One day I was scrolling through the App Store when I noticed an app called "Talking Angela". I remembered Angela from that app "Tom Loves Angela". When I saw it was free, I immediately downloaded it and started playing.

When I started up the game it asked me what my name was, probably so it could remember me. I typed in my pseudonym name "Jerome". I know, cheesy. It then directed me to the smiley face button for some reason.

It was (supposed to be) a thing where if you made a certain type of face Angela would react to it in some way. When I smiled for it, I heard the sound that plays when you take a picture on your iPhone. I looked in my pictures and found no picture of me taken other than the ones I took a couple weeks ago, so I assumed the app was trolling me.

I entered the app again and it said, "Hello, Alex."

I was thinking "What the...?" and stated again my name was Jerome.

She said, "That's not true," and told me to look at the face camera button.

It now had a picture of me. It said "Your name is Alex, you're 14, and you live at 9 Denver Way, Denver, Colorado 55555." I was creeped out and tried to uninstall it. When I tried it randomly stopped and sent me notifications saying, "Why are you trying to delete me? I'm just a nice kitty." The tenth time I tried to uninstall it, however, it said, "There is no escape. I've locked down your house." My iPhone shut off and the power went out.

I then heard a knock on my door.