Forgotten Hack Cindy

Corrupted Cindy

I've always loved Pokémon, I was so eager to get Black 2 because it was the only one I did not have. One Day, I went to a garage sale that has just opened, I looked for a bit seeing all kinds of things, old dolls, movies, and games. I looked at the game section and found a Black 2 game. I was so happy, and it was only $1.00. I went to the man with the game squeezed against my hands.


"Excuse me! May I have this Black 2 game?" I said quickly in joy.

Forgotten Hack Normal Cindy

Normal Cindy

"Sure, but you have to be careful, I used a bunch of codes on it and lost my profile, I have not played it since and I have no Idea if it works or not."

I take a buck out of my pocket. "I don't mind, I hack my games all the time!" The man takes the money out of my hand.

"Have fun, just don't be upset if your profile disappears."

I go home and grab my DsI, code sheet, and action replay. I pop the game in, and start playing, with my action replay by my side. Like the man said, there was no profile, but as I look at the options, I find something called, Activate Hybrid Hack. I stared at it, thinking that it may have been part of the codes he talked about. I press the A button, and my screen turns white, with a static noise.

"What the heck!?" I yell, frustrated. Then a strange Pokemon cry comes out of my speakers. I knew it was no Pokémon I know because I know all of the Pokémons crys from Jhoto to Kallos. My screen goes back to the menu. I didn't want to mess up the game too much as it was, so I decided to start playing. It started all normal, until I went to the part were you get your first Pokemon. I saw 4 pokéballs instead of 3.  When I looked at the 4th pokéball, I saw a Pokémon that never existed. She was called "?????". She looked Cat like, with her right eye red and the other blue. She had a happy look on her face, and a heart mark on her chest with the Ghost and Fairy Types. She was too cute to not get, so I chose her. When It came to naming her, I called her, Cindy. When I was done doing that, she appeared next to me like in HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Yellow pokemon games. We quickly became friends, and she reached level 100 before I knew it. Every thing was normal after that, Until I hacked a Mew into my game. I left Cindy in the PC for a year. After school one day, I saw my old drawings of Cindy. I picked up my DsI when I got home and started playing. When I went to get Cindy, she looked sad. I took her out and talked to her.


"Cindy Feels Forgotten." The text said with a sad expression above her head. I decided  to make her happy by having battles with each other, so I went to the Elite Four. While battling, Cindy was not responding. A text box popped up saying. "Cindy is upset, she won't fight."

"Huh?" I said to my self. 

"What do you mean by won't fight!?"

Cindy was defeated with one hit. I use my other pokemon I had and won. I revived Cindy and continued on. She did the same thing with all other the other Elites. "What is wrong with you!?" I yelled out of anger. 

"Why are you acting like this!?" I replied with a voice. 

"You forgot me......"

I yelled, terrified from the voice, I toss my DsI down to the floor. My dad comes up stairs from hearing the noise.

"Sally! Are you okay? What happened? What was that noise?" He looks at my DsI, face down on the floor.

"Why is your DsI on the floor?"

I reply with a shaken voice. "N-nothing, I was just startled. I'm fine."

"Don't scare me like that Sally, you nearly gave me a heart attack young lady!"

"Sorry dad...."

"Anyways, me and your mother are going out, just try to stay out of trouble."

"I will." My dad leaves, and I'm alone in the house. I pick up my DsI. It's off. I turn it back on, and start to play again. I look at my party, and see that Cindy is gone. Panicked, I look every where in the game, with no luck.

"Cindy? CINDY WHERE ARE YOU?!" I eventually give up. I then come across a hidden grotto. To my surprise, I find Cindy, but she looked different. Her fur has changed color, her once beautiful eyes turned black with puples red and blue, and they were oozing black goo. Part of her left ear was amputated, she looked so skinny you could see her ribs, she had stitches all over her, along with wounds, including a crack in her head showing part of her brain, and a chain strangling her neck. And the place where she had a heart mark was ripped off, leaving a big bleeding hole in her chest. I'm horrified by the sight. Then, she speaks, with a voice coming out.

"Why, Why did you forget me? Aren't you my friend? You said that you loved me..... Why did you do this?"

I reply, with tears coming down my face. "I- I didn't do anything!!! I did not Forget you? What are you talking about!?"

A battle starts, between me and Cindy. She uses pain share, and I start to feel agonizing pain. I reach for the power button, but it won't turn off. I try to take the game out, it won't budge. 

Cindy's voice comes out of the speakers again. "You said that you loved me, was it a lie? I Thought you loved me, so why did you do this?" My HP on the thing reaches 0, and I fall unconscious. I wake up in a hospital bed, with my parents beside me.


I looked at my self, seeing all of the wounds I have.

"It- It was that game I got from that garage sale a year ago." They look at me confused.

"What garage sale? You never went to one before."

I'm confused from the answer. 

"Was it my imagination?" I think to my self. After I left the hospital, I go to my room. I find 2 dolls on my bed near my DsI. They both looked like Cindy, one normal, the other, corrupted. I turn my DsI on and look at my game. Cindy is the only Pokémon in my party. There was a note near the 2 dolls, It said: "I'm sorry, please forgive me...." The look at the bleeding pokemon, she seemed sad. Then I appeared in a abandoned, glitched town called: FORGOTTEN, and the music gave me the chills...Cindy was behind me as usual. I start to walk, after a few steps, I hear her voice.

"I'm sorry Sally...... Please, forgive me..." As she's talking, the screen flashes with static, sometimes flashing a picture of a bleeding figure that looked like Cindy.

"I'm sorry, forgive me.... I didn't mean to hurt you.... please forgive me Sally" I come across a exit, and the screen turns black. When I'm in a unknown place, I see my character, but not Cindy. I try to move around, but I'm surounded by walls. I see a figure in the corner of my eye, I look in the direction it apeared, It's nothing. I turn back to looking at my game, then I hear a voice behind me.

"Sorry......" I quickly turn around, I see Cindy for 2 seconds, then she dissapears. Frozen in fear, I'm confused about her being out of the game. I shake my head, and look at my game again, Cindy is back. Then the screen turns white. I'm then in the Champion's room, battle time. When the battle screen started, Iris only had 1 pokemon, Haxacross. I send out Cindy, and before I touched the screen to battle, Cindy attacks on her own.

"Cindy used Chain Strangle." Haxacross' HP hits 0, and faints. The attack hurts Cindy too, cutting her HP in half. I win, then it ends normaly. As usual, I'm back in my house with Cindy next to me. She looks normal, then she talks.

"Promise me you won't forget, Sally..... Don't forget." Cindy has been in my game ever since. But once in a while, I see her next to me out of the game., saying: "You won't forget, right?"

"Don't forget..............."

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