This is awful...How could anyone do a thing like this to an innocent game...? Why would anyone do this? How?

My name is Zander. I've always been a big fan of Pokemon. The games are timeless to me, even the new ones. I'm not sure why, but they've always had this charm to them that I just couldn't pull myself away from. Sad thing is is that I only have the new consoles to play the games. A 3DS with a copy of Alpha Sapphire. The rest of the Pokemon games are on an emulator, but my favorite game by far has to be Pokemon Emerald. The story-line, all the different Pokemon, everything about it is just fantastic.

About a week ago, I finally beat the Elite Four. After hours upon hours of trying and failing, I had finally done it. I felt my heart pounding with excitement, an almost childish glee as I walked through the double doors and into the Victor's Room. I saw all of the Pokemon in my team go by the screen, one by one. I only had three, but the three I had were as heavily trained as I could have gotten them. I had been lucky, getting starters over Wonder Trade, so of course the three I had were all of the Hoenn starters, fully evolved - Sceptile, Swampert and Blaziken - And then the credits rolled. The game had saved, and I was just about to close the game when a new part of the game loaded: "Pokemon: The Delta Episode."

I hadn't expected this, but then again I doubt anyone had when they bought the game. Curious, I opened the 3DS back up and played through what the new story line had to offer. I was a bit lost, so I decided I'd look up a walkthrough. It was much simpler than I thought - go to a cave, battle someone, get a meteor shard - but it was only when I got to Mossdeep City's space station when things started getting stranger. The story is that there was a large meteorite, heading straight for the planet. The plan was to use something called Infinity Energy in order to create a wormhole to send the meteor elsewhere, presumably to a different planet. Zinnia, the woman who had battled me for the meteor shard in the cave from earlier, had taken the device that would open the wormhole. She was about to destroy it when a yes/no option box appeared on my screen with the question "Take the device?" This was different. She was supposed to destroy the device. Curiosity had gotten the better of me, as I selected "Yes." At that point, my character lunged at Zinnia, seizing the device from her. Then she spoke.

"Zander, what are you doing? Don't you realize that we might be in the process of destroying another planet with life on it, life that doesn't have the same technology as our own?"

One of the scientists spoke up.

"Look, Zinnia, I understand your worries, but it is highly unlikely that anything of that sort will happen."

Zinnia just stood there, about to say something before realizing it was futile.

"... You're making a mistake..." she said.

"Look, nothing will happen, we assure you," the scientist said.

Zinnia looked back up in defeat. "...Fine. Go ahead and destroy the lives of a million others. I'm going to go and end it all." I flinched at that. I let the dark message settle in the back of my mind before Zinnia had left the room. My character then handed the device over to the scientist, who then created the worm hole that sent the meteor to another planet. There were screams of joy and applause. The game then automatically saved.

My battery was running out. I reached for the power cord to plug in my 3DS, and just as I was about to plug it in, the device had died. I closed the 3DS, setting it aside to let it charge. I laid back in my chair, staring up at the ceiling, wondering what I should do while waiting for my 3DS to charge. I then looked back down, looking at my laptop, to see my emulator window open. I figured I could kill some time playing Pokemon Emerald.

The game started out as normal - Flashy intro sequence, my character riding his bike, Rayquaza on the title screen. I hit enter, and selected my profile, opening it. Nostalgia hit me once again when I saw the old 16-bit graphics on the screen. Seeing I was in the middle of a desert, I opened my menu, choosing the "Pokemon" option, and choosing Rayquaza. I flew to Mossdeep City, the area having been fresh in my mind, when the game cut to black, and faded into a cutscene. It showed my character, flying on the back of the Raquaza against a starry night sky. Then a bright flash of white light cracked the sky in two, showing outer space beyond it. A meteor was heading straight towards the planet. It all happened too fast. The meteor, larger than life, struck the earth below like a bullet, a flash of orange-red fire and black ash covered the area. I could only watch in horror as my character and the Raquaza he rode upon were shot into space. At the end, the game crashed.

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to think. I opened the game again. There had to be more. There had to be.

When the game booted up, it didn't start up with it's same, flashy, colorful title sequence as it should have. It simply skipped to the start menu. Where Raquaza should have been there was a small, orange sprite, in the middle of large chunks of rock. I hesitantly hit enter on my keyboard, and selected my profile.

The game opened, my character in the middle of nowhere. He was a pale. His eyes were no longer in his sockets, in place was dry and crusted blood. His mouth was agape and his chest had collapsed in on itself. Rayquaza, right by him, didn't fair much better. He had his guts forced out of his mouth, his eyes were nothing but black.

They were in outer space.

A small, orange sprite then floated towards the corpses, examining them. It was Deoxys. He then turned to me. He was the Pokemon that was inside the meteor. The meteor that I was responsible for.

A text box appeared, scrolling slowly in the empty area. "You could have saved them. All of them. Instead, you were selfish. You saved your own life at the cost of millions and millions of others. This. Is. Your. Fault."

The game then cut back to the title screen, the same orange sprite as before in the middle of the screen. I started the game again, and it was the same scene. Same sprites, same blood. No Deoxys though. Instead, the game just showed the grotesque screen. Nothing else. The whole time. A low, rumbling noise could be heard in the background. A text box appeared. "LEAVE NOW" the box said. The game crashed again.

I put my face into my hands and cried. It was a game. It was nothing more than that. I knew this well. But the fact that I ended a million lives to save my own, even if it was only within a game had hurt me where it mattered most. It was my fault. I destroyed a world of innocents for my own selfish needs. I closed the laptop. I couldn't handle it. I threw myself into my bed, burying my face into my pillow, and sobbing quietly, thinking about what mistakes I have made and why I didn't just let my own world die for a world of innocents...

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