In the state of Indiana, there lived a family of 4. The family was average middle class, and they lived in a quiet little neighborhood. Everyone knew everybody and nobody was a stranger. Whenever a new person would come to the neighborhood, all the neighbors would greet them and bring them gifts. Everybody knew about the family of 4, who lived in the house on the end of the block. Except, the people in the neighborhood, only knew a little about one of the family’s kids, Alex.

Alex was always a loner. He would spend time in his room and draw pictures. His mind was filled with imagination and creativity. He would draw pictures of castles and dragons and even himself in some cases. However, Alex wasn’t treated well. He was savagely beaten by his father and mother, and was even left of the street. He would have to walk home and then was beaten again. His parents didn’t care for him. They hated him. He was beaten because his parents only wanted one child. But, abortion wasn’t an option. They thought that he was a waist of their money and their time. He would be punched, thrown down the stairs, and hit with giant utensils. He had scars all over his body, and would come home after school and be thrown against the wall and insulted. The only other person in the family, was Alex’s 14 year old brother, Jason. Now, Alex was only 13, and being beaten everyday of his life. Jason would watch as Alex was beaten, staring at him, not doing a thing to help him. He watched as Alex would run up to his room, tears streaming down his face, and blood on his face. Jason didn’t do anything, he was just a bystander to the horror that his younger brother received.

On a cold winter morning, Alex woke up and started shivering. He wasn’t given covers or a good mattress to sleep on. The mattress was torn and had springs broken. There were alot of stains that had been there for awhile, most of them from Alex’s tears. Alex got out of bed and slipped into his blue torn jeans, a cut and torn black hoodie and blue Nike shoes. He walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen. His parents were making breakfast, so they just handed him a bag of cereal. Alex was fed at school and he ate most of the food there. He walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. He took two handfuls of cereal then set the bag down and didn’t any more. His brother sat next him and looked at his brother. His torn clothes and messy brown hair. His face all bruised and cut, and his hands in his lap.

“So..what are you going to do in school today?” His brother asked.

Alex sighed and looked at his brother.

“You know the usual stuff, draw and do work.”

“Yeah, I have a test in biology, its gonna suck.” His brother responded while rubbing Alex’s hair all brotherly like.

Alex smiled a bit and looked at the floor. His head was filled with the ideas for drawing and peacefulness of being at school, where he was able to stay after, and draw with all his heart. He then looked up and out the window. “Hey bro,” Alex asked.

“Yeah?” Jason responded.

“Have you ever thought of just, I don’t know,”

  • SMACK* Alex was smacked in the back of the head with a wooden spoon. He fell on the floor, and knocked over the bag of cereal. It spilled on the floor and it went every where.

“Pick up your food from the floor, you fucking disgusting pig!” His mother shouted at him.

Alex grabbed the back of his head and yelped. “Why do you do this mother!” He said as he cried.

“Because, you’re a stupid ass boy, your brother is better than you in every way, including life!” His mother said as she hit him again.

Alex didn’t move, the spoon hit him in the back and he didn’t flinch or move. He didn’t feel pain, he only felt a new feeling in the pit of his stomach, a burning sensation. He got up and picked up the food of the ground.

“Alex?” His brother said as he grabbed Alex’s shoulder.

Alex grabbed his brother’s hand.

“Jason, I’m fine.” Alex said.

Alex’s grip tightened on his brothers hand. He squeezed his brothers hand, as if trying to make it turn white. He let go of his brothers hand and grabbed his backpack and stepped out to wait for the bus.

Alex went to school and got ready for his first class. A kid came up and kicked him in the shin. Alex dropped his things and fell to the floor.The kid came up and lifted Alex’s head up by his long messy hair and pinned him against a locker.

“Hello there, Alex.” The kid said.

“Hi, Shawn.” Alex said while looking at him.

“I believe you’re late on your payment.” Shawn said as he stuck his hand out.

“I said I’ll get it to you when I have it.” Alex responded while trying to get out of Shawn’s grip.

Shawn delivered unto Alex a punch to the stomach. Alex grabbed his stomach as Shawn let go of his hair. Alex groaned as his stomach throbbed. He slid down the locker and looked up at Shawn.

“I’ll want that money by the end of the day, or you’ll suffer the consequences.”

Shawn walked away, leaving Alex with the thought of him being broken and bleeding at the end of the day. People who had been victims of Shawn would usually be hospitalized and with broken limbs. Alex looked backed at Shawn as he was walking away. His stomach had stopped throbbing, but yet Alex felt the burning sensation in the pit of it. It had grown to a tingle and a pain sensation. He shrugged it off as the after effects of him almost puking after being punched. He gathered his things and headed off to class. The end of the day was rolling in as Alex was finishing up a drawing of a town. Shawn came in with a friend of his and went up to Alex at study hall. He grabbed Alex’s drawing and crumpled it up and tore it apart. Alex had that burning feeling again. He felt, angry, infuriated. He had never felt anger in his life, only pain and sorrow. Shawn’s friend grabbed Alex’s collar and threw him into a desk.

“I warned you Alex, you didn’t give me the money, now you’re gonna pay the price.” Said Shawn.

Alex stood up and looked at the ground while his arms dangled. Shawn grabbed Alex’s throat and punched him in the stomach, 3 times as hard as he did before. Alex grabbed his stomach in pain and gritted his teeth.

“Whats the matter, you gonna cry?  I knew your were a low life piece of shit.” Shawn said as he and his friend laughed. Shawn then grabbed a textbook and smacked it over Alex’s head.

Alex laid on the floor, his head throbbing and his stomach churning. Shawn came up to Alex and grabbed his hair. Alex finally had had enough. He punched as hard as he could at Shawn’s shin. Shawn let go of Alex’s hair and grabbed his shin. Alex hopped up and punched Shawn in the face, breaking his nose and breaking his jaw. He then threw Shawn to the floor, and stomped his chest, breaking a rib. Shawn’s friend then grabbed Alex’s hood and punched his spine.

Alex grunted as each punch hit him. He broke free and pushed Shawn’s friend away.

“Ok, playtime is fucking over.” Alex said as he started to run at Shawn’s friend.

Alex lunged at him with his fists raised and going in for the kill. Shawn’s friend jumped out of the way and tripped Alex, he fell to the hard ground with a thud as his head hit the ground. He stood up slowly and looked at him.

“Aww..You ruined the moment.” Alex said as he let out a cackle.

Shawn’s friend grabbed Alex’s head and punched his stomach. Over and over, punch after punch the impact of each punch shook Alex’s body. He finally grabbed Shawn’s friend’s hand.

“I’ve had enough of this, it just isn’t fun any more.”

As he said that, Alex broke the kid’s wrist, then his arm. He head butted him and kneed his stomach. The kid fell backwards with a broken nose, broken wrist and arm, and a painfilled stomach. Alex grabbed a pair of scissors from the desk of a teacher and grabbed the kid’s head.

“You see what pain feels like...What MY pain feels like…” Alex whispered into the kids ear.

He took the pair of scissors and jammed it in between the kids ribs. The kid could barely let out a wheeze because Alex had stabbed a lung. Alex repeatedly stabbed the kid over and over in the chest, making blood flow out of the wounds and down the kids body like a red water fall. The blood made a big puddle and the kid fell face down on his own blood. Alex then, stomped on the kids head, making it crack. He then soaked his hands in it and made a bunch of red hand prints on the walls. He then wrote a sentence on the wall, “Tired of receiving the pain...time to start giving the pain.”

He then went over to Shawn’s shaking body. Blood was coming out of his mouth and down to his shirt and on the floor. He knelt on Shawn’s stomach and punched him the face. Alex laughed and jabbed the scissors in his eyes. and ripped them out. Blood flowed out of the empty sockets and down his face. He then stabbed the scissors, into Shawn's heart and twisted the scissors and left them, sticking out of his body. Alex walked out the door and headed out the back door of the school, leaving bloody hand prints on the walls. Alex ventured to his house, his hoodie that was black, was mostly red now. Luckily, it started raining and the blood washed off and disappeared from his hoodie. It created a red river behind him. He looked back and smiled at his masterpiece. He heard the crack of thunder and saw the flash of lighting in the distance. He started walking at a faster pace, but still wanted to enjoy the rain. He got to his house and opened the door. He tried to flick the lights on. No power. Alex walked into his house feeling the walls up to his room. He kneeled in the middle of the floor, grabbing his hair and muttering to himself.

“Why didn’t I feel this sensation before? It’s, it’s, amazing!” He said. “I wanna do it again and again and never stop!”

He then got up and felt along the wall of his room, down the stairs and into the kitchen. He had help from the lightning flashing showing his way for a few seconds. He opened the knife drawer and pulled out a long knife. He went up the stairs planning on going into his parents room first, when his brother appeared in the middle of the hall with a flashlight.

“Alex? Alex is that you.”

His brother shined the flashlight at the figure to reveal the horror. Alex was smiling in a psychotic way, his hands were red with the smell of blood, his hoodie was also stained with blood, and he was holding a knife in his right hand, and it was twitching.

“Hello, Brother” Alex said in a way only psychotic people would say it.

“Alex what are you doing with that AGGH!” He was cut off by Alex wrapping his hand around his throat.

Jason dropped the flashlight and grabbed Alex’s arm and tried to push him away.

“Brother...I am here to show you my pain...My suffering...My life..” Alex said as he tightened his grip on his brothers throat.

Jason was able to get lose of Alex’s grip and run into his room and hid in the closet. Alex walked slowly through the hall, his foot steps echoed through the dark hallway. The storm outside blew against the house as the rain and thunder echoed as Alex stepped towards his brothers room. He reached his brothers room and opened the door.

“Stupid brother, forgot to lock his door.” Alex said as he chuckled and entered the room.

Jason hid in the darkest corners and held a metal bat in his hands. He sat there, waiting for the right moment to strike. All of a sudden the lights flicked on and Alex opened the closet door. Jason jumped out and swung the bat at Alex’s knees. Alex dodged and cut Jason’s cheek. Jason screamed and dropped the bat. Alex picked up the bat and smashed Jason’s left knee. Jason fell to the ground in pain and bleeding. Alex covered his mouth and stabbed him in the side.

“My dear brother, You weren’t there for me when I needed you most, so, you’re gonna pay, ha ha ha!” Alex then pushed his knife slowly, between Jason’s eyes.

Alex’s mom woke up to something that sounded like laughter. It was quiet yet very disturbing. She crept out into the hall and went wide eyed. She saw her son, Alex kneeling by Jason’s dead body, bloody knife in hand and the words “HA” written in blood all over the walls. She approached her son with caution. She held in the urge to vomit.

“Alex, What, What have you done?!” She almost yelled at him.

Alex looked back at her, with a twisted smile on his face and laughing without stopping.

“I’ve given Jason the feeling of my pain, my life, MY PAIN!” He said as he continued laughing.

Alex ripped out his brothers heart and stood up and walked towards his mother. He stuck his hand out with the heart still in it. His mother backed away and vomited. She ran back into her room and tried to wake her husband.

“Honey honey!” She said as she heard Alex step into the room.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to make you feel my pain. Just like Jason did before he left us.” Alex lunged at them, slitting their throats and stabbing their eyes out, leaving them a bloody mess.

He put their blood on his hands and painted more hand prints, he painted them all over the walls as he ran out of the house, laughing. The house was now a bloody hell.

The police searched the house for any clues for where Alex had gone. They found nothing except for the bloody hand prints and torn up bodies. The search still continues for him. Meanwhile other murders have been sprining up across town and they are all focused on the same person, Alex.

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