This is a story of how Pokémon went from a fun little game into a scary cannibalistic game of horror and hell. I am going to tell the story of how this happened and try to tell this without trying to make this mistake happen again. I'm warning you to take caution and be ready for anything that happens in this story.

The Beginning

I was a huge fan of Pokémon you might say that I was a hardcore Pokémon fan, but the kids at school always called me a Pokémaniac. But I wasn't just your average Pokémon fan, I had every Pokémon merchandise in existence. I even had all of the anime episodes recorded on VHS and DVD, I loved all the things in Pokémon. The sprite art, the card game, the anime, the games, and the toys. But the thing that got my attention the most were the pokémon eggs. The pokémon eggs were introduced in the 2nd generation of Pokémon, Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions. When I found out that you could breed pokémon I was so full of joy, but that time is gone. After the release of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire I grew up and stopped acting like a kid and started to become and adult. But I always remembered the time I was a fan of pokémon.

One day, Pokémon X and Y were confirmed to be released and to be the most cutting edge in next generation Pokémon. When I heard this I was so happy that I went to GameStop and bought a 3DS so I would be prepared for the release date of X and Y. But the store clerk heard me talk about Pokémon X and Y and wanted to know if I wanted to pre-order the games. After I pre-ordered the games I remembered that I had until November to get them, but it was no big deal. But before I left I saw that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were in stock and then I bought HeartGold and SoulSilver. When I went home I opened them and got the games out and played them. I finished both of them in a couple of weeks and I was bored all ready.

But I remembered that I had a bunch of Pokémon games when I was kid, so I called my Mom and Dad and asked that if he still had those games. They said they did, but they had been stolen in a burglary and the only thing that was left was my old Gameboy Color. I was shocked to hear this because Mom and Dad never told me this. So after that I went to my Mom and Dad's house and picked up my old Gameboy Color case and it still had everything in it my old Gameboy Color, my link cables, and to my surprise it had a couple of games inside of it. It had the American and Japanese Red, Blue, and Yellow versions(also the Green version#. I was so happy to have found this but the games that have been stolen were the Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions. I took all my things and went home.

When I got home went on eBay to get a copy of Pokémon Crystal. I saw a bunch of them at way to far prices, but I saw one that was a $2.51. When I saw the price of the game I thought it was a joke, because there a 251 pokémon in the whole Johto region. But the seller said that this is a working copy of the game. So bought the game and it arrived in 3 to 4 days and I played it a lot. I named my character Gold (Like how I do in every Johto Game) but the weird thing is that when I got to Mr. Pokémon's house to get the Mystery Egg, the Mystery Egg looked like it was all broken and cracked. When I saw this I went on the Internet to see the original sprite art for the Mystery Egg, but the original sprite art did not look broken or cracked. So the only thing I could think of what it could be was a glitch which is highly unbelievable. So I kept playing the game, but my Mom called me on the PokéGear and said, "Gold come to Cherrygrove City's Pokémon Center to pick up something ". I didn't remember any of this in one of the Johto games. But the game did not let me pass Cherrygrove and if I did a textbox would popped up and say,

"You remember Mom's words "Gold come to Cherrygrove City's Pokémon Center to pick up something"."

After that I went to the Pokémon Center and my Mom was there and told me that the Mystery Egg was dying and it needed to be healed by Nurse Joy, but Nurse Joy was next to a Chansey (which never happened in any Pokémon game except the Yellow version). When I went up to Nurse Joy she took my Egg and gave it to Chansey and a box appeared like how in the Yellow version if you talked to Pikachu. But it was not a Pikachu on the screen it was the Chansey who had the Mystery Egg and it's cry was heard. After that the screen went black for a couple of seconds and the healing sound was played. The screen then went back to normal and Nurse Joy said,

"We helped the Egg return to normal, but I can't find it. Why don't you ask Chansey?"

Chansey then came inside the Pokémon Center and when it came inside it stood still and it's cry was heard, but it was deeper than I remembered. After it's cry was heard and a box popped up and Chansey was there and appeared to have blood around it's mouth and also had big blank white eyes. I was shocked when I saw this, but that was not all Chansey then went to the PC and it's deep cry was heard again. Nurse Joy said,

"Oh no! Chansey stop! No those eggs are not for consumption! Gold, you need to stop Chansey!"

When I tried to leave, Mom said,

"Gold stop! You need to help!"

When I tried to turn the game off, my character would say,

"Hey player you cant leave! I don't want to die!"

I was so scared the game was actually trying to communicate with me! I had no choice but to go to the Chansey. When interacted with Chansey the Chasey faced me and a textbox showed up and had nothing on it. A wild battle appeared and I was fighting Chansey, not a pokémon, but ME! I was Lvl. 20 and the attacks I had were Punch and Kick. But Chansey was Lvl.5 and it had those big blank white eyes and blood all over it's mouth and hands. I went first and I used Punch and it was a critical hit and Chansey's health went all the way to 1 and it's level went to Lvl.666. Then Chansey used Egg-Lunch and all his health regained. But after that a textbox popped up and said,

"The cannibalistic Chansey used one Egg-Ball at it's meal"

When that happened my character was caught with an egg shaped pokéball and it was a successful catch. After that the screen went black for a long time (I guess maybe 30 seconds) after that the screen showed Chansey with more blood around it's face and hands and it had a bunch of broken empty egg shells with blood on them. And there was a bloody skull next to one of the egg shells and that skull had my character's hat next to it with blood. Chansey's deep cry kept playing and playing, I had nothing else to do but take the game out and destroy it. I got a knife and kept slashing on it and when it was all in tiny pieces I put it in a box and lit it on fire. After that I buried the remains in a nearby park and I never went back for it. After that I went home and just collapsed on my bed and thought "Who would do such a thing?"

Memories like that never really go away and it kept haunting me in my sleep and when I wake up I would cry. I also never played Pokémon after this event, I'm not even looking forward to the release of Pokémon X and Y. Eventually I contacted the seller of the game and asked about the Pokémon Crystal game he sent me. But the seller said that he never shipped the game to him and that he was just about to send the game. After that I hung up the phone and thought "Who sent that game to me?".

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