I always thought that Mario games were suppose to be friendly games full of fun, but was I wrong. This story is based on one of my favorite games gone wrong. It all started when my friend, Jake, and I, David, were talking about some of our favorite video games. I happened to mention Super Mario Galaxy, and Jake and I decided to go buy a copy of it. When we got there we found an employee who was standing by a door. he had a look that was not settling to me. He said, "How can I help you, sir?" When he had said this, he had made it sound like he didn't want to be there, but it was the nervous type of not wanting to be there.

Jake looked at him and said, "We would like a copy of Super Mario Galaxy." The guy's eyes got really wide when he had said this, as if he knew we were going to come in here and ask for a copy of the game.

The guy said, "We only have one copy of the game. If you want it I can go get it for you. It is behind this door in a safe."

Not thinking anything of this, I said, "Yeah sure, That sounds good to us." He opened the door very slowly as if there was something in there that he didn't want us to see. He came back out after 5 minutes of trying to open the safe.

He said, "Once I give this game to you, you can't give it back to us."

Jake said, "Alright. We get it. How much will it cost?"

The guy said very quickly, "You guys can have it for free. We don't want it anymore."

Jake said, "Thanks a lot, man."

"No, thank you."

We when to Jake's house to go and play the game that we couldn't wait to play. When we turned it on, everything ran normally. We had a lot of fun playing it, until we reached the second world, The Fountain. Instead of it being called The Fountain, it was called The Dark Fall. I thought that something was off about the name, but Jake continued to play. The Dark Fall was playing a different soundtrack, one that wasn't from the game. It was a deep thumping with a low grumbling in the background. Jake still ignored the music. When Mario got pulled into the blue star, the screen went black. The title of the game appeared again and it said 'Super Galaxy' instead of Super Mario Galaxy. The music was that deep thumping noise, but this time the low grumbling was a loud screaming. Jake shout up and turned the Wii off, but it said,"You shouldn't have done that." The game turned back on by itself. Jake unplugged the Wii from the wall and the TV. An image froze on the screen. It showed Mario's face, but it was covered in blood, and a chunk of his face was gone with his mustache torn into many chucks. And in the background it showed the missing chunk of Mario's face stuck to his red shirt, which was also covered in blood. There was a text below the picture that said, "The stars will get you next." We ran out of the room screaming. Jake and I said that we were never going to play that game again. This was the last time that I saw Jake.


After David and I promised each other not to play that game ever again, I went back down in the basement so that I could film the video game and put the footage on Youtube. I wasn't really afraid of that picture. It was obviously just added into the game by some random kid. When I turned the game back on it said, "I knew you would help the stars find you. Once you start the game there is no end to it." I still thought that this was some stupid prank made by some kid. The title screen came up, but it still said Super Galaxy, but below that it said 'the star will find you, Jake'. This was starting to get a little creepier, but I still click A and B to start the game. There was a profile that said 'The Stars', and there was a profile that said 'Jake, You're Next'. This made me a little more creeped out, but I still played on. I chose 'The Stars' profile. 

The screen when black with some text that said "The profile isn't yours". So I chose to play on the 'Jake, You're Next'. When I started to play, Mario had no hat on and he had a bloody white shirt on and black jeans also covered in blood. The over world music wasn't its normal cheerful melody. It was a loud deep thumping and after each thump it said, "Jake." The music started to become louder each time it said, "Jake." I went back to The Dark Fall world. The music changed into a little girl singing quietly, "It is near. it has brought its others. It watches you try." It just repeated this with the same loud deep thumping, but there was no scream. There was also a piano playing only the deepest notes on the piano.

I saw the level choices for The Dark Fall. The level that replaced Space Junk Galaxy was named 'Mario's Lost Hopes'. The first mission was called 'Mario's Hand'. I was now terrified by the game, but I still continued to play to see what else would happen. It showed a dark sky with 3 huge stars following everywhere you went. The planet looked like a huge bloody white glove. When Mario landed on the planet I noticed that Mario's hands were gone. The music was also unsettling. It was just a quiet humming and a scratching noise. The game still had all of its same functions, but Mario moved slower and instead of sounding happy, he sound depressed and he moaned and said,"They found me. They found me." When he said this the game shut off. And it showed another picture, but this time it was of... me. It showed my face covered in blood. It had looked like my hair was ripped off of my head and my skull was oozing blood out of it. My right eye was in my hand. And below the picture it said, "The stars have found you. You are now here and I am there."


I was freed from my torture. And now that kid was in my place. I hope no one will notice his disappearance. I mean after all he was filming the stars, and they can always get him out of there. But what they did to me will never happen again or will it be forgotten. If you're wondering how he got his side of the story out, DON'T. That is for The Stars to know. If you don't believe that this really happened, then go and look up Super Galaxy.