This story begins with me. I was 10 at the time, and very short for my age.

I was also a huge horror fan. You name the game, I had it. One day I was searching the web for torrents that were at least playable, when I came across The Exterminator.exe.

It looked like a gold mine when I first found it, so I did something foolish. Without even looking at the description or the ratings, I made the worst mistake of my life. I clicked the 'Download' button.

The game took a while to download, and my computer froze alot during the process and I dismissed it as my computers old age and how the game took up 2 GB of space, but it loaded, and when it did, something flat out terrified me and chilled me to the bone. An error message appeared saying: 'You have no idea what you have just done. Your soul is mine'.

Figuring it was just one of those random things that happened when you downloaded a certain file in the game's programming, I closed the error message and clicked on the .exe file. When it loaded and the title screen popped up, it was just like any other normal horror game.

Options, Play and a semi-gruesome picture that looked fake in the background. And when I clicked 'Play', I was transported  into a distorted house that looked vaguely like mine. There was also a red tint to the game screen. I began to get the hang of the controls, but something was just unnerving about it.

I would walk into a room and click the 'Attack' button and I would hear a scratching noise at the front door. This was scary enough to send at least a shiver down my spine. I managed to stop my hand shaking and go into the door on the right.

Then the game crashed. I tried about seven more times, and something came up. But not the something you would expect. The error message appeared, but this time saying: 'CLOSE ME'. This unnerved me, but I still closed it. Then a .jpeg file opened. It was an extremely gruesome photo of a mutilated girl, suspended by a chain.

And not just any girl. My sister. Her eyes were torn out, leaving only black pits. Her limbs were strewn around the room, leaving trails of blood where they had seemingly been dragged. Her stomach was torn open and her intestines were hung up like banners. In shock and fear, I screamed, kicked my PC and ran into the bathroom due to stress.

What I saw made me vomit. The picture, only real this time, with the same gruesome details as the .jpeg file that had appeared. And, finger-painted in blood on the mirror, were the words: 'This is what happens when you summon The Exterminator'.