Another day began. I was happily sleeping when that creek of sunlight shone through the curtains and directly hit my eyes. I rubbed them, being tired as usual, and flung my legs over the bedside, glancing around the room. When I wake up, I'm usually really hungry for my breakfast, and get quite angry if I am forced to wait for it. I neatened up my bed and went down stairs. My dog Felix was down there, wagging his tail. I loved Felix, he was a fantastic dog and a great friend. My mum was busy washing the dishes, so I pored myself some Cookie Crisps and headed back upstairs into my room.

I was bored. I had previously installed Minecraft, but the game was corrupted somehow and said Error:43erecapsYstem on the log when you load it up. I was pretty pissed about that as I loved playing it.

I loaded up Steam, and searched for some good games to get into. I scrolled past previous games I had played and I loved like Dungeon Defenders, Dead Pixels, all that kind of stuff. I sighed realising I had lost interest in them all, they all displayed an error message about the format, or claimed the game was already running. I then came across Terraria.

I clicked it the moment I saw that 2d landscape and the flat character. I thought it was just the same as 2d Minecraft, which was good and looked interesting as a new start and something to get into more. I clicked the game, but realised you had to pay for it. My Steam account was bankrupt like hell, I usually had to wait for the '2 day only' free versions of the full game just to play them.

I felt my body sink as I clearly could not play the game, being as I had to buy it. It looked so damn good though!

Being pissed as that, I loaded up google and looked at some videos of it. I looked at the bosses and all the features like mining, digging, building, pretty much all the same as Minecraft. I was upset and annoyed that yet again, I could not afford a game.

Then, I did something stupid, and something I regret doing...

I loaded up Google, and went past the boring celebrity birthday logo, and searched 'Terraria Free Version'. All of the web-pages really came from u-torrent and some other dodgy looking sites. I went down and saw a URL dedicated to the game download itself. It said 'Terraria: Dead Black'. I thought Dead Black meant a different mode, I heard of Blood Moon so I thought this was one of those things. I clicked the page, and it took me to a white blank page with some big blue text saying 'Click to download Dead Black'. I didn't see Terraria written in the download link but sure enough I clicked it. Then the little bar popped up saying 'Downloading Terraria: Dead Black' and I waited for that to end. I was eager to play the game.

The download finished, and I noticed 2 odd things.

1. The name was 'Terrarai Dead Black' and was not spelled correctly.

2. It had no picture on the desktop icon and had .exe written on the side of it.

It said altogether: Terrarai Dead Black.exe

I renamed the desktop icon to 'Terraria Dead Black.exe' clearing up that spelling mistake, and then clicked the game.

It loaded up differently, instead of showing you the company and the game title, it had an image of the guide staring directly at me, holding a Titanium Helmet with a players head inside it. Blood was pouring out, it was gif saved into the title. I thought this was some Halloween version, and then the rest of the screen was black until it came to the black background of the title screen. It only had 'Single-player' option on it, no multiplayer as I assume I downloaded it off a different site. 

Shrugging this off, I clicked single-player, created a new world, and named it 'For the Lolz'. Since this was going to be a exploration and test world. I waited for the coding, but the coding was different, it zoomed by really fast, and I noticed one of the coding titles. 'ddddddddddddddddddd'. 

A re-occurring amount of d's was shown in the coding and froze in 66%. Then booted up...

I spawned in the world, the music was different and some what disturbing. It was reversed and had a slight echo on it. I looked behind me because I thought I was being watched now and again but just continued. I walked to a tree, used my copper axe, and collected some wood. 

I was then greeted with 'XXX the Guide has arrived!'

I noticed something off about that name. XXX means 666 in Greek language, and also why would he spawn with that name? To see if this was a joke I loaded up crafting and it had detail saying its a material and such. I walked away from the guide, and noticed he had no eyeballs, just black sockets and black hands. I ran away, well walked, and reached a large cave. I ran down it as it stretched for miles, smashing a few pots getting the odd torch, gel ball, and even a bomb. I was a little scared but continued down this massive cave.

Ten minutes passed and I was still going down this huge fucking cave. Eventually I reached the end of it and a large corridor stretched. I then saw a chest, similar to a shadow chest, but it had no lock, just a black chest. I ran to it and opened it up. Inside, was a Mechanical skull. I knew this summoned the skeleton prime (or Skeletron) and left it in there since I would die easily to the thing. 

I was then greeted with this. 'Dead Black has arrived!'

I was scared now, I kept looking over my shoulder since I was paranoid something was happening. Dead Black, was a strange character, he was completely black and shadowed with a hood, and had red eyes. He spawned in front of me, and then stood there like a statue. Text began showing up, and since I was not on multiplayer, I had to use signs to chat to this thing.

I shook, my hands were jittering and my blood was boiling up with my heart palpitating. I was frozen at the computer.

Dead Black: You should not have came here. Foolish child.

Dead Black: You killed me, why? Why did you do this to me Rick.

It knew my name. I attacked it with my copper sword, dealing 1 damage on it, and then I ran out of the cave, or tried to. Half way through the cave, something teleported in front of me. It looked like an Armoured Viking and teleported me, using the same Magic Mirror teleportation. I then appeared back down in the cave.

Dead Black: Its time you feel the same pain I felt when I played this game, or when we both played it.

I suddenly heard Felix whining downstairs in pain, he was whining so loud, I covered my ears. I ran downstairs, leaving the game open. Felix was not hurt, his stomach had twisted and he was unable to move. My mum took him to the car and drove to the vets.

I stayed here, and ran up...but the game was not open. I was on the desktop screen with a message 'No more pain or suffering, just the ever growing silence. I don't understand why you even came here'. I then noticed that the Terraria game was replaced with a image of me, and my dog Felix smiling. And it was named 'XXX occurred'.

At night, I keep seeing the Phantoms from hard mode in my room, the red eyes. I see the Wall Creepers, the Wall of Flesh on the houses around me. They escaped, please help me I'm going insane!

Police report:

Body of a young man has been discovered. Three scars located on the rudder of his shoulder-blade and he has a missing eye. His spine has been removed, and his fingers have been pulled out. His head is missing its brain and his skull contains metal elements. This is classed as an urban attack and a psychopathic murderer is around. Report to the high council of the Department.

Written by Life Owner
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