Author's note: The following text is true and during this time we had not a single mod!

I was on my private survival server playing with a good friend, Jordyn. She and I were just doing a simple survival. We lived in a village we spawned in. We played with our difficulty on normal. Jordyn and I went to mine. I am going to show chat from when we found a dungeon:

chrisdodds78963: Look a dungeon!

JordynRocks1234: Cool let's loot it!

chrisdodds78963: ??

JordynRocks1234: What is it?

chrisdodds78963: Nothing.. it's just there is no pain! These zombies are weak!

JordynRocks1234: I know right.

The part that said "Nothing.." is a lie. I walked in the dungeon, and I made sure no texture pack was on when I saw this, the zombie spawner had a normal spinning zombie like it always would, but the face was creepy. It looked like Jeff the Killer. I thought no he's not in the game. Well, after we mined a long time, it was night ingame. We went to our house we built and went to sleep. I however, couldn't sleep. Mobs were nearby, appearantly. I changed difficulty to peaceful and I still couldn't hop in the bed. I changed it back to normal and I finally got in the bed. Oddly, we were in our beds for Notch knows how long, it was 10:00 PM when we both got in the beds. I looked at my clock on my PC and it said 11:30 PM. I tried to get out of bed and I did, but I heard footsteps. I looked around for whatever made the sounds. I finally found it, it was the zombie in the zombie spawner from the dungeon!!! It cornered me against my bed. I swung my diamond blade at him but somehow he took it out of my hands. He killed me ingame and when I died Jeff the Killer appeared on my screen. I heard a voice say what he always says when he kills someone... "Go to sleep!"

Jordyn was fine the next game morning which took however long. I was however forced to leave the game because the only thing that showed up on my death screen besides Jeff's horrifying, scary, creepy face was the options I had. They said "Leave Game" and "Quit Server"

Jordyn had a chat with me about why I left... let's say I lied again. I told her I got out of the bed to go mine and I died but clicked the wrong button.

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