"It had been 6 days since the incidences had accured. My life was now filled with pain and misery. I don't know if I can take it anymore. The pain still aches..."

Sunday May 24th: Local news report: "Sights have been seen that the local wonderbolts member Rainbow dash has been missing for a week and the police are now considering searching everypony's houses, including Canterlot and the everfree forest."

"Granny? What're we gonna do now when everypony's missin' from the town?" Asked Apple bloom.

"Well, I donno. We haven't heard a' Aj ever since Pinkie was makin' all them parties. Trust me Apple bloom she'll be back." Granny Smith said to calm Apple bloom from depression.

"But what if-" Apple bloom paused. She had thoughts of horrible and strange things going on in her mind, but tried to forget them.

"But what? You think you're the only one in this here family who can actually have hope and faith for Aj?" Big mac yelled.

"Well have some hope for all of us! Without Aj our apples can't be bucked daily without her help!" Big mac stared. He watched as Apple bloom' s tears quickly flowed down her muzzle.

"F-fine then! You're not my big brother anymore!!" Apple bloom took a quick glare into Big Mac's face, then ran to the barn galloping as fast as she could.

Monday June 1st: Local news report: "It had been a month since the disappearances of Rainbow dash, and now locals have been saying that former Apple Jack of Sweet Apple Acres is now also missing. We are still searching with hope that they will find the two ponies."

"Huh? What do they mean? I didn't do anything to Aj I've changed! I'm done with the phases, I still have the pain although... I'll help search for that criminal also, no matter how long it takes!" Thought Pinkie pie. After that moment Pinkie thought of one thing, "W-wait.. S-suprise-e" pinkie started wheezing uncontrollably then fell to the ground unconscious. She woke up, tied in a very familiar room. "Hu- *gasp*… w-where am I? Who bring me here I'm hoof cuffed to the wall somepony help me please!" Pinkie cried.

"Oh silly don't you see? You're in my basement!" The mysterious pony said. Pinkie looked around and saw all of the things that she had seen the day of the incident. Pinkie's mane and tail flattened, then gave it a thick pale look to it.

"W-who are you? Show yourself!" Pinkie hollered.

"Oh don't you know me silly? The pony asked. Then it walked out of the darkness in the corner of the room to show itself to the pink party pony. Pinkie gasped. She was a white pegasus pony, with a bright yellow mane and tail, similar to pinkie's. She also had scars and dark purple balloons and eyes that also looked very similar to pinkie's cutiemark. "Suprise!" The white pony said. Now time to have some fun Pinkie!"

"How do you know my name?" Asked pinkie pie.

"Oh ha silly! You're me!" The white mare said as she glared into Pinkie's eyes.

"H-how? How can you possibly be me? Pinkamena asked as she could never think this could be true.

"Well it's a long story and I wouldn't want to bother you since I have some work to do!" Pinkie gasped as the silver pegasus giggled and retrieved back into the darkness.

   My pain still aches ever since that day. It is aching even more for what is going to happen~

Tuesday July 2nd: Local news report: News states that the locals have been saying that the police have found Apple Jack, but we are still trying to search for Rainbow dash, locals are now also saying that pinkie pie the party pony from sugar cube corner is now also been missing for 4 days now. We will contact you soon from the police. "Why won't you let me go?" Pinkie pie screeched.

"Oh well because I haven't had enough fun yet pinkie! I'll be right back!" Then the brightly colored mare retrieved into the darkness once more. This time though, she had four metal objects. A scalpel, a butcher knife, two prongs, and a fork.

"Why is there a prong and a fork?" The fading pink pony asked.

"Oh those? Those are for the beginning, soon we'll have lots more of fun!" The mare smiled.

"W-what are you g-going to do?"Pinkie asked.

"Oh, not much now, I need to get you in better equipment!" The pegasus said.

"B-but what do you mean?" Pinkamena asked.

"Oh, well, I wouldn't want to ruin the *suprise* for you, so here's a blindfold, and here's my special equipment!" Pinkie could feel her throat become parched from wheezing. She tried to forget about it by closing her eyes and thinking of her family and friends, since she knew what was going to happen to her, so she wanted to make the best from it.

"Oh, well, ya know, I could always put you in the cage first!" The silver colored mare said.

"Huh? The-the cage?" Pinkie pie asked as if she didn't know where this was from.

"Yes! The cage! It's where I keep my assistants, but you have come here for a very special reason." The silk-maned mare said.

"W-what is it?" Pinkie asked.

"Oh silly, for duties of course!" The mare giggled cheerfully.

Friday June 5th: Local news report: We have found Apple Jack! *static* But she is in very bad Condit- *static* We will get- *static* emergency roo- *static* as fast as- *static

My days are over. The days I have spent with my friends, they will all be over soon~

Saturday June 6th: Local news report: Hello. Today we have had some mistakes *static* about what you have seen yesterday. Apple Jack, she has died from a sudden seizure. We will be setting a grave in her honor for her in ponyville cemetery today, we will soon contact to you later about it today.

"Granny What're we gonna do now?" Apple bloom asked.

"I don't know... maybe we should reconsider about having Sweet Apple Acres now... she's not here anymore, and without her, we ain't bein' ourselves anymore." Granny smith cried.

"Yeah, she's gone, and nobody else can help us now..." Big mac said.

"No! We may not have Aj anymore but we're not gonna stop this family tradition! It wasn't our right to do this either... it was for ma and pa..." Apple bloom stared up at the sky as she though of her big sis, now in who now in pony heaven, where the remembered ones go, and living with her mom and dad again once more.

"I hope you take good care of Aj up there ma and pa..." Apple bloom said.

"A men." Said Big mac and Granny smith.

"We will remember Aj for what she did best, for keeping the apple family reunion alive again." Whispered Big mac as Apple bloom and Granny smith sobbed in the rain that has begun falling on their smoovely curved heads.

Sunday June 7th: Local news report: Today we will be having the local cemetery opened for Apple jack. We will soon remember her.

"Now, lets see which one I should pick first! Hmm..." The mare said.

"W-what do you mean? P-please, just don't hurt me!" Pinkie pie cried.

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of that for now silly! I need to see which hoof cuffs I need to put on you before I bring you into the cage!" The silver mare said.

"Ahh... somepony help me!" Pinkie screamed.

"Shh! Be quiet silly or else there won't be any fun for me!" The mare whispered.

"P-please just don't hurt me! I-I don't want to go like this, without seeing my friends again!" Pinkie said.

"Oh but you are my friend! And by doing this we're going to have lots of fun together! You see, I came here because somepony told me that I needed to have fun with you over here!" The white pegasus said. 

"Somepony? Who's this somepony?" Pinkie asked.

"Oh, just an old friend of mine. But I'm not telling you her name." The mare said as she was scrolling through the right equipment to put on pinkamena's hooves.

"W-well then, get it done with! Do it already! Put me in the cage, torture me do whatever you want! There's no point for anything anymore..." pinkie yelled.

"Oh so you wanna be like that? Well here how's this-" the the mare held pinkie by her hooves and put the cuffs on. They were very rusty metal, and had tiny black prickly spikes that were on the insides that would seem like they could cut and tear flesh from the inside.

"Now I just have to put these on you so hold still!" The mare said.

"Please don't!" Then pinkie pie screeched and cried in pain as the cuffs split and tore through her sensitive flesh and bone making them bleed tremendously.

"Don't squirm Pinkie or else the fun won't work!" The mare said as she pushed Pinkie pie in the cage.

"Now stay put! I'll be back in a few moons to see if the fun has changed ok silly?" The pegasus asked.

"Y-you.. t-this isn't what fun is! I know fun, a-and.. this is torture! I-I know because... it happened to me before, except... I-I wasn't the one in this cage, or on the wall, or on a m-metal bar... I-I..." Pinkie paused. She thought of Rainbow dash as she was talking.

"Oh really, who was this pony you were playing fun with?" The mare asked.

"I-I, just please somepony help me! I don't want to be here... I want to be with Dashie again..." The pink pony sobbed as she looks at her hooves to find they are now swoolen with puss and blood.

  Help... please... I-I don't want to go...~

"I-I... " Pinkie pie stood still as her hooves peel as the spikes dig deeper and deeper into her hooves. She felt her get swoolen as it burns most of her skin.

"Please..." Pinkie then fell to the ground unconscious.

"There there Pinkie, I'll be checking on you soon, goodbye!" Then the white mare left Pinkie in the cage brokering to death out of her hooves.

Monday June 14th: Local news report: It has been two weeks since Pinkie pie and Rainbow dash has been missing. Also, now the cutiemark crusaders are also missing, founded out the same day Pinkie pie was missing. We will be searching for the four victims in the missing crime soon. We will be calling and asking for suspects soon.

Then Pinkie pie woke up in the cage not knowing where she was or how she got there because of short term memory.

"W-where am I?" Asked the bloody pink pony.

"H-how did I get here?" Pinkie pie looked around to see if there was anyone who had seen her. She could only see specks of light coming from the stairway up to the sugar cube corner floor. Other than that was a metal bar, electrical wires, a chest, the banners and tables from the incident, and the cage she was in.

"Oh... wait, this is... the place of..." Pinkie pie thought. Then she started having thoughts of that day of the incident.

"H-how could..." Pinkie pie paused as she felt her stomach grumble with pain. She looked down and saw her stomach, instead of meat and flesh, was now mostly bone. Her ribs were likely shown and then she felt naucious and sick.

"Uhh... *chokes* it.. ow.. it.. it hurts... *vomits* I-I... *falls over* Pinkie pie then fell and sat in her own vomit and blood for hours, days, moths even.

Sunday July 7th: Local news report: We have found the crusaders! They were locked in an underground chamber in the evergreen forest! They were locked in cages for days, without food or nutrition. They are in the hospital right now with help by nurse redheart. We will contact you soon from their progressions!

     I don't know anymore if I should live... my choice has never been made, maybe I should just get it done with. There's nothing else to do now~

Monday June 8th: Local news report: Hello everypony's again. Today, the crusaders have died. Also two new victims of this crime have also been found, held captive in canterlot under hostage. They are Lyra and Bon bon from ponyville. They were found yesterday in one of the princesses rooms, held hostage without anyone there except princess Luna.

"Finally the plan is working perfectly!" The white mare said. She was wearing an earnings for speaking and wore a black ninja suit.

"Great! Remember to check on the pink mule tonight, and remember, don't keep it alive!" The unknown pony demanded as the white mare flew back to ponyville from canterlot.

"Alright, I'm on it! See you later!" The mare said. As soon as she went to sugar cube corner, the moon was in the sky already. The mare took her black suit off before going in it, because she didn't want any pony to notice her while going in. It didn't really matter though, because she knew no one was awake.

"Pinkie, I'm back!" The mare hollared. She glared at the fading pink mare as she lay on the ground with no respond to what she said, drenched in her own blood and vomit.

"Hmm, I guess the fun worked then! Great! Time to put in the medicine!" The mare then walked over to the chest and found a tall thin needle used for hospitalized procedures. She opened the cage and put the needle in Pinkie pie's stomach.

"There! That should do the trick! Pinkie wake up!" The mare said.

"H-huh? *gasp* you! You did this to me! Let me out of here NOW!" Pinkie pie screamed.

"Oh, well fine! Lets start the fun right now then!" The mare said as she went into the darkness of the room.

"W-what are you doing?" Pinkamena asked as she grasped onto the cage doors using all of her strength left in her hooves trying to unlock or push them down.

"Oh, here they are!" The mare said. She then bring the table of metal objects back out of the darkness.

"Now, lets get started!" Then the mare brung pinkie pie out of the cage but put a blindfold around her eyes.

"Please! Let me go!" Pinkie said as she tried pulling away from the metal bar on the wall.

"Don't move Pinkie or else he'll get it!" The mare said as she tried pulling the pink pony on the metal bar.

"W-who are you talking about?" Pinkie asked.

"Your old friend Gummy that's who! Now shut it or he'll be gone!" The mare said.

"Ok ok just please don't hurt him!" Pinkie prayed.

Trust me I wont! Only if you stop talking though!" The made said.

"Now, let's start!" The mare started with a scalpel, short and tiny. She started sliding a circle around her cutiemark slicing through the tuff flesh that held on her flank. Pinkie cried and sobbed in pain as she saw herself get slaughtered by her own self. "It couldn't be true" she thought, remembering the day of the incident.

"Help! Please! Stop!" Pinkie screamed.

"Be quiet Pinkie!" The mare said.

"Oh...ok.." Pinkie whispered. "Oh, I think I remember this part!" The mare said as she waved the two cutiemarks in the air with happiness and joy. Pinkie pie then started wheezing as she saw her own flesh taken off with the mare, and still to her hooves cuffed and bleeding with puss and blood.

Now, lets do some more!" The mare then bring a marker out and traced around Pinkamena's head and around the scalp. The mare then cut the marks she made tracing over it. Pinkie's whole scalp and mane was then released, leaving her skull exposed. Pinkie started sobbing even more, crieing and only thinking of pure pain.

                  I have lasted long enough. I will suffer and die and nobody will know that I was alive. Not even my best friends, Dashie, Aj, and Twilight. I'll never get to see them before I go. Goodbye~

"You know Pinkie your head would be a lowly price for Rarity's dresses! Or Fluttershy, or Aj, or Rainbow dash, or Twilight!" The mare said.

"H-how d-do you... k-know m-my friends?" Pinkie pie asked.

"Well, it's just the same like how I know you! Now hush up!" The pegasus hollared as she went back into the darkness as if to grab something again.

"W-what are y-you d-doing?" Pinkie pie asked as she could feel her head still bursting with pain.

"Oh well I need to get more supplies silly! I don't like how your head looks so I'm stitch it back up!" The mare said as she found a needle and thread.

"O-ok..." said the paranoid Pinkie as she played upon the metal bar on the wall staring at the dim sides of the room.

"Ooh here they are! Now let's stitch shall we?" The mare asked.

"U-um... o-ok..." said Pinkie as all she could feel in her head was only numbness and pain. Also in her hooves, which were now filled with more puss than there was before, and they were also hitting the bone in her hooves, leaving the surqulation numb. The pegasus mare than sewed her scalp back together with the needle and thread. Pinkie pie than let out a blood-curdling scream that fled through all of ponyville, waking mostly all of the town.

"Be quiet Pinkie hush up now!" Said the mare as she kept stitching Pinkie's scalp using her hooves.

"Huh? What's going on? How is everypony's awake? *gasp* is it another victim from the crimes on the news that have been happening?" Asked Mr. Cake.

"Uhh! See what you did now loud mouth!" Said the mare.

"I-I'm sorry..." whispered Pinkie pie.

"Hey, what does this door lead to?" Asked Mrs. Cake.

"*gasp* oh no! look at what you did you clumsy little-" the mare paused. She listened as she could hear hoovesteps coming from the downstairs area. The mare gasped as she tried hiding in the darkest contender of the room, hoping not to be noticed.

"Hmm... I guess it's nothing. Lets go back to bed dear. Said Mr. Cake.

"Uhh! What's wrong with you! I almost got caught because of you! Now be quiet or else Gummy will really get it!" Said the mare as she being out a butcher knife.

"W-what are you d-doing?" Asked Pinkie pie.

"Oh, I just need a transplant! Now hold still-" said the mare as she started slicing through the pink mare' s stomache and then took the prongs and pulled and yanked on one of Pinkie's kidneys, then after a couple seconds fell out. Pinkie let out a menacing screech that woke up only the Cake family. They then went back to sleep, but before they did, they called the police.

"HMM... maybe I should go somewhere.. you stay here Pinkie I'll be right back!" The mare said as she put back on her black suit and her arrive and flew out of ponyville.

"H-help... please... any p-pony..." Pinkie then almost fell into unconscious and yelled a blistering scream that led Mr. and Mrs. Cake awake from the ire bed again. But this time, they checked in areas to see what was happening, and since the cops didn't arrive anywhere, they investigated themselves.

"Is.. is anyone here? " Asked Mrs. Cake.

" I don't think they'll answer since they might not be here. Hopefully it's from next street or something, lets go to bed honey. Said Mr. Cake as he stepped back into bed along with Mrs. Cake. Later that night, the pegasus mare had been flying into canterlot. She was in the throne room, searching for something.

"Hmm... Oh! It's in ponyville! Whoops silly me!" She then flew back to ponyville, where Pinkie pie was. There, she still was partially conscious, but still holding onto her life. She yelled one more time, louder than the last. There, Mr. Cake searched every part of sugar cube corner. But, he did find the basement, there, he went down it, and saw a gruesome sight of Pinkie pie. She was half partially conscious, hair straight and dull, and her scalp and chest stitched with bloody, flesh wounds, and hoof cuffs that made them swoolen and full of puss. He quickly ran back upstairs and called the police in a panic, one more time, of the gruesome sight. Then, they finally showed up, shocked at what they saw in that basement. They then called the canterlot guards, telling them what had happened, word for word. But there, they saw the brightly yellow maned mare, flying to sugar cube corner.

"Hey you! Who are you! Show your face!" One of the guards said.

She shook her head and quickly kept flying to sugar cube corner, but now with even more pressure.

"Hey don't ignore me I said show yourself!" The guard yelled.

"Why should I?" The mare said.

"*gasp* she sounds very familiar... maybe it's all in my imagination..." the guard thought. Then, all in a flash, the mare showed her face to the guards.

"*gasp* it-it's you! Get her!" The guard yelled. Back down in the basement, the police were asking questions to Pinkie pie after they uncuffed her and gave her a shot in the hoof. She said that the mare wouldn't give out her name, but she told them what she looked like. Then, down towards where the guards were, they caught the mare, and bring her to sugar cube corner to show the police. Then the police hoof cuffed her and bring her out of her suit and took the ear bud out of her ear.

"Why you- I knew I couldn't trust you! We will find you again, and that day, you will burn... YOU WILL BURN!" The mare then was taken away. Pinkie pie later recovered after those scenes, but she still remembers exactly how it happened.. until this day.

Friday October 31st:Journal log: My princess, I'm afraid she has escaped. Today, I will be coming out of this hell show of a prison, and soon.. she will finally be made.. and it will be our time again.


The End?~