned, but said something different. “T-me -o j--p ah--d Isaac!”

A loud ticking noise overlapped everything else. I blinked my eyes and then I was at home, on my couch watching the news. There were a series of murders around the area I lived in…“The most recent of the three murders around this area, the victims seem to be connected. Their names in order of death are David Crookshank, Alexander Harwood and Jessica Adams.”

My friends?

The news reporter continued “The first was burned alive in the local club. The second victim was stabbed to death in an alleyway, and the third was knocked out, dragged to the power station and electrocuted to death on one of the pylons. The bodies were all cut in half and only the bottom half was left at the crime scene. If you have any idea of the whereabouts of the murderer, please call the police. We need this sorted out…"

"And that’s it for the Monday news at 10:00" His assistant said. "Stay tuned in for- "I turned off the TV.

I was out for 5 days. My friends are fucking dead!

That black goo…what was it?!

“T-me –o J—p Ah--d”…what did that mean?…Time…so? No. Time to…time to jump…ahead…!? What?! Did that girl teleport me forwards in time?! Who is she? And what is going on?!...what is happening to me?!

I snapped…I was angry and tired. I went to my room…I opened the door. I found my room. It was covered in blood. There were three bags. They stank of dead…dead bodies?!

Why do I recognize that smell?

As I walked in a little bit further, I realized the horrifying truth…My friends are in my room.

There are 3 head shaped bags at the head of my bed.

I ran away, but as I tried to run away, I just came further. I got into the bed right next to the heads and fell asleep like a baby.

My dream was horrifying. It started in the pitch black park.

What is happening to me? I feel so sad. Depressed. Like someone I love just died…I can’t remember anything from the past week. I can’t see a thing. It's so dark, everywhere I look…wait…what’s that in the distance? It looks like a…like a little girl. As soon as I saw her, the draft of freezing air…coming from the girl?...blew again. I can’t stand this, I'm shuddering constantly.

Deafening silence…so I called out to her.

“Hey! Do you know where we are? Can you help me?”

The girl laughed. She gurgled and a spluttered. She then started coughing up blood.

“Please…Help me!”

She walked closer…and closer…I tried to speak. But all that came out were those gurgles and splutters.

“He- M-! I- WI-- C-T YO-” She made me say.

Then she spoke clearly.

“That’s what I’m going to do to you”

“You monster, you killed my friends!

"...I like you…" I continued. "Do you want to know a secret?"

“I- D-…wh— a-e y-…” I couldn't speak. The goo was in my throat. It was metallic.

“I love seeing people like this. It’s so…funny.” She couldn't control her laughter.

I continued to cough and hack.

"You killed them."

I can't stop.

“You killed my friends too. I don’t know about your world, but in my world they lock you up if you kill people”

She won't let me talk.

“I’m going to go to your world and destroy it all! And you can’t stop me!”


“My name is Zelda. I use the power of the Triforce to posses people and kill people…Now it’s time for you to die!”

She took the knife and shoved it into my eye. Into my chest…just before my vision faded, I saw her transform into a human, from my world…and I think I changed too…Blinded...Can barely see a thing…Can’t feel a thing, one of my eyes was still fuzzy, the other just black. I was alone. I could see a mirror among the pitch blackness. I looked into the mirror. what I saw was horrifying.

I saw a little girl staring right back at me…

I coughed up the last of the goo.

As I fell there, I felt the black goo slowly cover my whole body until I was just another park of the darkness.


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